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Year View| Summary| Highlights| March 2000 (Month View)

01.03.2000Wednesday 1 March

The first day of March in the year 2000.
  It’s amazing how fast time goes. The time’s eight past nine and its raining lightly. I haven’t written anything in here since Saturday the 26 of February. I am going to go and fill in those days now. I have now filled in those days and am returning to this day. I keep forgetting to talk loudly and clearly, and then wonder why Dragon NaturallySpeaking isn’t working as well as it should. I hope to go to town tomorrow. Jade, Shan and Ella came over today, and played on the computer. I played some more of Ric’s game. As I get to know how to play it, it gets more interesting. I also copied Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and the Oxford talking dictionary, onto CDs. I have just remembered that on Saturday the 26 of February when I picked up my monitor, I also got an 80-minute CD, onto which I copied a Metallica CD, successfully. I wasn’t quite sure whether an 80-minute CD would work or not. I am pleased that it did. I have also got rid of most of the problems I had when I installed the new memory, although there are still I few remaining ones. When running the demo of CoolEdit Pro, I have some immense redraw problems. I don’t remember having these before, but I don’t see how installing new RAM can have done it. When I first installed the RAM the system clock was reset, which caused CoolEdit Pro to stop running, thinking that its demonstration period had run out. So possibly, when I reinstalled it some sort of problem happened, although I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times now. Still, I guess it’s not such a big problem. I had better go to bed as I’m getting up at 5:30 AM in the morning.
  Goodnight diary.

02.03.2000Thursday 2 March

I woke up and waited for a lift on the road. No one came. Eventually I walked up to Coggo’s. There the school bus came, and went and then came back. Apparently everything was flooded. I started walking towards the Wallaby. Dee and Tony came along, and gave me a lift. By this time the Wallaby had gone down (apparently it was four foot over), but the Mungumby was still three feet over. We waited there for nearly an hour, and eventually went to town. I went and saw Silas. I picked up my Corel Linux CD. I went and did all the things I had to do in town, and then went up to Cassidy’s, where I stayed the night.

03.03.2000Friday 3 March

I went and helped Peter. All the trucks had got through by now, and the town was back to normal. I stayed again at Cassidy’s. I watched James Bond Goldeneye with Matthew. It was a reasonably late night. I also went and saw Silas.

04.03.2000Saturday 4 March

I got a lift out here with Silas. I got out here at about 7:30 AM. I potted around and then went to the markets. There were only about four people there. It is international women’s day, and everyone is down at the den. Dad came up around lunch, and we drove to the den. It is the first time the Mazda has been over the bad road since the muddy bog hole. I stayed at the den for an hour or so and then came home. I took Malachy (Sarah insists on spelling like that) for a walk out to home rule mailbox. On the way back I was very tired, and could hardly walk. Mum stayed at the den until 7:30 PM. Sarah stayed all night.

05.03.2000Sunday 5 March

I didn’t wake up until 11:30 AM. Sarah was still at the den. I had some breakfast (at lunchtime) and then walked out to home rule to see Joneses. They were halfway through watching a video, which I watched with them. It was very silly and foolish (it was called something like “Soyla Green”, and was about eating people). I stayed there most of the day. I then walked home, had some tea, and came and wrote this.
  The time is 20 past eight, and I am very tired and am now going to go to bed.
  Some international women’s day figures: Sarah said that there were 90 people booked in for tea at the den, so there must have been more people all up. When I was at Cassidy’s, I also found out about the Oxford dictionary. The shorter Oxford dictionary, which is the one I have gone on CD, actually has the same number of headwords as the full Oxford dictionary. It simply contains less historical word information and things like that. Which is good, because the Oxford dictionary is often regarded as the world’s best dictionary, and this dictionary has the same number of headwords. 117558 headwords, and over 500,000 definitions, plus thesaurus entries and even some pictures. It is now 28 past eight are really had better go to bed. I have changed Dragon NaturallySpeaking back to its fastest setting, as it seems to be just as accurate. It is still not accurate enough to write an essay, or anything like that, but it is nevertheless very good and a lot faster than typing. Sometimes it really surprises me with how accurate it is, and then sometimes it simply cannot understand what I say. It also depends a lot on how I speak, (I’m not the world’s clearest speaker) and possibly a lot on the microphone and sound card quality (when I set up the audio, it is only just acceptable according to Dragon NaturallySpeaking). When I record on to tape through this microphone it doesn’t sound all that good. I suppose if I ever see another microphone, and it looks really good I should buy it.

