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Year View| Summary| Highlights| May 2000 (Month View)

01.05.2000Monday 1 May – Labour Day

I did not do any school today as Joneses stayed over last night.

02.05.2000Tuesday 2 May

I did school. Peter opens shop again today. I phoned BSDE (I think it was today) and requested a handbook.

03.05.2000Wednesday 3 May

I recorded Matt’s CD (Not of this Earth, Joe Satriani) today. I couldn’t get tracks 1 or 4. I also had a look at his Sony PlayStation controller. I did school. I phoned Ray Barrett and am going to do my test tomorrow at 11am. I went over to Joneses. Shan said that they are no longer going to India. I suppose that solves one problem anyway. It is now 10:43 PM and I had better go to bed as I am getting up at 5:30 am in the morning.

04.05.2000Thursday 4 May – Dole problems

I got a lift to town with David. I was supposed to do my Science test at 11am, but Ray Barrett got caught up in a meeting at the council, and it was 11:30 before he got back, I decided to do my test on next Thursday 11 May at 1:30pm.
  I got a letter from Centrelink:
  “Reference «edit»
  Mr Ned «edit»
  PO box «edit»
  28 April 2000
  Cancellation of your youth allowance.
  Your Youth allowance has been cancelled from 31 March 2000 because we have not received your Application for Payment form.
  You may now be entitled to a Low income Health care card. If you would like more information please phone us.
  (13 2490)”
  I phoned up the Commonwealth Bank # to get my last five transactions:
  I went and saw the Gungarde Centrelink officer. He filled out an application for the dole. I have to re-join from scratch as I have missed 2 complete dole forms, and 2 dole payments. They will probably want to know where I have got the money to live on in the interim period. All these problems are annoying.
  He stated that my current bank balance was $15.

05.05.2000Friday 5 May

I went to town with Bob. I took Matt’s Sony controller and some discs, which I had copied, back to him. I received some mail from BSDE. I haven’t opened it yet but I suppose it is the handbook, which I requested. I met the Joneses in town. They had taken their Commodore in to Cape York Tyres get a ball joint (or something similar) changed.

06.05.2000Saturday 6 May

Lacking memory of this day. Possibly Sarah and I went and stayed at Joneses and watched the video "The Ten Commandments".

07.05.2000Sunday 7 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

Jack left today. I think that I may have been at Joneses after having a stay over last night. I went and stayed at Jack’s place tonight.

08.05.2000Monday 8 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

I went to town with Bob. I think that Shan stayed with me at Jack’s tonight, but I cannot remember as I am writing this on May 15.

09.05.2000Tuesday 9 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

CSDE teachers (Maloney, Miss Reid) were at Joneses. Jade came up and stayed at Jack’s, as did Sarah.

10.05.2000Wednesday 10 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

The teachers (Mr. Philp, Mrs. Webber) came. Jade and Craig stayed with me at jacks until approximately 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Shan then came up and stayed the night, as did Sarah.

11.05.2000Thursday 11 May

I went to town with Mum. I did my Science test at the resource center. I couldn’t find a lift home so I stayed the night in town at Cassidy’s.

12.05.2000Friday 12 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

I went to Peter’s shop. I got a lift home with Bob. When I got home Shan was just arriving here. Jade, Sarah and Ella were on their way. Sarah and Ella had a bit of an accident. Sarah ran into Ella and fell grazing her knees and hands. We all stayed over at Jacks. I bought three types of ginger for mum (Mothers day).

13.05.2000Saturday 13 May – Stayed at Jack’s place

Lacking memory of this day. Maybe Sarah and I stayed at Jack’s by ourselves, and watched “The Bill”

14.05.2000Sunday 14 May – Mother’s Day

Sarah, Shan and I stayed at Jack’s. We went to bed at around 12:30. I got up at 5:30 in the morning, as I had to get a lift to town with Bob.

15.05.2000Monday 15 May

I went to town with Bob. We installed a new compressor on the supermarket roof for the bottle shop’s cold room. Not all the parts have arrived. Silas said that he is considering becoming a math tutor. I gave Mathew the Q3a (Quake III Arena) CD.

16.05.2000Tuesday 16 May

I went to town with Bob again. Bob made a shelf for the shop next to Peter’s that he is using now. The extra parts arrived for the compressor on the supermarket roof, which we then put in (commissioned). I can remember very little about this day as I am writing this on Thursday 18 May.

17.05.2000Wednesday 17 May

I did schoolwork (math and science ass.) I went to Isabella’s (for English) but she was not home. I took some lead out of Mathew’s Sony controller in case it had a cable break in it.

