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26.02.2000Saturday 26 February – The first entry in my journal

I am sitting in front of the computer, obviously. On Thursday when I was in town, I got 64 Megs of RAM. I also picked up this new monitor. Dragon NaturallySpeaking runs a lot better and a lot smoother with 128 Megs of RAM. I also worked out for the first time how I was supposed to wear the microphone. It has been raining. I did some school this morning. On Thursday, I did my math’s exam. I also bought an extension lead for the monitor. I got a fright this morning, when the computer wouldn’t detect the monitor, and insisted on running it as an ADI microscan 3E, which was the monitor I had borrowed from Silas whilst mine was being fixed. I thought maybe the plug and play part was wrecked. However, fortunately it was just a bodgy extension lead. There actually is not much to write in my diary today because I have not done much, but I have only just thought of writing one. It will also help me train Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  I cleaned the caravan a bit today, and sprayed vinegar everywhere. Breathing vinegar fumes nearly killed me! Mum did some lawn mowing. I only mowed the lawn a few days ago, and it has already grown long. I have just remembered, I fixed the stove today. Moreover, I am pleased to say it works fine. I have not yet tried the grill or the oven. I think one thing I need to do to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking more accurate, is learn how to speak better. Tomorrow I plan to walk over and see the Joneses, although if it rains a lot it will be flooded and I will not be able to get there. I suppose I had better end this entry for today as I am just rambling on rubbish. See you tomorrow.
Comment by Brent Marlow – Friday 21 July 2006, 11:38 PM
  Hey ned,
  Brent here.
  You may remember me from such groups as Q.
  How you going?
  I haven't seen anyone for a long time and you're the only one I know how to get into contact with.
  Feel special??????????????????
  I was hoping you have people's emails cause i want to know what people are up to.
  P.S. I've been working as a software engineer for the last 7 months.
  Brent Marlow

27.02.2000Sunday 27 February

I am writing this on the first of March. From what I can remember we went to Joneses. The Joneses told us that there was a cyclone. It ended up hitting Cairns. There was great flooding in Mareeba.

28.02.2000Monday 28 February

Apparently the roads in Mareeba are all washed out. We are worried that there may be no food at the supermarket.

29.02.2000Tuesday 29 February

Rick and Craig went into town and got us some stuff. Sarah went to town for kickboxing and bought some food with Vince. She said the supermarket was a bit empty, but not too bad. It must be a leap year as today is the 29th day of February. Rick bought a computer game from Silas. He also bought a rechargeable torch. I tried the game out; it’s not too bad I suppose.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| February 2000 (Month View)

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