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Year View| Highlights| 2001 (Year View – Displaying Summary)

January SummarySummary for January 2001

31.01.2001Wednesday 31 January – Silas’s

February SummarySummary for February 2001

01.02.2001Thursday 1 February to Tuesday 6 February (6 days) – Arrive Home
  Arrive Home
15.02.2001Thursday 15 February – Junior Certificate
  Junior Certificate
17.02.2001Saturday 17 February – Ella’s Birthday and Election Day
  Ella’s Birthday and Election Day
23.02.2001Friday 23 February – UPS
26.02.2001Monday 26 February – Diary Goes Online
  Diary Goes Online
27.02.2001Tuesday 27 February – Ric returns from India
  Ric returns from India

March SummarySummary for March 2001

22.03.2001Thursday 22 March – Phone in Caravan
  Phone in caravan

April SummarySummary for April 2001

02.04.2001Monday 2 April – Hard drive and Sony DVD order
  Sony DVD Ordered
07.04.2001Saturday 7 April – Rossville Rubbish Day
  Rossville Rubbish Day
14.04.2001Saturday 14 April – Silas’s Place
  Silas’s Place
17.04.2001Tuesday 17 April – DVD drive arrives
  DVD drive arrives
18.04.2001Wednesday 18 April – Ordered 40 GB IBM HDD
  Ordered IBM 40 GB HDD
22.04.2001Sunday 22 April – �
26.04.2001Thursday 26 April – HDD Arrives
  HDD Arrives

May SummarySummary for May 2001

13.05.2001Sunday 13 May – Mothers Day
  Mother’s Day
22.05.2001Tuesday 22 May – Sarah’s Birthday
  Sarah’s Birthday

June SummarySummary for June 2001

No highlights for June, 2001
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July SummarySummary for July 2001

No highlights for July, 2001
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August SummarySummary for August 2001

No highlights for August, 2001
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September SummarySummary for September 2001

12.09.2001Wednesday 12 September – World Trade Centre Destroyed
  World Trade Centre Destroyed
21.09.2001Friday 21 September – Internet Account and Glandular Fever
  Internet Account and Glandular Fever

October SummarySummary for October 2001

31.10.2001Wednesday 31 October – Flew to Cairns

November SummarySummary for November 2001

01.11.2001Thursday 1 November – Math Exam
  Math Exam
02.11.2001Friday 2 November to Wednesday 7 November (6 days) – Study in Cairns
  Cairns and Study
08.11.2001Thursday 8 November – Physics Exam
  Physics Exam
09.11.2001In between above and below (5 days) – Cairns and movies
  Cairns and movies
14.11.2001Wednesday 14 November – Silas’s accident
  Cairns and Silas’ accident
15.11.2001Thursday 15 November – Home from Cairns
  Home again

December SummarySummary for December 2001

18.12.2001The Week Before Christmas (7 days) – Digital Camera Present
  I get my digital camera
25.12.2001Tuesday 25 December – Christmas Day
  Christmas Day
31.12.2001Monday 31 December – New Years Eve
  New Year’s Eve

Year View| Highlights| 2001 (Year View – Displaying Summary)

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