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Year View| Summary| Highlights| July 2000 (Month View)

01.07.2000Saturday 1 July – Camping

Joneses received some mail to our place so Sarah and I went over to Joneses with it. Ric left here. Sarah and I left for Joneses at about just a bit after lunch. We decided to have a camp out. Sarah and I (and also Jade, Shan and Ella) came back up here to get our stuff. I took the small Simon stove (which we used) and it seemed to work quite well. The wind plays havoc with the flame, however. We camped on the sand down beside the creek below the bananas. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. I went to bed at approximately, actually I cannot remember, but I think that it was probably around the 2 o’clock mark.

02.07.2000Sunday 2 July

I woke up down at the creek out at Home Rule (as we were camping there). I woke up at around 8 AM (very approximately as I cannot remember the time). We all lay around until 10 AM. We then went up to the House, and stayed there until 3 PM at which time Sarah and I came home. I have been reading “The Drama of God’s People”. I also took my MiniMagLite apart and cleaned it all as it had become somewhat sandy after staying down at the creek at Joneses.

03.07.2000Monday 3 July

I went to town. I drove in, as Mum wasn’t working so I could use the car. I went to Silas’s and stayed there nearly all day. I downloaded a stack of Sonique visual plug-ins and also the Apocrypha for Theophilos and a stack of bible’s etc for the Sword bible but I cannot get it to work. I also got a new (second hand) sound card off Silas. It is a Yamaha soundcard and is supposed to help me use graphic equalizers.

04.07.2000Tuesday 4 July

It rained and my bush walk was cut short. Jade and Shan came over to get their mail. I managed to make both my soundcards work together. They don’t really like each other.

05.07.2000Wednesday 5 July

I slept in until 11:30. I then had breakfast and went to Joneses. Shan came and picked me up on his motorcycle. The council poured the concrete for the top of the new causeway at the Twin (now single) bridges (now bridge). I stayed at Joneses until late in the afternoon. Craig, Mandy and Jade had gone to town and got the Ute registered. Ella was down seeing Jenna and Ashley. I am going to open up the computer (maybe) and see if I can use a jumper lead from the Yamaha soundcard directly over to the Sblive one. I was thinking that I could use a jumper from the output to the aux input of the Sblive card. I had better go to bed as it is a quartet to eleven and I need to get up early in the morning.
  I do not need to send my dole form today as I sent it last Thursday.

06.07.2000Thursday 6 July

I got a lift to town with Ron (Ollet). He also gave Tom (from the den) a lift in. We stopped at Graeme Dixon’s on the way in and Ron got two pieces of wood. I went to Silas’s at 9:45 or thereabouts. I stayed there until Sarah came in at midday. I downloaded the Sword.exe again and this time it worked. I came home with Mum in the afternoon. Dad came up and had a look at the new back brake cylinder on the car, which is leaking. I got a new CDFS.VXD (Compact Disc File System driver, lives in the Windows IOsubsystem.) It shows Audio CD tracks as .wav files. My CD ROM drive doesn’t read them very well though.
  It is a quarter past 11 but I am somewhat bored (lonely) and I don’t feel like going to bed however obviously I will have to. I am going to go to bed shortly after this.

07.07.2000Friday July 7


08.07.2000Saturday July 8


09.07.2000Sunday July 9

Too exciting for words...

10.07.2000Monday 10 July

I think I went to town with Bob.

11.07.2000Tuesday 11 July

I probably stayed at Cassidy’s

12.07.2000Wednesday 12 July

I stayed the night at Cassidy’s again

13.07.2000Thursday 13 July

I must have stayed in town as I remember that I was in town tomorrow (so to speak).

14.07.2000Friday 14 July

I got a lift home with Silas’ brother Eric. We left in the afternoon around 6 PM.

15.07.2000Saturday 15 July

I presume that I was out here although I do not remember.

16.07.2000Sunday 16 July

I also do not remember today.

