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Year View| Highlights| 2007 (Year View – Displaying Summary)

January SummarySummary for January 2007

04.01.2007Thursday 4 January – Mum flies home
  Mum flies home.
05.01.2007Friday 5 January – Tulani
  I meet Tulani for the first time in years.

February SummarySummary for February 2007

12.02.2007Monday 12 February – New Flatmates
  I get flatmates.
14.02.2007Wednesday 14 February – Valentine’s Day
  Nandini moves in.
21.02.2007Wednesday 21 February – Bronwen Moves
  Bronwen moves out to her new house.
24.02.2007Saturday 24 February – Glow Worms
  Bronwen, Clint, Maz, & I drive to a glow-worm cave at Natural Bridge.

March SummarySummary for March 2007

03.03.2007Saturday 3 March – Cairns, Tulani, & Silas
  I fly from Brisbane to Cairns.
05.03.2007Monday 5 March – Cooktown
  I fly from Cairns to Cooktown.
09.03.2007Friday 9 March – Cairns & Kebabs
  I fly from Cooktown to Cairns.
12.03.2007Monday 12 March – Brisbane & Virgin Hilarity
  I fly from Cairns to Brisbane.
19.03.2007Monday 19 March – Pop Unwell
  I buy a Canon 75-300mm f/4 lens.
20.03.2007Tuesday 20 March – New Torch
  My new torch, a Fenix L1D CE, arrives.
24.03.2007Saturday 24 March – Coomera Gorge
  Clint, Maz, Eddie, Bronwen & I walk up Coomera Gorge.

April SummarySummary for April 2007

01.04.2007Sunday 1 April – Zombies
  Brisbane Zombie Walk.
08.04.2007Sunday 8 April – Perth
  I fly from Brisbane to Perth.
10.04.2007Tuesday 10 April – Pop’s Surgery
  Pop undergoes surgery.
11.04.2007Wednesday 11 April – Brisbane
  I fly to Adelaide, then from there to Brisbane.
28.04.2007Saturday 28 April – Bronwen’s House Warming
  I attend Bronwen’s house warming.

May SummarySummary for May 2007

01.05.2007Tuesday 1 May – Ned’s House for Homeless Vegetarians
  Brinda moves in.
13.05.2007Sunday 13 May – Carindale Billycart Races
  I attend the Carindale Billycart Races.
22.05.2007Tuesday 22 May – Building a Computer
  I buy a new computer.

June SummarySummary for June 2007

10.06.2007Sunday 10 June – Spiderman, Spiderman, Spiderman
  I attend a Spiderman Marathon
24.06.2007Sunday 24 June – Harry Potter & a Change of Girls
  Krish moves out & Brinda moves in.
25.06.2007Monday 25 June – Car!
  I buy a car.

July SummarySummary for July 2007

08.07.2007Sunday 8 July – Amamoor
  I drive to Amamoor.
22.07.2007Sunday 22 July – MP3 Players
  I buy an MP3 player.

August SummarySummary for August 2007

04.08.2007Saturday 4 August – Upper Portals, Mount Barney
  Bronwen, Clint & I walk the Upper Portals of Mount Barney.
09.08.2007Thursday 9 August – Car Accident, Towed
  I am in a car accident & have my car towed.
28.08.2007Tuesday 28 August – Pittsworth & The Lunar Eclipse
  I go to Pittsworth.

September SummarySummary for September 2007

08.09.2007Saturday 8 September – Crime Scenes, Explosions, & Lunch
  My yard and park becomes a crime scene.
14.09.2007Friday 14 September – Work & The Valley Fiesta
  I take my 10,000th photo with my new camera.

October SummarySummary for October 2007

18.10.2007Thursday 18 October – Sick, Expensive Glass & Michael Clayton
  I get my Sigma 70-200mm lens.
19.10.2007Friday 19 October – The War on TNT
  Brinda moves out.

November SummarySummary for November 2007

05.11.2007Monday 5 November – Resignation
  I resign
10.11.2007Saturday 10 November – Dularcha National Park
  Bronwen, Maz & I explore a train tunnel & the Glasshouse Mountains.
11.11.2007Sunday 11 November – Rain, Leeches & Coomera Circuit
  Bronwen, Maz & I walk the Coomera Circuit at Binna Burra.
18.11.2007Sunday 18 November – Stella moves in
  Stella moves in.
21.11.2007Wednesday 21 November – TPG Internet
  I am churned to TPG Internet.
28.11.2007Wednesday 28 November – Working
  My last day at Webcentral.

December SummarySummary for December 2007

01.12.2007Saturday 1 December – Tasmania
  Bronwen & I fly from Brisbane to Hobart.
21.12.2007Friday 21 December – Brisbane
  Bronwen & I fly from Hobart to Brisbane.
26.12.2007Wednesday 26 December – Woodford
  I attend Woodford Folk Festival.

Year View| Highlights| 2007 (Year View – Displaying Summary)

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