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Year View| Summary| 2008 (Year View – Showing Highlights Only)

24.01.2008Thursday 24 January – Off to Cairns

Install air filter. Silicone up things. Sort out finances.
  I went to Indooroopilly with Raymond and Stella prior to lunch. Had planned to leave by 9 PM but left just before midnight. Bronwen came around for the evening. We had dinner at Hungry Jack’s.

28.01.2008Monday 28 January – Cooktown

I drove to the Esplanade, and bought a milkshake. It is extremely hot. I’m waiting for Shan to wake up—he went out last night.
Shan is not feeling well after going out last night, and Silas is at work, so after laying in the shade at the Esplanade for a while watching topless women, I drove up to Cooktown. I hit a kangaroo on the Lakeland to Cooktown stretch, damaging the front bumper, and hopefully nothing else. Fortunately I was going fast and hit it straight on, as anything else would quite likely have had me going off the road. It jumped out just in front of me so there was no avoiding it.
Arrived at Mum’s, said hello to Dad and Mum, chatted for a while, and went to bed.

02.02.2008Saturday 2 February – Cairns

I woke up a little later than expected and drove to Cairns. I got caught for speeding on the way into Cairns—at the speed zone boundary between an 80 and 60 zone. I drove to Shan’s and spent the day there.

04.02.2008Monday 4 February – Maryborough

I bought some hose and things to fix the leaking heater hose tap, but it was all but impossible to get to, so I took the car to a mechanic—which took quite some time and was quite expensive, as they couldn’t get to it either.
I drove from Cairns to Stella’s parent’s place in Maryborough.

15.02.2008Friday 15 February – Potential Flatmates

Up to clean.
Two potential flatmates arrive to look at the room.
Another potential flatmate arrives, after having got lost and me going to pick her up, and then dropping her to the city as she was very late.
Grace turned up to have a look at the room.
Nandini arrives to clean out her room.
The 5 o’clock potential flatmate called to say she’s running late, and arrived to have a look at the room shortly after.
I dropped Stella to work then drove on to Kieran’s, where Maz and I stayed until late.

05.03.2008Wednesday 5 March – Rollerblades

Bought rollerblades.
Drove Grace and Stella to Officeworks, then Stella and Maz to Woolworths, KFC, and Hungry Jacks for dinner, then did a little rollerblading practice. They are probably one size too big.
Comment by io – Monday 1 December 2008, 5:09 AM
  From previous day: "…and emerges back into sanity."
  Sorry to interject, but "Bought rollerblades" is sanity?
  "..Woolworths, KFC, and Hungry Jacks for dinner, then did a little rollerblading practice. They are probably one size too big."

21.03.2008Friday 21 March – Stradbroke

I got up horribly early and caught a bus to South Bank, and a train from there to Cleveland, and a water taxi from there to Stradbroke, where Cam picked me up.
Cam drove his new 4WD and Bronwen, her Dad, and I, drove in Bronwen’s Dad’s 4WD, all around Stradbroke.

23.03.2008Sunday 23 March – Pittsworth

Bronwen and I drove to my local IGA, did some shopping, then on to Maz’s.
Maz, Bronwen and I drove to Pittsworth.
We executed a laptop.
A pleasant barbecue and bonfire, and resulting late night, was had

01.04.2008Tuesday 1 April – Car Accidents & High Speed Internet Nails

On my way to an interview with a recruiter, I was involved in an accident. Coming around a corner in a 70 km/h zone, I found a stopped rubbish collection truck. It was directly in the centre of the right-hand lane in a two lane, one way road. It wasn’t off the side of the road. The rubbish truck man was standing behind it loading a bin into the truck. I managed to stop before killing the rubbish truck man. The car behind me didn’t manage to stop before running into me. The front of their car was forced into their radiator, their bonnet bent up a good foot or so. Mine has some scratches and a little cracking on the plastic bumper on the back. I’m now a great fan of large, heavy, well-built cars.
Stella and I bussed into the city and watched a few hundred people freeze in place at Queen Street Mall. It was interesting. I then had lunch at Govinda’s.
I drove to Maz’s, where we managed to get a gigabit network connection through concrete, brick, glass and aluminium, using only a 3 inch nail.
Stayed up programming something in C# to measure internet download usage.

