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Year View| Summary| Highlights| June 2000 (Month View)

01.06.2000Thursday 1 June

I went to town with Bob. All the people there (at the hillcrest) seem to be weird. We did a UHF antenna at a house just over the road from the Hillcrest. We installed two UHF antennas at the Hillcrest. The place seems to be weird.

02.06.2000Friday 2 June

I went to town with Bob. We went down and worked on Rex’s boat, which is on the slips. I checked Ric’s mail, none. On the way home we went out to Home Rule and looked at one of Harold’ freezers. Sarah got back (with Joneses). It is quite cold. Last night was really cold. The last few days have been really cold.

03.06.2000Saturday 3 June – Art Competition

In the afternoon we went to town and went to the art competition thing. Sarah won first prize in the Youths section (with “ED”, a pencil of a man). She got $150. We didn’t get home until late.

04.06.2000Sunday 4 June

I didn’t get up until after 11 o’clock. I then went to Joneses. Shan was putting his motorbike back together. When I came back I saw Ric’s car at Monty’s. Ric came up at night and we talked until midnight.

05.06.2000Monday 5 June

I went to town with Bob.

06.06.2000Tuesday 6 June

I did school. I discovered that I could edit the way windows displays folders etc. by using HTML.

07.06.2000Wednesday 7 June – Last Day of my Studies

I finished my school today. I only have my test tomorrow (at 2). Jade and Mandi came over on their way back from town. Shan then came over as well. I went over to Joneses.

08.06.2000Thursday 8 June – Math Exam

I went to town with Mum. I did my Math test at Ray Barrett’s (the resource centre). It wasn’t too hard, but it wasn’t too easy either! I stayed in town.

09.06.2000 Friday 9 June – First day of the June Weekend

I stayed at Cassidy’s. I have either hay fever or possibly a cold or flu of some type. I went and worked at Peters. I don’t remember much. I went up to Cassidy’s at night. Sarah turned up, and stayed the night.

10.06.2000Saturday 10 June – June Weekend

Sarah and I went down town and looked at the June weekend things. I went to Silas’ shop. We went to the top pub at night and watched the band “Four in a Groove”. I thought that they were quite good. We stayed there until quite late (about 2 o’clock, which was when the band stopped playing). Mathew was there, as I think was Silas. It was OK but not huge fun.

11.06.2000Sunday 11 June – June Weekend

Sarah and I slept at Cassidy’s. We went down town to see the June weekend. I went to Silas’s shop until the grand parade came. I then watched it and then went and watched the Soapbox Derby. The “Buzerk Brothers” won. We went and watched the raft race, the truck pull (with Mathew Meannie), and the tug of war. The Mundays, and also Angelina, played/sang in a truck outside the west coast after the wet tee-shirt competition. At night Sarah and I went down and watched the fire works and the first (of 2) movie (Wild, Wild West). Sarah and I sat with Naomi. Sarah and I then went to the top pub where the band was once again playing. Mathew (Krolik) came for a while but left. I hung out with Silas and Mathew (Meannie). I didn’t leave until late (nearly 3 o’clock). Sarah and I walked to the bottom of Marcel’s drive with him, and we had a good talk about religious things with him. He said that he is thinking of going to a DTS (Discipleship Training School) I think that they are run by the YWAMers (Youth With A Mission).

12.06.2000Monday 12 June

I went to Silas’s shop. Mathew (Meannie) was there playing Quake, so I stayed a while and played with them. Sarah and I then went up to the supermarket and got some lunch. We met Helen and Sarah got a lift back out to Rossville with her. I walked towards the wharf, and stopped at the radio station. Rhett, Tiffany and Aaron, Darcy and two other girls were there.
  I went up to Cassidy’s and went to bed.