06.03.2000Monday 6 March

I have got the microphone swinging around my neck, so I don’t know how it will work (So far so good). It is because I am listening through my headphones at the moment, and this microphone won’t fit on. Not a great deal of interesting things to report on today, mainly doing schoolwork. I think I am going to town tomorrow with Bob. If so I will have to get up at 5:30 AM, so I had better go to bed. It’s 8:30 PM at the moment. I opened my work returns that I picked up on Friday in town, inside were some returns and also my science assignment 3. I have to write more than 1000 words but less than 3000 on the history of communications and Morse code, how the telephone works, or investigate the history of the computer. Have to choose one of those three, and none are as easy as they sound. I’ll be doing either the telephone, or the computer one. I’m not quite sure which one yet. Normally I would choose the computer, but this focuses more on old-fashioned computers, for example the abacus, and tally boards. Even so 1000 words is a fair bit. This is quite odd whilst listening to a song, and dictating at the same time. I can’t properly hear what I sound like what I am talking. I have worked out that I need to open my mouth more and move my lips more when I am speaking. When I move my lips and enunciate clearly Dragon NaturallySpeaking is much more accurate, and also a lot faster. I suppose I had better go to bed now, or I’ll never wake up in the morning, at least not in time to see Bob. It is possible I may be going to Bloomfield tomorrow, which means that Bob may be early. I’ve discovered it is also a lot more accurate if I correctly position the microphone and enunciate clearly. Which is exactly what it says in the Dragon NaturallySpeaking introduction.

07.03.2000Tuesday 7 March

I woke up at 5:30 AM. Bob came at about a quarter past six. We drove to town, packed the cars and then on to Hopevale. On the way we dropped off a dish, but did not install it. At Hopevale we first went to the old persons home. We took a door of a freezer, to install a new seal, but the seal we had did not fit. We also sprayed some wonderful degreaser onto another coil of a fridge that was blocked with grease. We then had a look at two air conditioners at the old persons home. Peter and I then went up to the store to fix a Coke fridge. Bob stayed at the old persons home and kept fixing the air conditioners. Peter and I then went to the butchers where we put a new fan in. Bob came here and helped us. I went and got us all lunch from the takeaways, a plate of chips each and a can of soft drink. Very greasy flexible chips, not too good to eat. We then left Hopevale and came back to where we had put the dish in the morning, and installed it. We left Hopevale at about 1 o’clock, and we didn’t get back to Cooktown until after five o’clock. Bob and I went for a run around the supermarket, and then to the petrol station, and then the Post Office (where Bob wrote out his bills) and then we came home. We didn’t get home until half past six, and Bob’s headlights didn’t work. It is now half past nine, and I am going to go to bed. I didn’t get to do anything in town. At the supermarket I bought milk, some oranges and totally forgot to buy the cheese.

08.03.2000Wednesday 8 March

I did school most of today. In the afternoon (around 3 o’clock), I went over to Joneses. When I was there, their tape player got a cassette stuck in it. When trying to get it out a piece of the cassette broke off. This broken off piece got firmly wedged in the cassette player, stopping tape deck B from working. I took the battery charger over to Shan. I also took my test light, and had a look at Rick’s car. His radio wasn’t working because of a broken fuse. It is now eight past 10, and I had really better go to bed. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is working terribly tonight. I don’t know why, maybe I’m not speaking clearly. Now that I have said that, it seems to be working very well. Everything after that sentence has come out exactly as I have pronounced it. I am now going to go to bed.

09.03.2000Thursday 9 March

I did school in the morning, and then went to town with mum after she finished work. In town I went and saw Silas, and did some tornado research for Shan. I also did some mangrove research for myself. I got my dole form. The council has been grading the road. Everyone is expecting rain. It actually started raining a bit this afternoon. I got a lift home with Kelly after kickboxing. I didn’t get home until fairly late (half past seven).

10.03.2000Friday 10 March

It is raining. Not heavily but a reasonable amount. The road is becoming muddy and slippery. I did school. Estelle came and brought some incense and silks back for Joneses (plus $153). Sarah went up and saw Kelly (approximately 1 o’clock). Shan came over around 2 o’clock. Coincidentally, Craig, Rick, Shan and Ella arrived back from town at the same time and came here. They had a quick look at soldiers of war (the game), picked up the incense and silks, and then left. Jade and Ella were going to stay but didn’t because Sarah wasn’t here. Shan left at about five o’clock. Rick came up just before 8:30 PM, and got me to go down to Monty’s fix up the VCR so that it would record (connect the leads on properly). Rick and Shan were there. Monty wasn’t, apparently he is at the Lions Den where they are having a men’s day (apparently topless waiters and all). It is now 12:17 AM (strictly speaking it is now Saturday) and I really had better go to bed.

11.03.2000Saturday 11 March

It is 12:17 AM (in the morning). I am writing this and am about to go to bed.
  I did indeed go to bed.
(The real Saturday) I pottered around, I cannot remember what I did. I had reasonably bad hay fever at night. I was afraid I might be getting what Sarah had, but as I am better tomorrow (being Sunday) I suppose it must just have been hay fever. (I am writing this on Sunday).

