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Year View| Summary| Highlights| April 2000 (Month View)

01.04.2000Saturday 1 April – April Fools’ Day

I stayed in town last night at Cassidy’s, and came home with Silas this morning. I then went to the Rossville markets. Tony and Dee were there, and I went back up with Toni, and took my maestro “Woomera”; modem up, which he is now using. I copied ”V-Rally 2” for Matthew.

02.04.2000Sunday 2 April

It was a quiet day.

03.04.2000Monday 3 April – I went to Cairns

I worked in town with Bob and Peter. I came home early with Bob (2-3 o’clock). I went up to Toni and Dee’s and did the modem test. Shan went on air in the afternoon and told me that Ric was going to Cairns to night. I went to Cairns with Ric. We went down in his Falcon. We went to Cooktown first to get petrol, where I saw the editor. We stopped at Station Creek and slept there.

04.04.2000Tuesday 4 April – Cairns and shopping

We did most of our shopping, and ran around Cairns all-day. Ric’s car broke down. It would start when the key was on, but wouldn’t keep running. It stopped a few times during the day, and then in the afternoon (about 6:00) it stopped and wouldn’t start again. Ric phoned up the RACQ, which came and towed us to their depot for $50. We stayed the night in Cairns at the Bellevue. Ric and I went and watched a movie “The Green Mile”. It wasn’t all that good, as movies never are.

05.04.2000Wednesday 5 April – Cairns and car repairs

In the morning we walked down to the RACQ depot. They put an exchange distributor (which includes two electronic modules) in. It cost a total of $350, $45 of which was labour. We did a bit more shopping and left late in the afternoon. We were trying to get to Mareeba before 5 o’clock, but we didn’t quite make it. We then drove back up here. At the Mareeba supermarket I saw Dale (from the bridge gang). We got back from Cairns at about 10 o’clock. (In Cairns I bought a $40 forty cm fan, a packet of Mag light bulbs, 2 small alarm clocks, a $60 tent which was reduced by $25, a few Macdonald’s thick shakes, a packet of My-Lite bulbs for Shan, several 4 litre containers of methylated spirits, a halogen bulb for the big Mag light, a machete and possibly some other things but I do not remember them. :–)

06.04.2000Thursday 6 April

Mum and Sarah went to town. There was a cyclone warning, cyclone Vaughan (I think that is how it is spelt) was heading straight this way. At one stage it was a category 3 and heading this way, but now as of 9:11 PM it has become a tropical depression/rainstorm. Jade, Shan and Ella came over today. I am trying to catch up in my schoolwork. I phoned the editor, but he was busy and asked me to contact him again on Monday.

07.04.2000Friday 7 April

Today was a nice, normal, American style day.

08.04.2000Saturday 8 April

Jones’ came and stayed the night. We stayed up until 4 o’clock in the morning playing Konqest in Linux.

09.04.2000Sunday 9 April

I walked back to home rule with Joneses. I stayed there for the afternoon.

10.04.2000Monday 10 April

I got up in the morning to wait for Bob, but he did not come. I did school. I don’t remember anything else for this day.

11.04.2000Tuesday 11 April

Apparently Bob went to town today, but I did not know. Mum saw him. Home rule has no power. I presume I did school but I do not remember anything else.

12.04.2000Wednesday 12 April

I don’t remember what I did today but it was probably exciting.

13.04.2000Thursday 13 April – India Invitation

I did school in the morning and then went to town. Peter has gone away until Tuesday the second of May. Eric is up helping Silas. I got my umbrella from Mariette’s. I copied any vital files onto a CD. When I got home I reformatted the hard drive. To reformat it I had to first delete the primary DOS partition. I then reinstalled Windows. Everything worked except Microsoft Word. It worked initially, but as of tomorrow it no longer works. Ric came.
  He is planning to leave, either to Perth or maybe down south. He thinks that he will probably end up going to India. He has invited me to come should I feel like it. The power just fluctuated. It sure gives me something to think about.