21.04.2008Monday 21 April – HTC Hermes

Telstra is shutting the CDMA network in 7 days, meaning I’ll have to change to another network, and another phone. So, I bought a new phone (HTC Hermes, or TyTN) on Ebay--$258. I’ll try the whole geek thing, chatting on messenger and sending email from unlikely locations.
Picked up Shan and Kylie from Kangaroo Point and drove them to Mount Coot-Tha, then back to my place for a chat. Caught a bus back into the city, had some food,
Drove to Chez Tessa for dinner with Grace and Stella, picking Maz up on the way back, and going rollerblading.
Late Night
I added comments to my Hard Answers site.

18.05.2008Sunday 18 May – Coomera Circuit

Up at seven o’clock, ready by ten past, spend the next forty minutes ensuring Bronwen and Stella get ready, then off to Maz’s, the IGA and a bakery for food. We then drove to the Binna Burra section of Lamington National Park, and walked the Coomera Circuit. It was very windy and extremely cold in shorts and short sleeves, but overall an easy eighteen kilometre walk along a marked track—and unlike last time, it didn’t rain, there weren’t any leeches, and we didn’t have to turn back covered in blood.

25.05.2008Sunday 25 May – Brisbane Zombie Walk

Photograph Brisbane Zombie Walk. Stella, Grace and Jamie are zombies. Jamie stays the night. Curry at night with Bronwen, Grace, Stella, Jamie.

02.06.2008Monday 2 June – Interview

I managed to get to the airport before nine for my interview, without getting killed, flooded, or otherwise stopped, while most of the rest of the city apparently went under water.
I have developed a toothache, and taken some ibuprofen which has made the pain go away.

10.06.2008Tuesday 10 June – New Job

Up early to get to the airport by nine o’clock. I arrived over half an hour early, traffic being better than last time, taking about half an hour. I discovered that there’s a runway viewing area up at General Aviation.
I attended my interview, and was offered a position, pursuant to reference checks and so forth.
Later Morning
I have phoned previous managers, who have agreed to provide references.
Maz had stayed home from work, so I drove up to his place, took him to KFC for lunch, had a Hungry Jacks veggie burger myself, and watched some Stargate at his place.
I ordered pizza, picked Bronwen up from Kangaroo Cliffs, picked up the pizza, ate the pizza while watching Top Gear, dropped some DVD’s back to the DVD store, and drove Bronwen home.
What started as a quick little site-fix-up turned into an idea—to add categories to my journal. Now I appear to have accidentally stayed up all night, refactoring and entirely redesigning the way my journal works. In theory, it now has “set” support. Sets are a cross between categories and keywords—each entry can belong to one or more sets, and the display view can be filtered based on these sets, combined with a year and one or more months. I plan to add a few more custom views, such as the previous “Highlights” and “Summary” views, and probably a “most recent X days” view, and I suppose anything else I happen to think of. In theory it’s fairly flexible. In reality, I’ve been up all night hacking away at something I had slowly built up over several years, so I’ll quite likely wake up and realise I’ve neglected to take something vital into consideration and none of it will work.

12.06.2008Thursday 12 June – First Day at Work

Before 7
I got up, showered, and drove to my first day at SkyNet. It took a little over half an hour to get there, which I thought wasn’t too bad considering the time and that it’s out at the airport.
For my first duty on my first day at work, I assembled my desk and chair—something everyone here has apparently done. It’s harder than it looks. The rest of the day was spent learning things about my new job, as you’d expect.
Traffic back from the airport is as bad as expected, though once onto Kingsford Smith Drive, it isn’t too bad.
Home again. It’s about a 40 minute drive, but once I’ve learnt enough to be self sufficient I’ll work outside peak hour times.
I dropped past Woolworths, where I bought dip and corn chips, and headed over to Maz’s, where Kieran, Maz and I watched the latest Futurama movie. It’s not very good.

