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Year View| Summary| 2000 (Year View – Showing Highlights Only)

26.02.2000Saturday 26 February – The first entry in my journal

I am sitting in front of the computer, obviously. On Thursday when I was in town, I got 64 Megs of RAM. I also picked up this new monitor. Dragon NaturallySpeaking runs a lot better and a lot smoother with 128 Megs of RAM. I also worked out for the first time how I was supposed to wear the microphone. It has been raining. I did some school this morning. On Thursday, I did my math’s exam. I also bought an extension lead for the monitor. I got a fright this morning, when the computer wouldn’t detect the monitor, and insisted on running it as an ADI microscan 3E, which was the monitor I had borrowed from Silas whilst mine was being fixed. I thought maybe the plug and play part was wrecked. However, fortunately it was just a bodgy extension lead. There actually is not much to write in my diary today because I have not done much, but I have only just thought of writing one. It will also help me train Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  I cleaned the caravan a bit today, and sprayed vinegar everywhere. Breathing vinegar fumes nearly killed me! Mum did some lawn mowing. I only mowed the lawn a few days ago, and it has already grown long. I have just remembered, I fixed the stove today. Moreover, I am pleased to say it works fine. I have not yet tried the grill or the oven. I think one thing I need to do to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking more accurate, is learn how to speak better. Tomorrow I plan to walk over and see the Joneses, although if it rains a lot it will be flooded and I will not be able to get there. I suppose I had better end this entry for today as I am just rambling on rubbish. See you tomorrow.
Comment by Brent Marlow – Friday 21 July 2006, 11:38 PM
  Hey ned,
  Brent here.
  You may remember me from such groups as Q.
  How you going?
  I haven't seen anyone for a long time and you're the only one I know how to get into contact with.
  Feel special??????????????????
  I was hoping you have people's emails cause i want to know what people are up to.
  P.S. I've been working as a software engineer for the last 7 months.
  Brent Marlow

18.03.2000Saturday 18 March – My first Linux install

Markets today, which I went to. We bought two bags of lemonade fruits. It was a very busy market, as they had a meeting afterwards. In the morning I woke up and began defragmenting the hard drive. After the markets I installed Linux in its own partition. It ran quite well until an error occurred. It seems that I have to reinstall it every so often when anything goes wrong, as I don’t know what else to do. I am still sick.

30.03.2000Thursday 30 March – I joined the ambulance

Sent dole (first of new type of form.)
Joined ambulance ($57 paid). Went to town. Helped Ric fix Monty’s car.

01.04.2000Saturday 1 April – April Fools’ Day

I stayed in town last night at Cassidy’s, and came home with Silas this morning. I then went to the Rossville markets. Tony and Dee were there, and I went back up with Toni, and took my maestro “Woomera”; modem up, which he is now using. I copied ”V-Rally 2” for Matthew.

03.04.2000Monday 3 April – I went to Cairns

I worked in town with Bob and Peter. I came home early with Bob (2-3 o’clock). I went up to Toni and Dee’s and did the modem test. Shan went on air in the afternoon and told me that Ric was going to Cairns to night. I went to Cairns with Ric. We went down in his Falcon. We went to Cooktown first to get petrol, where I saw the editor. We stopped at Station Creek and slept there.

04.04.2000Tuesday 4 April – Cairns and shopping

We did most of our shopping, and ran around Cairns all-day. Ric’s car broke down. It would start when the key was on, but wouldn’t keep running. It stopped a few times during the day, and then in the afternoon (about 6:00) it stopped and wouldn’t start again. Ric phoned up the RACQ, which came and towed us to their depot for $50. We stayed the night in Cairns at the Bellevue. Ric and I went and watched a movie “The Green Mile”. It wasn’t all that good, as movies never are.

05.04.2000Wednesday 5 April – Cairns and car repairs

In the morning we walked down to the RACQ depot. They put an exchange distributor (which includes two electronic modules) in. It cost a total of $350, $45 of which was labour. We did a bit more shopping and left late in the afternoon. We were trying to get to Mareeba before 5 o’clock, but we didn’t quite make it. We then drove back up here. At the Mareeba supermarket I saw Dale (from the bridge gang). We got back from Cairns at about 10 o’clock. (In Cairns I bought a $40 forty cm fan, a packet of Mag light bulbs, 2 small alarm clocks, a $60 tent which was reduced by $25, a few Macdonald’s thick shakes, a packet of My-Lite bulbs for Shan, several 4 litre containers of methylated spirits, a halogen bulb for the big Mag light, a machete and possibly some other things but I do not remember them. :–)

13.04.2000Thursday 13 April – India Invitation

I did school in the morning and then went to town. Peter has gone away until Tuesday the second of May. Eric is up helping Silas. I got my umbrella from Mariette’s. I copied any vital files onto a CD. When I got home I reformatted the hard drive. To reformat it I had to first delete the primary DOS partition. I then reinstalled Windows. Everything worked except Microsoft Word. It worked initially, but as of tomorrow it no longer works. Ric came.
  He is planning to leave, either to Perth or maybe down south. He thinks that he will probably end up going to India. He has invited me to come should I feel like it. The power just fluctuated. It sure gives me something to think about.