14.04.2000Friday 14 April

Windows Error
I am having trouble with the computer. I cannot get Microsoft Word to work. I have tried everything I can think of. I have installed service release 2. When it runs it comes up with a message:
  “WINWORD caused an invalid page fault in module WINWORD.EXE at 0167:30111d12.Registers:EAX=010c2b2c CS=0167 EIP=30111d12 EFLGS=00010202EBX=00000002 SS=016f ESP=0062be38 EBP=0062be58ECX=010c3dd8 DS=016f ESI=00000000 FS=21dfEDX=00000001 ES=016f EDI=0062be74 GS=0000
  Bytes at CS:EIP:8b 06 ff 50 3c 89 45 fc 8b 45 0c 50 8b 08 ff 51
  Stack dump:00000000 010b0564 0062be90 0062bea8 00000000 0062bec8 3005b4b5 0062be90 0062bec8 3005b502
  0062be74 010f9a38 010f434c 010f43cc 00000000 00001a78”
  And then quits.
  I have been doing schoolwork today. I telephoned Mr Philp about a missing science question.
  I went for a walk to the twin bridges and stopped at Monty’s on the way back, as Ric was there. Malarchy was being naughty, and we have been punishing him.

15.04.2000Saturday 15 April

Sarah and I met Ric when we were walking to the markets. He had some fish food that he asked us to give to Jones’, so Sarah and I walked out to Home Rule with Malarchy. We decided to have a stay over at Jones’. We all walked back up here and got our stuff and went out to Home Rule. We played Pictionary. We didn’t get to sleep until after 4 Am. Shan and I more like 5 Am. At 3-4ish in the morning the power died and Shan and I walked up to the turbine and twiddled the needle valve thing and made it work again.

16.04.2000Sunday 16 April

After we woke up (at about 9-10 AM) we (with Craig) all went up to the waterfall to fix the power. We took the grates off the filter and removed all the rocks and sand. It was full. Rocks can get in where the two grates join at the bottom. Ric came after that and said that he was moving his caravan up here and leaving. Jones’ are going to Cairns tomorrow. Sarah and I got a lift back here with Ric.

17.04.2000Monday 17 April – Ric’s Caravan

Ric came in the morning at about 8:30 AM. Ric and I went to town. I saw Silas and borrowed his Microsoft Office 2000 Professional CDs. Microsoft Word 2000 works. But Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not work into it. I also borrowed all Mariette’s demo disks. Ric and I got back from Cooktown at about 1:30 PM. It was just starting to rain so we went straight out to Home Rule to get his caravan. It took us a few hours to get it. Everything went wrong, the caravan had a flat tyre and the jack didn’t work etc. we got to the first bad hill after “1 K” and had nearly reached the top when the caravan collapsed. The right-hand side of the caravan (the side without the door) fell off the chassis onto the ground. We were forced to leave it there.

18.04.2000Tuesday 18 April

Ric and I woke up and at about 9 AM went out the Home Rule Road to demolish the caravan. It took us until 1:30 PM to demolish it. We towed it up to the rubbish dump and dropped it off there. Ric then went to Monty’s and I went to the computer and installed everything off the demo disks. There is still something wrong, as many things still crash when they start up. It is now a quarter to 1 AM so I had better go to bed.
  Shan came over this afternoon and did some work on his Tornado assignment.

19.04.2000Wednesday 19 April

Non actiona el dayo.

20.04.2000Thursday 20 April – I went to the Doctor’s about my finger

Town day.
  I woke up in the morning. Ric is still here. Dad came up to go to town. We didn’t leave until 12. I didn’t do any school. I took antonidee’s modem with me, and gave it to the editor. I went to the doctors to see about my finger. Apparently it is better, and I also asked about going to India. The doctor recommended that I give up eating carrots for a month. I went to Silas’ and got an e-mail address for Sarah and my self. I also got upgrades for easy CD Creator and direct CD. I got a lift home with David and Kelly at about 10:30 PM.

21.04.2000Friday 21 April

I have reinstalled Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and retrained my user speech files from scratch. I did school today. Jade, Shan, and Ella came over. Shan printed his tornado essay. Dragon NaturallySpeaking does not appear to be working as well as it did. On the other hand, it just wrote that exactly as I said it. I have been using WindowBlinds to change the graphical user interface in Windows. It has a few occasional problems, but on the whole looks a lot better. The one I am using at the moment also has a drawing pin type button, which causes the window to stay on top, similar to Linux. It is now 24 past 10 and I had better go to bed.