20.06.2008Friday 20 June – Vince & Sarah

Getting up wasn’t much fun, but I did, managing to get to work only ten minutes or so late.
It rained a little, and while traffic home wasn’t good, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Vince and my sister are down, having arrived earlier this afternoon. Sarah and I went to Halim’s Indian Taj for two of his usual fantastic curries.
It’s nice to have a Friday night, and the following weekend, when working. I’m off to Maz’s now.
I spent a lot of time at Maz’s, went for a bit of a walk, and am now off to bed.

21.06.2008Saturday 21 June – Eruption III

I walked Sarah and Vince to the bus stop. They’ve gone shopping in the city.
Picked Bronwen up from her parent’s place and drove to South Bank, where we met Sarah and Vince and had some lunch, before driving up Mount Coot-Tha, and relaxing back at my place.
I drove Bronwen, Vince and Sarah to the Beenleigh “Eruption III” Muay Thai Kickboxing fight night, where we stayed until around midnight, driving home via Bronwen’s place, and staying up late.

23.06.2008Monday 23 June – Sam

I slept in a titch more than I’d planned, getting to work a little later than I’d hoped, and staying a little later than I’d planned. Fortunately, traffic wasn’t too bad either way.
I drove to Maz’s, then on to KFC and Hungry Jack’s—where I was a little surprised to be unexpectedly hugged from behind while filling my drink, it was Sam, who I haven’t seen in ages—then back to Maz’s, and now it’s 1 o’clock in the morning. In other news, it appears the degauss in my $11,000 monitor cum media centre TV has failed or is failing. It doesn’t degauss when it turns on, making it all sorts of pretty colours, and the manual degauss doesn’t always work. Perhaps it’s time I bought a projector instead of telling everyone else that they should, though I’m not sure if it’s possible to fit one in anywhere here. It’s probably also time I went to bed.

30.06.2008Monday 30 June – The Incredible Hulk

Called Mum and found that she was about to go to hospital suffering from dehydration and constipation.
1am Tonight
I’ve just driven back from Bronwen’s, dropping her off there so she can get a restful sleep before work tomorrow—something I should be doing, but clearly aren’t. Before that, Grace, Bronwen and I had eaten a kebab at the Ville, and watched “The Incredible Hulk” at Indooroopilly. Grace had free tickets. It wasn’t incredible—though it was incredibly violent—but it was a powerful, entertaining movie. Earlier, I had booked flights up to Cairns and on to Cooktown for the end of next month.

02.07.2008Wednesday 2 July – Mum’s Cancer

Got an email from my sister saying that the doctors think Mum’s problem may be pancreatic cancer.
Chatted to Grace for a bit, then drove to Maz’s. Kieran turned up and we went and got Hungry Jack’s for me and KFC for Maz and Kieran.
Maz and I investigated laptop options, coming to the conclusion that it’s impossible to get the laptop I want, and the laptop his brother wants, without getting it shipped from the US.

05.07.2008Saturday 5 July – New Fridge

I got up horribly early and drove out to Bulimba with Dean, my boss from work, where we picked up a $50 fridge from one of Bronwen’s co-workers, and dropped it back at my place.
Dirk, Stella and I drove to Indooroopilly shopping centre, where we couldn’t find parking for well over half an hour. I bought a teapot.
I spent the night at Kieran’s with Maz.

10.07.2008Thursday 10 July – New Media Centre

Bought new media centre for $182 from Umart. I have spent far too much time on my old one and it still doesn’t work well.

20.07.2008Sunday 20 July – Gatton

Picked Bronwen up and drove Maz to Gatton. Saw UQ Gatton, and caught the Moggill Ferry back home.