17.04.2000Monday 17 April – Ric’s Caravan

Ric came in the morning at about 8:30 AM. Ric and I went to town. I saw Silas and borrowed his Microsoft Office 2000 Professional CDs. Microsoft Word 2000 works. But Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not work into it. I also borrowed all Mariette’s demo disks. Ric and I got back from Cooktown at about 1:30 PM. It was just starting to rain so we went straight out to Home Rule to get his caravan. It took us a few hours to get it. Everything went wrong, the caravan had a flat tyre and the jack didn’t work etc. we got to the first bad hill after “1 K” and had nearly reached the top when the caravan collapsed. The right-hand side of the caravan (the side without the door) fell off the chassis onto the ground. We were forced to leave it there.

20.04.2000Thursday 20 April – I went to the Doctor’s about my finger

Town day.
  I woke up in the morning. Ric is still here. Dad came up to go to town. We didn’t leave until 12. I didn’t do any school. I took antonidee’s modem with me, and gave it to the editor. I went to the doctors to see about my finger. Apparently it is better, and I also asked about going to India. The doctor recommended that I give up eating carrots for a month. I went to Silas’ and got an e-mail address for Sarah and my self. I also got upgrades for easy CD Creator and direct CD. I got a lift home with David and Kelly at about 10:30 PM.

25.04.2000Tuesday 25 April – India Invitation

I did school today. Sarah went into town with David and Kelly at about 10 AM. Shan came over in the afternoon. It is 10:18pm and it is raining; making Dragon NaturallySpeaking inaccurate. Shan mentioned that himself and his family were thinking of going to India at the end of the year, and I would be welcome to come should I wish to. This makes it interesting considering that Ric has already asked the same thing. I set up a bodgy 4-speaker system for the computer as a test.

01.05.2000Monday 1 May – Labour Day

I did not do any school today as Joneses stayed over last night.

04.05.2000Thursday 4 May – Dole problems

I got a lift to town with David. I was supposed to do my Science test at 11am, but Ray Barrett got caught up in a meeting at the council, and it was 11:30 before he got back, I decided to do my test on next Thursday 11 May at 1:30pm.
  I got a letter from Centrelink:
  “Reference «edit»
  Mr Ned «edit»
  PO box «edit»
  28 April 2000
  Cancellation of your youth allowance.
  Your Youth allowance has been cancelled from 31 March 2000 because we have not received your Application for Payment form.
  You may now be entitled to a Low income Health care card. If you would like more information please phone us.
  (13 2490)”
  I phoned up the Commonwealth Bank # to get my last five transactions:
  I went and saw the Gungarde Centrelink officer. He filled out an application for the dole. I have to re-join from scratch as I have missed 2 complete dole forms, and 2 dole payments. They will probably want to know where I have got the money to live on in the interim period. All these problems are annoying.
  He stated that my current bank balance was $15.

07.05.2000Sunday 7 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

Jack left today. I think that I may have been at Joneses after having a stay over last night. I went and stayed at Jack’s place tonight.

08.05.2000Monday 8 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

I went to town with Bob. I think that Shan stayed with me at Jack’s tonight, but I cannot remember as I am writing this on May 15.

09.05.2000Tuesday 9 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

CSDE teachers (Maloney, Miss Reid) were at Joneses. Jade came up and stayed at Jack’s, as did Sarah.

10.05.2000Wednesday 10 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

The teachers (Mr. Philp, Mrs. Webber) came. Jade and Craig stayed with me at jacks until approximately 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Shan then came up and stayed the night, as did Sarah.

12.05.2000Friday 12 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

I went to Peter’s shop. I got a lift home with Bob. When I got home Shan was just arriving here. Jade, Sarah and Ella were on their way. Sarah and Ella had a bit of an accident. Sarah ran into Ella and fell grazing her knees and hands. We all stayed over at Jacks. I bought three types of ginger for mum (Mothers day).