22.04.2000Saturday 22 April

I did school for most of the morning. In the afternoon I went for a walk down to the twin bridges, where I met Shan purely by coincidence. I edited some of the cars in revolt. I have decided that Shan can use the blue car and I will use acclaim (the black car). I have copied mysteries pictures, body and parameters, and edited them a lot (the parameters that is). Dragon NaturallySpeaking is not working as well as I had hoped it would today. Most of the mistakes that it makes I am training. I am hoping that this will make it more accurate in understanding my speech patterns. I have removed Shan’s speech patterns, and recommended that he make a new lot, although I have his old speech files backed up on CD. I think one of the problems maybe that this microphone is not the best, and also that my speech changes from day-to-day. Nevertheless, I am glad that I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking; although it is annoying that it will not talk in to Microsoft Word. I will have to get that fixed. I am not exactly sure how I may even have to phone up a Dragon NaturallySpeaking help line. I should check the Internet for possible upgrades, updates or patches.
  It is three past nine and I am going to go and have something to eat for dinner.

23.04.2000Sunday 23 April

Sarah was in a bad mood today. I walked over to home rule. Ella is down with Jenna and Ashley. Jade and Shan came back here with me.

24.04.2000Monday 24 April

I did school today. I went on to Joneses in the morning, and arranged a time to go on air but they were not there when I went on. I recharged my MagLite batteries.

25.04.2000Tuesday 25 April – India Invitation

I did school today. Sarah went into town with David and Kelly at about 10 AM. Shan came over in the afternoon. It is 10:18pm and it is raining; making Dragon NaturallySpeaking inaccurate. Shan mentioned that himself and his family were thinking of going to India at the end of the year, and I would be welcome to come should I wish to. This makes it interesting considering that Ric has already asked the same thing. I set up a bodgy 4-speaker system for the computer as a test.

26.04.2000Wednesday 26 April

I did school. It started to rain. It hasn’t stopped since. I had bad hay fever, and went to bed early. I covered up Ric’s car with black plastic.

27.04.2000Thursday 27 April

I was going to get a lift to town, but it is flooded. Apparently Vince is stuck at the den. It is raining. It is flooded. It has been raining all day, non-stop. I did some school. I played revolt. Shan phoned up and we talked for a while. Dragon NaturallySpeaking seems to be more accurate when the microphone is positioned more closely to the front of my mouth. It is 8:30 PM, and I am now going to go to sleep.

28.04.2000Friday 28 April

I got a lift into Cooktown with the Timmerman’s family. I was in town before 10 o’clock. I went to Silas’ shop and stayed there for a few hours researching pigs and looking for solutions to my Dragon NaturallySpeaking problem (which I found, see tomorrows entry). I stayed in town the night at Cassidy’s house. Gillian and her family were also there. I ended up watching the AFL (Hawthorne versus Kangaroos) at Matthews place. Richard was there, and he is right into the AFL. I went to bed at about 1 o’clock. Mum also went to town today.

29.04.2000Saturday 29 April

Mariette woke me up at a quarter to six. I bought two chocolate bars (Aero and Milky bar) at the Ampol, and a bottle of soft drink. I then walked to Silas’ and got a lift out to Rossville with him and Elise. I arrived here at about 7:30 AM. I came in copied my floppy disks onto the computer, and then Sarah and I went down to the markets. I stayed at the markets until after midday. I installed a NaturalWord update for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which allowed Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Microsoft Word 2000 to run at the same time, but the Dragon NaturallySpeaking button at the top of word still did not work. I deleted all instances of (Microsoft Word normal document templates) and then ran Microsoft Word. Amazing, it worked! I didn’t really think that it would work, and I was quite surprised when it did.
  Sarah and I took Malarchy for a walk around the power poles. I walked out to home rule (just the mailbox, I didn’t see Joneses). Joneses were maybe going to stay over, but they were not allowed. It is quite cold. It didn’t rain today either.

30.04.2000Sunday 30 April

Sarah and I went over to Joneses. They wanted to have a stay over so we did. I didn’t go to bed until 5am!

Year View| Summary| Highlights| April 2000 (Month View)

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