23.07.2008Wednesday 23 July – Car Accident

I drove Grace and Stella to Uber in West End, via getting myself a milkshake. I spent a few minutes in Uber, before driving home. Unfortunately, just a few blocks from where I parked, I had an accident with a truck. I don’t recall the specifics. The first thing I remember is my car being pulled away from the truck. I gather that it had taken half an hour to get to that stage. It then felt like another 5 minutes while I was cut from my car, but it was apparently another half an hour. I was irrationally worried about not having my phone, and kept asking the emergency personnel if they could find it. I managed to find my wallet and remember Bronwen’s phone number, which I repeated to myself in the ambulance to the PA hospital.
  Once at hospital, I was scanned several different ways, drank and injected with various radioactive isotopes and dyes, x-rayed, ultrasounded, CT and CAT scanned, and eventually declared mostly ok other than a few fractured ribs. My right shoulder is also very sore but they can’t find anything wrong with it and are putting it down to internal bruising. I was put in a ward and slept fitfully until the morphine wore off, after which it became too painful.

24.07.2008Thursday 24 July – Hospital

Bronwen rushed in before work and comforted me.
  The morning doctors told me that I had some fractured ribs, and that they’d like me to stay in until the afternoon for further observation in case of internal bleeding or head problems, but I discharged myself and caught a taxi home. It was raining lightly. Grace and Stella were very lovely, walking in the rain to buy me painkillers, various nice things to eat, and making me a lovely dinner. I phoned the police, to try locate my car, and was told it had been taken by the forensic crash unit and I wouldn’t be able to access it. I found the phone number for the forensic crash unit and managed to arrange to get my stuff back from my car under the watch of a member of the forensic department.
  A $40 taxi fare later, and Grace and Stella collected most of my stuff from my car—me being unable to bend low enough to get into it. The policeman cut my back seat and managed to get into the boot, where I got my camera lenses. My phone is smashed, and I couldn’t find my GPS or get my stereo, forgot my tools, and no doubt several other things. Another $40 taxi fare home made it a fairly expensive reclamation exercise. Why they would take a crashed car from West End to Virginia I don’t know.

25.07.2008Friday 25 July – Cairns

I had a relaxing day, having had a reasonable night’s sleep last night, slowly packing for my trip up north.
Bronwen’s Mum drove me to the airport, and I caught a Virgin Blue flight to Cairns. Silas and Lisa picked me up from Cairns, and we went and had Italian food for dinner, before going to bed at Silas and Lisa’s place.

26.07.2008Saturday 26 July – Cooktown

Woke up early at Silas and Lisa’s. Was worried my taxi wasn’t coming, so re-called the taxi place, only to find it was on its way and arrived shortly later. Drove to the SkyTrans terminal and caught a Dash 8 to Cooktown. Was met at the Cooktown Aerodrome by Dad and Mum, and drove to Mum’s place, where I spent most of the rest of the day.
Sarah came over, and we both drove to the hospital. She had her dog-bite dressing changed, and I had some glass dug out of my hand and my hand re-bandaged. I then installed Sarah’s ADSL modem at her place and set up her wireless network.
Sarah and I walked back to Mum’s, where Dad, Mum, Sarah and I had dinner and had a pleasant chat and watched some TV.

02.08.2008Saturday 2 August – New Phone

I have had a quiet day, at home.
I had a look around on eBay and a new screen for my phone is going to cost me over $70, whereas a new (used) phone is going to cost somewhere around $200.
I’ve bought a new phone from eBay for $210, and will pick it up tomorrow.

23.08.2008Saturday 23 August – Mum

Sarah phoned, and told me that the doctors have given Mum 1 to 3 months, 2 weeks ago.
I did some washing, hung around the house, picked up an SD card reader for me, an internal everything card reader for Maz, and copied music to my new 8 GB SD card now that I can read it properly.
Off to Maz’s, via the bottleshop with Stella.
Maz and I dropped Maz’s parent’s off at Libby’s place, then bought KFC and Hungry Jack’s for dinner, respectively, before heading up to Kieran’s, and picking up Maz’s parent’s again later.
Back from Kieran’s, and off to bed.