13.06.2000Tuesday 13 June

I went down to Peters. We went down to a boat and condemned their alternator. We went to the photo shop and fixed their fridge (again) and we went to the bank and fixed their air-con. We also went up to the school and fixed one of their air-cons. We went out to the council’s multi-wheel roller and changed the compressor on it. It was quite difficult. I came out to Rossville with Bob. I am going to go to bed soon; I am going to play some Quake first.

14.06.2000Wednesday 14 June

Contento non findo

15.06.2000Thursday 15 June – Dole Cancelled

I went and saw Mr Harrigan at Centrelink as my Dole had been cancelled. I have to bring my birth certificates in tomorrow.

16.06.2000Friday 16 June

I worked at Peter’s.

17.06.2000Saturday 17 June

We stayed at Joneses.

18.06.2000Sunday 18 June

We stayed at Joneses until the afternoon.

19.06.2000Monday 19 June

I moved the wooden block from under the caravan and replaced it with a metal one. The brake cylinder in the car (rear right wheel cylinder) is leaking.
  I went to town to get brake fluid and ordered a new cylinder (30 dollars).

20.06.2000Tuesday 20 June to Wednesday 21 June (2 days)

Upon which days, occured nothing of note.

22.06.2000Thursday 22 June

I got a lift into Cooktown with a man from the Bloomfield lodge. I went to Silas’s for most of the day. I downloaded a stack of quake 3 arena maps. I got a $500 dollar payment from the dole (I went and saw Harrigan) and my next form is apparently due on the 28th.
  I stayed in town at Cassidy’s.

23.06.2000Friday 23 June

I went to Silas’s and stayed there until 1 o’clock. I then went to Silas’s place with him and stayed there for an hour or two. Silas and I then drove out here (Silas went to Bloomfield). It must be Uni holidays because there are some Uni students back in town. I don’t remember what I did when I got out here. Played Quake I think.

24.06.2000Saturday 24 June

Shan got some mail (tax file number as did Sarah) so I took it over to Home Rule. I stayed there for a while and then Jade, Shan, Ella and I came over here and asked if we were allowed to have a stay-over. We were so Joneses stayed over here. We played “asshole” (a card game) and also Careers (which I won!).

25.06.2000Sunday 25 June

Joneses left at 11 AM, as they had to be home because their parents are going to Cairns. After they left Ric came over. He was going out to Home Rule so Sarah and I got a lift out to Home Rule with him. Shortly after we got there Craig and Mandi left for Cairns. Apparently Craig has bought a Falcon Ute (sight unseen) over the phone. They are going down to pick it up.
  Sarah and I stayed over at Joneses (as did Ric). I didn’t get to sleep until nearly 4 AM.

26.06.2000Monday 26 June

Sarah went back home with Ric at 11 o’clock because she had an on air lesson. I stayed at Joneses until 3 o’clock. I then came home and went over to Therese’s to see if I could get any TV reception for her. That took an hour, and I did eventually get some reception (terrible and in black and white).

27.06.2000Tuesday 27 June

It was rainy in the morning. Craig and Mandi got home from Cairns. Apparently the Ute that Craig bought isn’t too bad.

28.06.2000Wednesday 28 June

Dole due today. I am going to send it tomorrow. I went for a bush walk today. I also did some painting and got some wait-a-while prickles in me.

29.06.2000Thursday 29 June

I sent my dole form, which is supposed to be sent yesterday. I got a lift into town with a Swiss couple that was immigrating to Australia. I was at Silas’s shop just after nine. I stayed there nearly all day (until 1). I downloaded two bibles. I got my two laser pointers. I gave one to Silas, and I could not find Mick. I got a lift home in the back of Vince’s Ute. It was very cold.

30.06.2000Friday 30 June

I did some painting today. When I got back (at 2:30 PM), I walked out to Joneses. I met Mandi, Jade and Ella on their way back from town. Jade and Ella walked with me. I stayed up late playing with the Bible software that I got. I also copied some things of Marriette’s Navy Blue World Online Digest Internet Unplugged Compact Disc. It is nearly midnight and I am going to go to bed now.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| June 2000 (Month View)

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