12.03.2000Sunday 12 March

I went out to Joneses. Sarah is still slightly sick. Sunny came up. It has stopped raining. The twin bridges are below the bridge. I forgot to get some ply for the rat box again. Shan walked back with me to see if their mail was at Jack’s (It wasn’t). Oscar (their dog) came and dug some of Jack’s lawn up. I then walked most of the way back with Shan, and met Craig, Jade, and Ella at the see out spot digging up the weeds so no one would fall off. I packaged up all my schoolwork and put it in its satchel. It is now 9:47 PM, and I’m going to go to bed. As far as I know, I am working tomorrow.

13.03.2000Monday 13 March

I had a bad night’s sleep; I couldn’t get to sleep until after 12. I eventually got up and played computer until 2 o’clock. This didn’t make me feel real good in the morning. In fact I only just woke up (I got up at 20 to 6). I got a lift to town with Bob (he had Daniel (his next-door neighbour) with him). We put two TV antennas up (one at Andy Hills, and one on a hill near Cooktown). I had to crawl in a hot, disgusting roof. We then went up to Darcy’s where we put up an HF radio antenna (for the school of the air). We then went back to the shop and I went up to the supermarket and got a milk shake. We then went to the council offices and removed a fan motor from one of their air conditioners. I then walked up through the Post Office (where I got my mail) and saw Silas. I gave him the two CDs (Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the Oxford dictionary). I then walked back up to Peter’s, and went and got lunch. After lunch we went up to Bev’s (from the kiosk) and installed an air-conditioner. It took 3 hours and wasn’t very pleasant. We then went back to the shop; Bob and I went down to the golden spanner (petrol is up by five cents) and got fuel. We then went to the supermarket where we did shopping. I bought two 2-litre bottles of milk, a packet of nutri-grain and a cream. (There appear to be some new girls in town; a few new faces are hanging around downtown).
  It started to rain in the afternoon, but not very much.
  When I got home I tried to phone Ric (as mum had told me he wanted me to phone him to let him know if I would be here tomorrow as mum had asked him to help us get our old Mazda from Peter puppy dogs. Rick wasn’t there as he and Craig had gone into town to pick up Wayne and Reannie (I don’t know how to spell that). I talked to Shan on the phone until the money ran out. I then came home and we talked on air until Rick got home.

14.03.2000Tuesday 14 March

I did school in the morning. Shan came up after lunch and Ric came shortly thereafter. I went to town with Ric, and bought some chips etc. for lunch. On the way home we stopped at Peter’s to pick up the old Mazda, but it was too wet and also the Mazda has no brakes (not even a handbrake). It was 4:30 when I got home from town. I took Malarchy for a walk, did some of my studies of society assignment on mangroves, had dinner, played some computer games (unreal tournament and revolt) and I’m now going to go to bed. The time is 10:55 PM.

15.03.2000Wednesday 15 March

I woke up with a sore throat. I am obviously sick, although I won’t admit it. I did school, and then took Malarchy for a walk to Home rule’s mailbox. I met Jade, Shan and Ella coming here. On the way back I met Jack, and he gave me some bananas. Jones’ stayed until nearly six o’clock. The Telstra man came and connected our phone. Our number is «edit». I am now going to go and have dinner (it’s 16 past seven). I phoned Bob and he said he is going to town tomorrow.

16.03.2000Thursday 16 March

(I am typing this for a change) I had a terrible nights sleep. I was awake for most of the night. I went to town with Bob. Peter wasn’t expecting us; he was on his way to Hopevale. I fixed a volume pot on a tape player and checked a no-volt switch, Bob burned a washing machine (He sprayed the motor reversing contacts with contact cleaner and didn’t wait long enough for it to dry. When he started it, it burst into flame. We then went down to the Reef cafe, where we removed a solenoid from a slush puppy machine (with great difficulty and an angle grinder). We then went to the Galley and changed a fan motor and a fan blade in their Schweppes fridge. Bob and I then went to the council office where we started removing two old air-cons. We spent nearly the rest of the day here (probably 10:30, 11:00 when we started, about 4:00 when we left). We installed two air-cons. I went and saw Silas. He said that Eric (his brother) is coming to live up here and that he would be able to help Silas in the shop. Sarah went kickboxing. I told Peter my phone number. I am still sick. My throat hurts. My nose is blocked. I am going to bed. It is 11:57pm.
  (My cyclons arrived today.)

17.03.2000Friday 17 March

I don’t fully remember what I did today but I expect it was schoolwork. I was sick today.