27.08.2008Wednesday 27 August – Very Sick, Lots of Limes

I was woken by Stella, crying because she had a fever. I had missed all my alarms and one reminder. I called work and told them I was too sick to come in.
After dozing for most of the morning, I dazed myself to the IGA, where I accidentally bought $31 of limes. I didn’t think limes cost anything... apparently they are $30 a kilo.
Stella and I watched “The Notebook”, which is quite sad.
After dozing again for most of the evening, I’m awake. I don’t seem to have a fever anymore, but I feel like I’m going to vomit if I stand up. I should get to bed and hope I’m well tomorrow. This is a nasty flu.

29.08.2008Friday 29 August – Cairns

Ate a piece of veggie pizza and a piece of cheese pizza at the airport.
  Jetstar Airbus a330 over half empty. I got extra leg room exit row with a spare seat beside me.
  Arrived Cairns 10 minutes early but had to wait for taxis.
  A $15 taxi got me to Silas’s by 12:05. He’s not home but left a key. A quick shower then bed.

30.08.2008Saturday 30 August – Cooktown

I very nearly missed the taxi. I woke when my alarm went off at 5:30 then went back to bed, waking in a panic at 5:53. I then spent another minute or two getting ready as fast as I could, thinking that the taxi hadn’t come yet, only to notice a car parked outside. I rushed out the door and the taxi was still there. The driver said he’d already reported it as a no-show, but before he could drive off, heard a door. A minute later, I was "ready" and 4.6 km later, at the SkyTrans terminal. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything in the rush. That’s an awful way to get up, especially when already sick.
I arrived in Cooktown. There were only 4 of us on the Dash8. I cried when I saw Mum which was a bit embarrassing, even though she doesn’t look any different.
I sat talking to Dad and Mum. Unfortunately I’m still sick so I dozed a few times which seems a bit silly after rushing to get here. It’s really windy. I think the wind through the trees outside the verandah is actually really nice though it’s apparently been windy for months up here and everyone is sick of it. I thought it made the house seem snug and safe, surrounded by wild weather, like a lighthouse. Sarah came over and spent most of the afternoon here. She and I walked down to the supermarket at one point and bought some apple juice and Pringles, after I suddenly got more energy in the afternoon. Mum spent a lot of time dozing.
I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up Sarah had gone home and Dad had gone to sleep, so I went to bed too.

01.09.2008Monday 1 September – Cairns

I woke up and showered around nine o’clock. I think I feel a bit better but it’s too early to know. I’ll see if I can eat breakfast.
  I had a weetbix for breakfast.
I had a bit of a snooze, as did Mum. Other than that, a quiet day chatting with Dad and Mum. Planning to drop past the supermarket to get something for lunch tomorrow, past the paper to say bye to Sarah, and then out to the airport. Mum is sleeping again now.
An uneventful flight back to Cairns. Silas picked me up, and made me a pleasant dinner. We stayed up talking for a few hours, getting to bed around midnight.

02.09.2008Tuesday 2 September – Brisbane

I woke up horribly early and caught a taxi to the airport, and flew back to Brisbane, where I walked to work.
Bronwen dropped past and we spent the evening chatting. I’m still a bit sick, and still don’t feel like I can eat much. I ended up having two minute noodles for dinner, while Bronwen had one of my lunch curries.
I managed to get to bed not too late.

11.09.2008Thursday 11 September – Cairns

I was late to work due to packing and sleeping in in the morning, but I stayed until after 8 due to my late flight to Cairns tonight. I also passed my 3 month probation today.
Jetstar A320 left roughly on time. I was nearly late as Silas phoned me just as I was about to leave work and we chatted for a while. After a rushed walk to the airport I arrived hot and sweaty and got through check-in just after the half hour cut-off, though I was in-line before the half hour mark. I’m seated in seat 10D, an aisle seat, with the seat beside me free. The flight looks like it’s probably about two thirds full, with most people having a spare seat beside them.
Trying to sleep. Flight arrived ok, roughly on time. In geeky news, I used Google Map’s contact integration on my phone to automatically bring up a map of where Silas lives to show the taxi driver as he didn’t know the street. It has been raining in Cairns but isn’t right now. Got a Prius taxi to Silas’s. Went on MSN and tried to wish Stella a happy birthday but she was on the phone for at least one and three quarter hours so I gave up.

