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Year View| Highlights| 2006 (Year View – Displaying Summary)

January SummarySummary for January 2006

01.01.2006Sunday 1 January – The Year of Work
  A New Year Begins
09.01.2006Monday 9 January – Faster Online
  I get always-on internet for the first time in my life—Exetel ADSL.
11.01.2006Wednesday 11 January – Wireless
  I get my first wireless connection.
29.01.2006Sunday 29 January – Arguing, Flat-mating & Rocking
  Marjorie moves in.

February SummarySummary for February 2006

01.02.2006Wednesday 1 February – Bribie Island, Mosquitoes & Mines
  I kayak to Bribie Island with Clint.
06.02.2006Monday 6 February – Noosa & King of the Mountain
  Clint & walk up Mount Cooroora, home of the “King of the Mountain” run.
07.02.2006Tuesday 7 February – Mt Beerwah & Clint’s Car Theft
  Clint & I climb Mt Beerwah in the dark & Clint’s car is broken into.
24.02.2006Friday 24 February – The Steamers
  Clint & I ascend The Steamers.
25.02.2006Saturday 25 February – Mount Steamer
  Clint & I descend The Steamers.

March SummarySummary for March 2006

05.03.2006Sunday 5 March – Walking
  I go mountain walking.
08.03.2006Wednesday 8 March – Mount Barney
  I climb Mount Barney.
16.03.2006Thursday 16 March – Jalyn
  Jalyn moves in.
18.03.2006Saturday 18 March – Stradbroke
  I camp at Stradbroke.
22.03.2006Wednesday 22 March – Excellent Tutoring, Careers Fairs & Internet Problems
  I win an excellence in tutoring award.

April SummarySummary for April 2006

13.04.2006Thursday 13 April – Copyright Infringement & Backpacks
  I receive an email from NBC regarding supposed copyright infringement.
14.04.2006Friday 14 April – Stradbroke Island
  Bronwen & I go to Stradbroke Island.
29.04.2006Saturday 29 April – Computer Death
  My Computer Dies.

May SummarySummary for May 2006

01.05.2006Monday 1 May – The Cougals
  I climb Mount Cougal.
02.05.2006Tuesday 2 May – Suits
  I buy a suit.
09.05.2006Tuesday 9 May – Motherboards & Curry
  I fix my computer.
26.05.2006Friday 26 May – Mount Maroon
  I climb Mt Maroon.
30.05.2006Tuesday 30 May – New Torch
  My first serious torch, a Fenix L1T, arrives.

June SummarySummary for June 2006

05.06.2006Monday 5 June – Sore Throat
  My journal gets photos for the first time.
13.06.2006Tuesday 13 June – Clint’s Car Accident
  I am run into in Clint’s car.
26.06.2006Monday 26 June – Working, Pizza & Soccer
  I begin work at Webcentral.

July SummarySummary for July 2006

09.07.2006Sunday 9 July – Mount Barney
  I climb Mount Barney.
23.07.2006Sunday 23 July – Woodenbong
  I go to Woodenbong.
30.07.2006Sunday 30 July – Mount Barney’s West Peak
  I climb Mount Barney’s West Peak.

August SummarySummary for August 2006

No highlights for August, 2006
  Only highlighted entries are shown in summaries, and no highlighted entries were found for this month.

September SummarySummary for September 2006

22.09.2006Friday 22 September – Stradbroke
  I go to Stradbroke Island.
27.09.2006Wednesday 27 September – Cairns
  Bronwen & I fly from Brisbane to Cairns.
28.09.2006Thursday 28 September – Cooktown
  Bronwen & I fly from Cairns to Cooktown.
29.09.2006Friday 29 September – Home Rule & The Wallaby Creek Festival
  I attend the Wallaby Creek Festival.

October SummarySummary for October 2006

02.10.2006Monday 2 October – Cairns & Silas
  Bronwen & I fly from Cooktown to Cairns.
03.10.2006Tuesday 3 October – Brisbane & Work
  Bronwen & I fly from Cairns back to Brisbane.
14.10.2006Saturday 14 October – Sunburnt at Stradbroke
  I go to Stradbroke Island.
25.10.2006Wednesday 25 October – New Camera
  I buy a new camera—the Canon 400D.

November SummarySummary for November 2006

01.11.2006Wednesday 1 November – Mount Tibrogargan
  Maz, Clint & I don’t climb Mount Tibrogargan.
16.11.2006Thursday 16 November – Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai
  Bronwen & I go to Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai & celebrate Two Years.
23.11.2006Thursday 23 November – Dreaming & A Site Update
  Marjorie moves out.

December SummarySummary for December 2006

08.12.2006Friday 8 December – Stradbroke
  I go to Stradbroke Island.
24.12.2006Sunday 24 December – Mum
  Mum arrives in Brisbane.
26.12.2006Tuesday 26 December – Woodford
  Bronwen, Mum & I attend Woodford.

Year View| Highlights| 2006 (Year View – Displaying Summary)

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