18.03.2000Saturday 18 March – My first Linux install

Markets today, which I went to. We bought two bags of lemonade fruits. It was a very busy market, as they had a meeting afterwards. In the morning I woke up and began defragmenting the hard drive. After the markets I installed Linux in its own partition. It ran quite well until an error occurred. It seems that I have to reinstall it every so often when anything goes wrong, as I don’t know what else to do. I am still sick.

19.03.2000Sunday 19 March

I think I walked over to Home Rule and saw Joneses but I do not remember. I am still sick, but getting slightly better.

20.03.2000Monday 20 March

I went to town, and worked at Peter’s. I also put my new MagLite together. I was supposed to do some research for my science assignment at Silas’ but he was not there. I was slightly sick today. I am slightly sick but getting a lot better.

21.03.2000Tuesday 21 March

I did school today, and then went over to Joneses to watch a video. Only Shan was there as the rest were in town (Ric was also there). Shan came back with me as he had some things to do on the computer. We met them on their way back from town when we were on our way over here. They had dropped Jade here, and she played with Sarah until Sarah went to town for kickboxing (with Kelly). Shan did what he had to do on the computer and then left at about 5:30. I didn’t get my graphics etc. done, which I had planned to. I am mostly better from my sickness.

22.03.2000Wednesday 22 March

The principal (Mr Ian Mackay) came today. I up in the morning and went to Joneses. I was planning to watch a video for school and then come back and see Mr Mackay, but I ended up staying at Home Rule all-day. I was going to do a lot of school work whilst Mr Mackay was here, but as I ended up staying at Joneses all-day I didn’t get any done. I will now have to hurry and do school work some other time as I am going to town tomorrow (I have a doctor’s appointment at 1 PM to look at the lump on my finger). Also I may be working on Friday, I don’t as yet know. I got Joneses rat box and brought it back. I am almost totally better from my sickness, just clogged up with mucus. Its 9:25 and I’d better go to bed as Sarah is going to wake me early in the morning to do school work.
  I also have to pump up tomorrow.

23.03.2000Thursday 23 March

I did school in the morning, and went to pump up but the pump would not go. We went to town about lunchtime; I went to the doctor at 1:00 to see about my finger. I have an appointment in one month’s time. I went to Silas’ to look for telephone information on the Internet. I got a lift back with Kelly at a quarter past eight from the RSL.

24.03.2000Friday 24 March

School work as usual. Sarah has gone off with Vince to Townsville for kickboxing. The computer won’t stand by, well actually it will stand by but when it comes of stand by the mouse is frozen. Linux is still working, although sometimes the mouse will not work. Its 10:31 PM, and I’m about to go to bed. Shan came over this afternoon and played computer games. I have been writing my science assignment on telephones. I am up to 1600 words so far.

25.03.2000Saturday 25 March

I think I did school, although I do not fully remember. In the afternoon, I walked over to Joneses. Sarah was not here as she is in Townsville. Shan came and stayed the night; we stayed up until 4:30 AM. Surprisingly enough I was not even tired next day.

26.03.2000Sunday 26 March

Shan stayed here until about lunchtime, after which time I went to Home Rule with him. I didn’t get home until really late (it was nearly dark).

27.03.2000Monday 27 March

I got up early in the morning thinking that Bob was coming, but he didn’t. I did school most of the day.

28.03.2000Tuesday 28 March

Shan came over. Craig, Mandy, Jade and Ella went to town. I did very little school (maths in the morning and some of my SOSE assignment). I actually have a sore throat, which I suspect is from speaking into this. It is nearly 10 o’clock and I’m about to go to bed. Sarah went to town for kickboxing today.
  Vince left today for the Sunshine Coast.

29.03.2000Wednesday 29 March

I was only just waking up (at 8:00) when Toni (and Dee Toni) came and wanted me to go up and see his computer as he had wrecked it. I went up there. He had deleted all the programs on it when trying to install Telstra’s easy emailing thing. I spent ages trying to get his modem to work. We ended up deciding that it was his phone line that was at fault. He managed to sign up to Telstra’s big pond service but then we couldn’t log on. I then spent a while trying to install the drivers for his sound card (I think that it is on board.) I didn’t get home until 12:30. I did Maths. I also phoned Mr Philp. We talked about a few things- nothing to report. Sarah and I then went to Jones’ where we stayed until 6:00. It rained on the way there.

30.03.2000Thursday 30 March – I joined the ambulance

Sent dole (first of new type of form.)
Joined ambulance ($57 paid). Went to town. Helped Ric fix Monty’s car.

31.03.2000Friday 31 March

I went to town with Bob. It was raining, and we couldn’t do much until lunchtime. We went down the wharf, and changed a compressor on the renegade IV. It then stopped raining, and we went and had lunch and installed a satellite dish out at Keating’s Lagoon. I then went and saw Silas. Bob and I then went down to the wharf, where we fiddled around on a boat (Rex’s) until 6:30 PM.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| March 2000 (Month View)

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