18.05.2000Thursday 18 May

I went to town with Mum. I posted Ric’s number plates back to Perth. I ordered 10 80 minute Verbatim Datalife CD-R’s. Silas also got 10 at the same time. It cost $57.95 for all 20, including freight. I ordered by phone, and then sent a money order. I took Mathew’s Sony Controller back. It still works but has the same problem. I finished off my science assignment. Quake 3 has some problems on their computer, which I find somewhat surprising.

19.05.2000Friday 19 May

I think I did schoolwork for most of today. I went and saw Isabella. Jade and Shan came over in the afternoon. I drove Dad to the den in the afternoon for the pool comp.

20.05.2000Saturday 20 May

I went and saw Donny re my English school stuff. He gave me the file on the proposed “Rossville Recreational Reserve”. Sarah and I went over to Home rule to see Joneses. Jade drove us back over here in the Nissan, where we got our stuff and had a stay over at Joneses. Shan and I didn’t go to sleep until 4 am. We had a very heart to heart talk about lots of private things.
  We watched the video “White Fang II”

21.05.2000Sunday 21 May

We stayed at Joneses until the afternoon (nearly five o’clock). I came and packaged my schoolwork for sending. I phoned Bob to see if he was going to town, which he said that he was. I played Quake Arena.

22.05.2000Monday 22 May – Sarah’s Birthday

I went to town with Bob. I did Math study when I got home. I paid (with Mum’s money) for Mum and Sarah’s airplane trip to Cairns (which is Sarah’s birthday present). I photocopied Donny’s “Proposed Rossville Recreational Reserve” documents. I posted some schoolwork, and received some. Bob’s car is still not working properly. It is 8 past 9 and I had better get to bed. I am presently listening to Cyprus Hill, which I don’t particularly like. It doesn’t’ seem to have much melody. It all seems to be the same, and I don’t like the coarse language. I am now off to bed. I played some Quake Arena, and also Tiberian Sun (Command and Conquer) demo, which experienced an internal error and quit. I have just discovered that Cyprus Hill songs sound much better played at 200 per cent speed.
  Got to go to bed. I got up at 5:30 this morning, and didn’t go to sleep until after 4 on Saturday night. Sunday night wasn’t a particularly early night either.

23.05.2000Tuesday 23 May

I did school. Jade, Shan and Ella came over in the afternoon. I started on my expository text for English. It is 11:12 and I am quite tired so I am going to go to bed.

24.05.2000Wednesday 24 May

I did school. Sarah and I went over to Joneses. Sarah picked up her frame. At night we discovered that the frame was the wrong size. Joneses are getting it tomorrow.

25.05.2000Thursday 25 May

I dropped Sarah’s painting in at the art place. We left her other one with the wrong size frame at Jack’s under joneses car. I presume that they picked it up. I drove Mum and Sarah in to town at 6:30 in the morning. They were at the airport at a quarter to 7. The plane left on time at 8:15 for Cairns. I went to Silas’s. He has set Quake up on 2 computers. I downloaded heaps of things, including SBLive drivers for Linux and text to speech converters for Windows. I don’t know how to use any Linux things and I couldn’t get them to work. The Verbatim 80 minute CD’s arrived. I agreed with Silas to forfeit payment with the solar panel I am ordering through him. I made a high sliding wire for Malarchy.

26.05.2000Friday 26 May

I went to town with Bob. We went down and began the install of the air conditioners at the new offices near the golden spanner (Shell servo).

27.05.2000Saturday 27 May

Rod came and took his drawbar back. I went to the markets in the morning. Jack came (and gave Jade, Shan and Ella a lift) and gave me $100 for looking after his place. In the mail Shan and Sarah both got BSDE handbooks. I backed up the dragon natspeak updates and a few other things.

28.05.2000Sunday 28 May

Joneses came over (on their way to Cairns and the school camp) and picked up Sarah’s stuff for her camp. Dad also came over and I drove him to the Den, and then went on into town (approximately 11, 11:30) I had lunch in town, picked Mum up and came home. I walked over to Joneses with Malarchy to check on their dog, Oscar.

29.05.2000Monday 29 May

I went to town with Bob. He changed the sparking coil on his car, which seemed to fix the problems that it had had in starting. We went and continued on the install of air conditioners at the new place beside the golden spanner. This took all day. I got some school returns. I studied math (4.6M). I burnt TEN (Pearl Jam) onto a CD and forgot to check the “record track names” box. Darn! Am quite annoyed, it means that the tracks and CD come up as untitled, rather than with their names.

30.05.2000Tuesday 30 May

I went to town with Bob. We did a few things. Concreted a pole in for a satellite dish, looked for leaks at the place next to the "Golden Spanner".

31.05.2000Wednesday 31 May

I finished my English, and packaged it up for sending tomorrow. I also studied some math. Mum let Malachi of his chain, which is the first time he has been off it for some time. It is quite cold (freezing) for this part of the world.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| May 2000 (Month View)

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