17.07.2000Monday 17 July

I went to town, and went to Silas’. I stayed there all-day and stayed at his place in the afternoon. Silas and I went and saw Darren in the afternoon. Tulani and Rachel came in and I sold them some (4) blank CD’s. The radio station (Pulse FM) now has a computer with a CD burner, so they are copying discs on it.

18.07.2000Tuesday 18 July

I went down to Silas’ with him. I stayed there for most of the day. I also stayed at Silas’ place at night

19.07.2000Wednesday 19 July

I once again went down to Silas’. I saw Jade. In the afternoon I got a lift back out here with Ric.

20.07.2000Thursday 20 July – Bitten by a stinging tree

I went for a bush walk and got stung by a stinging tree. I didn’t get to sleep until after 2 AM. I bypassed the Surround part of my Genexxa speakers and made them work again. Mum and Sarah went to town. I got them to give Silas my old Serial mouse.

21.07.2000Friday 21 July – The Torana is buried

We took the Torana up to the dump. Ric towed it with his Falcon. We also moved Ric’s Isuzu and swapped its position for the old Mazda. Shan came over and stayed for the afternoon. I went back to Home Rule on the back of his motorbike and stayed for an hour. I jogged from 1K to the twin bridges (now the Home Rule Bridge as they have taken the other one away and replaced it with a concrete causeway).

22.07.2000Saturday 22 July


23.07.2000Sunday 23 July

I went to Joneses. In the afternoon we spotted some smoke coming from in the forest, somewhere near the third creek up mount Hartley. We rode out on motorbikes to check. I was on the back of Shan’s, Jade on Craig’s (with Craig) and Ella on hers. I told Monty about it on the way home.

24.07.2000Monday 24 July – Mally came

Aunt Mally came.
  I went to town early in the morning. I got a lift in with Vince. I worked at Peters for the morning and then went down to Silas’. Peter and I went to the RSL and installed a cable for their Pokies monitoring computer. I learnt that Silas is leaving. I stayed the night at Cassidy’s. I met Elise outside the supermarket and she told me how Silas had been reading her emails and replying to her friends’ emails etc (not true I think). She said that she really hates him. Rachel was at Silas’ and was very relieved because she found out that she had passed her exams. I also saw Roxanne.

25.07.2000Tuesday 25 July

I worked at Peters in the morning and then went down to Silas’ in the afternoon. Dale is maybe going to run the shop. I met Mally and Ken at Peters. Mum came in and took Sarah to kickboxing. I borrowed a disc (the best of quake) from Jethro. I went home with Mum and saw Mally at the Den. We stayed at the den and had pizza for dinner.

26.07.2000Wednesday 26 July

I went for a bush walk today. It took nearly all day.

27.07.2000Thursday 27 July – First IRC

I went to town. I got a lift in with Doug and Elisabeth. I stayed at Silas’ shop for most of the day, until Mum came in and picked me up in the afternoon. I chatted on mIRC for the first time. I used the nickname “thei”. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It looks as though Dale may be going to run Silas’ shop whilst Silas isn’t there.

28.07.2000Friday 28 July

I got a lift into town with Bob. It was quite dark in the morning. We put up an UHF CB aerial at the batching plant (for the new Annan Bridge). I saw Silas for a few minutes in the afternoon. I bought some more Orminoid paint. The Big Shed didn’t have any so I got it from the Top End Hardware.

29.07.2000Saturday 29 July

Sarah and I went over to Joneses. We decided to have a stay-over. We all came back over here and got our stuff. I pumped up. Shan and I went to the Rossville shop on the way back to Joneses. Pi was looking after it.
  Jade and I stayed up until 4 AM. Shan, Sarah, and Ella went to bed at around 2 AM.

30.07.2000Sunday 30 July

Sarah and I came home after lunch. I read some Bible and played some quake. I have decided to learn to touch type. It is fairly hard. My left hand refuses to obey.

31.07.2000Monday 31 July

The last day of July. The year is nearly over already! I drove into town at 7:30 AM. I went to Silas’ and stayed there all day. I chatted on mIRC. I also copied Virtual CD. I got home at 7:30 PM.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| July 2000 (Month View)

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