13.05.2000Saturday 13 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

Lacking memory of this day. Maybe Sarah and I stayed at Jack’s by ourselves, and watched “The Bill”

14.05.2000Sunday 14 May – Mother’s Day

Sarah, Shan and I stayed at Jack’s. We went to bed at around 12:30. I got up at 5:30 in the morning, as I had to get a lift to town with Bob.

22.05.2000Monday 22 May – Sarah’s Birthday

I went to town with Bob. I did Math study when I got home. I paid (with Mum’s money) for Mum and Sarah’s airplane trip to Cairns (which is Sarah’s birthday present). I photocopied Donny’s “Proposed Rossville Recreational Reserve” documents. I posted some schoolwork, and received some. Bob’s car is still not working properly. It is 8 past 9 and I had better get to bed. I am presently listening to Cyprus Hill, which I don’t particularly like. It doesn’t’ seem to have much melody. It all seems to be the same, and I don’t like the coarse language. I am now off to bed. I played some Quake Arena, and also Tiberian Sun (Command and Conquer) demo, which experienced an internal error and quit. I have just discovered that Cyprus Hill songs sound much better played at 200 per cent speed.
  Got to go to bed. I got up at 5:30 this morning, and didn’t go to sleep until after 4 on Saturday night. Sunday night wasn’t a particularly early night either.

03.06.2000Saturday 3 June – Art Competition

In the afternoon we went to town and went to the art competition thing. Sarah won first prize in the Youths section (with “ED”, a pencil of a man). She got $150. We didn’t get home until late.

07.06.2000Wednesday 7 June – Last Day of my Studies

I finished my school today. I only have my test tomorrow (at 2). Jade and Mandi came over on their way back from town. Shan then came over as well. I went over to Joneses.

08.06.2000Thursday 8 June – Math Exam

I went to town with Mum. I did my Math test at Ray Barrett’s (the resource centre). It wasn’t too hard, but it wasn’t too easy either! I stayed in town.

09.06.2000 Friday 9 June – First day of the June Weekend

I stayed at Cassidy’s. I have either hay fever or possibly a cold or flu of some type. I went and worked at Peters. I don’t remember much. I went up to Cassidy’s at night. Sarah turned up, and stayed the night.

10.06.2000Saturday 10 June – June Weekend

Sarah and I went down town and looked at the June weekend things. I went to Silas’ shop. We went to the top pub at night and watched the band “Four in a Groove”. I thought that they were quite good. We stayed there until quite late (about 2 o’clock, which was when the band stopped playing). Mathew was there, as I think was Silas. It was OK but not huge fun.

11.06.2000Sunday 11 June – June Weekend

Sarah and I slept at Cassidy’s. We went down town to see the June weekend. I went to Silas’s shop until the grand parade came. I then watched it and then went and watched the Soapbox Derby. The “Buzerk Brothers” won. We went and watched the raft race, the truck pull (with Mathew Meannie), and the tug of war. The Mundays, and also Angelina, played/sang in a truck outside the west coast after the wet tee-shirt competition. At night Sarah and I went down and watched the fire works and the first (of 2) movie (Wild, Wild West). Sarah and I sat with Naomi. Sarah and I then went to the top pub where the band was once again playing. Mathew (Krolik) came for a while but left. I hung out with Silas and Mathew (Meannie). I didn’t leave until late (nearly 3 o’clock). Sarah and I walked to the bottom of Marcel’s drive with him, and we had a good talk about religious things with him. He said that he is thinking of going to a DTS (Discipleship Training School) I think that they are run by the YWAMers (Youth With A Mission).

15.06.2000Thursday 15 June – Dole Cancelled

I went and saw Mr Harrigan at Centrelink as my Dole had been cancelled. I have to bring my birth certificates in tomorrow.

01.07.2000Saturday 1 July – Camping

Joneses received some mail to our place so Sarah and I went over to Joneses with it. Ric left here. Sarah and I left for Joneses at about just a bit after lunch. We decided to have a camp out. Sarah and I (and also Jade, Shan and Ella) came back up here to get our stuff. I took the small Simon stove (which we used) and it seemed to work quite well. The wind plays havoc with the flame, however. We camped on the sand down beside the creek below the bananas. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. I went to bed at approximately, actually I cannot remember, but I think that it was probably around the 2 o’clock mark.

20.07.2000Thursday 20 July – Bitten by a stinging tree

I went for a bush walk and got stung by a stinging tree. I didn’t get to sleep until after 2 AM. I bypassed the Surround part of my Genexxa speakers and made them work again. Mum and Sarah went to town. I got them to give Silas my old Serial mouse.

