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Year View| Summary| Highlights| September 2000 (Month View)

01.09.2000Friday 1 September

I worked at Peter’s.
I got a lift with Peter back to his place and then went to Marcel’s with James. I stayed until 3 AM. I watched a video with Marcel. I stayed the night at Cassidy’s.

02.09.2000Saturday 2 September

I went to Silas’ for most of the day. I stayed the night at Cassidy’s.

03.09.2000Sunday 3 September

I went to Church (Assemblies of God).

04.09.2000Monday 4 September

I went to Silas’s for most of the day. I stayed at Cassidy’s. I connected their computer to the Internet using Silas’ account at midnight.

05.09.2000Tuesday 5 September – Booked some pre-India flights

I went down to Silas’. We pulled a few old computers apart. I got two power supplies, 3 CD-ROMs and a few bits and pieces. Ric sent his Passport of for his Visa for India. We booked the flights from Cooktown to Cairns. I went home with Ric in Monty’s Ute. I played around with the CD players that I got from Silas’. None of them seem to work. I filled out my Dole form.

06.09.2000Wednesday 6 September

I went to town with Bob. We went down to the Seaview to install air conditioners. It took all day. It was very smoky in Cooktown. I got all concrete dust all through me. My nose is now all blocked.
  After using the Internet at Cassidy’s I now want to get it on here at home. I know that I should at least wait until after I go to India but I really want it now. I am practicing typing without looking at the keyboard. It is really hard. I need heaps of practice. I am best at the “wert” and “asd” parts of the keyboard. I have got to get up early so I had really better get to bed... It is now 9:28 PM. Sarah and Dad got home today.

07.09.2000Thursday 7 September

I went for a bush walk today. I played around with monitor drivers, as the new monitor extension cable I got doesn’t support plug and play. I found that the “Acer Aspire 77s” is the closest match.

08.09.2000Friday 8 September

I went to town with Bob. We went to Hopevale and installed a satellite dish. I stayed the night in town at Cassidy’s.

09.09.2000Saturday 9 September

I went down to Silas’s. I stayed the night in town again.

10.09.2000Sunday 10 September

I went down to Silas’ again. I stayed at Cassidy’s again.

11.09.2000Monday 11 September

I went to Silas’ again. We moved the last of his stuff out of the shop.

12.09.2000Tuesday 12 September

I woke up late (after 10). I went down to Silas’ and he wasn’t there. He didn’t turn up until 12. I stayed at the shop talking to him. Ric came. Silas left the shop so I went up to Cassidy’s. Ric came and picked me up from Cassidy’s. I came home. I went to Jack’s with Bob and tuned his TV in to his satellite decoder. I brought the computer in onto Sarah’s desk and installed the modem. I then connected to the Internet. The maximum speed I achieved was 28800. I went on chat and talked to ^lulu. I also found pam44, and emailed her my picture (actually 3). I decided that I should use the address and scrap the and addresses. I will probably keep them for storage space however. I have just thought of a feature request I should ask for, the ability to “download” things off the Internet directly into storage. I had better go to bed as it has just gone midnight and I stayed up until 2 am on most of the days I stayed in town.
  I used Cassidy’s computer to connect to the Internet and went on chat.

13.09.2000Wednesday 13 September

I do not remember...
Comment by Shi Fox – Monday 31 May 2004, 2:37 PM
  Hey peeps whats up? I like to listen to Murderdolls. Wed. 13 is awsome!!
   Shi Fox

14.09.2000Thursday 14 September

I went to town with Ric. I went to Peters and got the cable for my modem. Bob was in town and they had just got back from Hopevale. I connected the cable and it seems to work. It is just lying on the ground at the moment. I went on chat for 3 hours in the afternoon. ^lulu was there and I also met pam44 again.

15.09.2000Friday 15 September

I played around with the modem, using it as a telephone. I rang up Shan several times. Mum and Sarah went to town. Shan came over here. Sarah came home with Joneses. I went back to Joneses with Shan. They came over and stayed the night. I connected to the Internet and went on chat. I found ^lulu but couldn’t find anyone much else. We played cards and Sibelius (music notation software). We ended staying up until after 3am.

16.09.2000Saturday 16 September

Shan and I slept in until after 10am. Joneses went home about lunchtime. It is now 6:46 PM and Mum and Sarah are off to the do at the Market Place, in support of the local fire brigade. I wrote a letter to Mally, Pop, Pop, and Grandpa.

17.09.2000Sunday 17 September to Thursday 21 September (5 days)

What I did on these days, will probably never be known.

22.09.2000Friday 22 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Jade, Shan and Sarah stayed at Jacks with me. We stayed up late watching TV.

23.09.2000Saturday 23 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Sarah stayed at Jacks with me. We stayed up late watching TV.

24.09.2000Sunday 24 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Sarah stayed at Jacks with me. We stayed up late watching TV.

25.09.2000Monday 25 September – Stayed at Jack’s

Sarah and I cleaned up at Jack’s. I then drove to town. Shan and Sarah came.

26.09.2000Tuesday 26 September to Saturday 30 September (5 days)

No entries.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| September 2000 (Month View)

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