Update: As the new version of my journal has now superseded this, all syndication links below now redirect to the RSS feed for the new version.

If you really want to know what I’m doing, but you don’t want to waste time checking for the latest news... syndication used to be for you. I have now decided that I enjoy designing this site, and that syndication feeds, by definition, void that design as their focus is for people who do not wish to view the site. As such, I have left them here for legacy reasons, but they all serve a message asking you to view the appropriate journal entry via the web page.

Feeds are available in several formats including RSS 1.0 (Tease) (or Complete), RSS 0.91 (Tease) (or Complete) (as used by Netscape), RSS 2.0 (Tease) (or Complete), Atom 1.0 (Tease) (or Complete) and CDF (as used in Internet Explorer’s side bar). Feeds are usually updated daily – if there’s any new information to display.


Teaser feeds used to contain short excerpts of the last week of journal entries, for those who would rather their exciting journal reading as it was intended, in a browser—but want a quick and easy reminder when new journal posts are ready for their delectation.

RSS 1.0        RSS 0.91       RSS 2.0        Atom 1.0        CDF Channel   

Complete Feeds

As the name suggests, complete feeds used to contain the complete text of the last week of journal entries.

RSS 1.0        RSS 0.91       RSS 2.0        Atom 1.0       

RSS Valid      All feeds used to be validated.

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