21.07.2000Friday 21 July – The Torana is buried

We took the Torana up to the dump. Ric towed it with his Falcon. We also moved Ric’s Isuzu and swapped its position for the old Mazda. Shan came over and stayed for the afternoon. I went back to Home Rule on the back of his motorbike and stayed for an hour. I jogged from 1K to the twin bridges (now the Home Rule Bridge as they have taken the other one away and replaced it with a concrete causeway).

24.07.2000Monday 24 July – Mally came

Aunt Mally came.
  I went to town early in the morning. I got a lift in with Vince. I worked at Peters for the morning and then went down to Silas’. Peter and I went to the RSL and installed a cable for their Pokies monitoring computer. I learnt that Silas is leaving. I stayed the night at Cassidy’s. I met Elise outside the supermarket and she told me how Silas had been reading her emails and replying to her friends’ emails etc (not true I think). She said that she really hates him. Rachel was at Silas’ and was very relieved because she found out that she had passed her exams. I also saw Roxanne.

27.07.2000Thursday 27 July – First IRC

I went to town. I got a lift in with Doug and Elisabeth. I stayed at Silas’ shop for most of the day, until Mum came in and picked me up in the afternoon. I chatted on mIRC for the first time. I used the nickname “thei”. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It looks as though Dale may be going to run Silas’ shop whilst Silas isn’t there.

24.08.2000Thursday 24 August – Cairns

I got a lift to the den with Mum and then got a lift from the den to Cooktown with two ladies in a Land Rover Discovery. I went to Silas’ (Dales). I printed some photos for the River of Life mob. Ric came in after lunch, and we went to Cairns at around three. I also picked up the two laser pointers from town.

25.08.2000Friday 25 August – Cairns

In Cairns... did shopping etc. Bought a metho burner, solar torch, money wallet/belt, etc. Left Cairns at around 6 PM. Blew a transmission hose on the way home on the windy part of the road that follows the coastline between Cairns and Mossman. We went and saw a guy that Ric knows, staying at the caravan park on the road just after the turn off from Cairns/Mossman towards Cooktown. He is a mad Kombi man.

28.08.2000Monday 28 August – Filled in Tax Return

I drove to town and went to Silas’ for most of the day. I got a Centrelink letter stating that I need to go to Cairns for an interview on September 1st.
  I filled in my tax return.

05.09.2000Tuesday 5 September – Booked some pre-India flights

I went down to Silas’. We pulled a few old computers apart. I got two power supplies, 3 CD-ROMs and a few bits and pieces. Ric sent his Passport of for his Visa for India. We booked the flights from Cooktown to Cairns. I went home with Ric in Monty’s Ute. I played around with the CD players that I got from Silas’. None of them seem to work. I filled out my Dole form.

22.09.2000Friday 22 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Jade, Shan and Sarah stayed at Jacks with me. We stayed up late watching TV.

23.09.2000Saturday 23 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Sarah stayed at Jacks with me. We stayed up late watching TV.

24.09.2000Sunday 24 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Sarah stayed at Jacks with me. We stayed up late watching TV.

25.09.2000Monday 25 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Sarah and I cleaned up at Jack’s. I then drove to town. Shan and Sarah came.

10.10.2000October 10 Kuala Lumpur

Cooktown early. Flight ten to eight, arrived Cairns a quarter to nine. Taxi to Esplanade. Some shopping, traveller’s cheques. Flight left at ten to two. Airbus A330, 2/3/2 seats. Arrived KL xxx, bus to Empress Sepang Hotel. Slept well, hotel good.

11.10.2000October 11 Delhi

Breakfast at hotel. Changed $20 Australian dollars to Malaysian Ringit, and caught a bus and train into Kuala Lumpur. Very clean and efficient train. Went to the world’s tallest building, but could not go to the top as the tour was booked out. Lunch at the hotel. Flew on the same type of Airplane to Delhi, arriving around eleven PM. Ric changed $US50, of which I got half. We got on a bus from the airport to Pahar Ganj (the main cheap tourist area of Delhi). Halfway there the bus driver tells us to get off into a rickshaw, as this is as close as the bus goes to Pahar Ganj. We comply, and a few minutes later a policeman stops the rickshaw and tells us that it is not safe to go to the Pahar Ganj area, as there have been Muslim riots. Fortunately Ric sees that we are close to the Pahar Ganj and we walk the rest of the way. There are no riots; it is all a scam to get tourists to go to certain expensive hotels. We stay the night at Hotel Ashoka Ocean, paying 150 rupees for a double. It is not too bad but quite hot.

Year View| Summary| 2000 (Year View – Showing Highlights Only)

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