12.09.2008Friday 12 September – Cooktown

Got up at ten to six and caught a taxi to the SkyTrans terminal. A King Air Super 200 with an attractive young female pilot flew me to Cooktown through heavy cloud and a warning that landing might be delayed due to weather.
  The landing ended up being smooth—it was cloudy all the way up to Cooktown then opened up just as we got to Cooktown. Mum picked me up from the airport and we had a chat for a while.
Mum has headed off to the doctor. I am checking my email on Mum’s laptop via dialup.
Mum has gone to have a nap. I noticed for the first time her upper arms are looking gaunt, though that could well be normal for her age and I just haven’t noticed before. I’m going to have a lie down myself though I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep-I don’t usually sleep during the day.
I woke up. Turns out I can sleep during the day. Mum is cooking.
Dad turned up. Expecting Sarah soon.
Sarah turned up and we had a nice dinner that Mum made. I found out that Sarah and Vince spent $45,000 on their last big fight night.
Sarah has gone home, Mum has gone to bed, having got up at 3 AM, Dad is going to bed, and so am I.

14.09.2008Sunday 14 September – Dad’s Birthday

I’ve showered and am up. Hopefully Sarah will come around soon. I’m tossing up whether to walk over to her place and wrap Dad’s present. I did walk to Sarah’s.
Mum is making some lunch and Sarah and I are giving Dad his presents—a book from Sarah and three flannelette shirts and a pair of shorts from me.
Sarah and I drove to her place, took two of her dogs for a walk down to the wharf and back, washed and flea-shampooed two of them, and drove back to Mum’s.
Mum made a nice curry soup and I took notes about Mum’s life. Sarah went home and I phoned Silas. I then went online.
Dad and Mum have gone to bed a while ago. I’m still up chatting online but about to go to bed.

15.09.2008Monday 15 September – Cairns

I got up and began typing the notes I had taken onto Mum’s laptop.
Mum and I went to the post office and supermarket where I bought some lunch for work tomorrow. I finished transcribing the paper-based notes I had onto Mum’s laptop and emailed them to myself, and packed ready for my flight back to Cairns.
My flight left roughly on time; seat 7D on a Dash8 Series 100. I spent the time before the flight chatting to Dad and Mum, and dropped into the newspaper to say bye to Sarah.
The flight to Cairns was uneventful. Silas picked me up from the airport and we got take away Thai food for dinner and chatted for a few hours.
Taxi ordered for 5:10 tomorrow morning, and alarm set for 4:55. Now, off to bed.

16.09.2008Tuesday 16 September – Brisbane

I got up and caught my 5:10am taxi, which arrived at 5:05, to the airport. Check-in went without incident, and I’m now awaiting my 5:40 boarding call for a 6:10 departure.
I’ve just woken up because the hostesses came to collect rubbish. I didn’t know Virgin Blue headrests could be raised and wrap around until the person in the seat in front did.
The flight, on a Boeing 737-800 was uneventful. I snoozed for most of it. I was asked to take my earphones out and told that I could only use Virgin ones and only with the supplied “entertainment” (it’s $9.90 to access the 24 Austar/Foxtel channels) as I was sitting in an exit row. I walked to work after landing, finding out that the café doesn’t do chips or wedges until after 8:30.
I am on the train home. Work was fairly hectic—deadlines have been pushed forward rather drastically and some unforeseen and really annoyingly stupid problems wasted a lot of my time.
I walked up to Eagle Boys and got pizza. Bronwen rode over after climbing, and we had a chat and ate pizza, walking up to her parent’s late to get some clothes for her tomorrow.

21.09.2008Sunday 21 September – Swell Sculpture Festival & wall-E

Bronwen and I caught a bus, train, and another two buses to Currumbin Beach to see the Swell Sculpture Festival.
Bronwen and I went and saw wall-E at South Bank Cinemas. The animation is superb—they have emotions down to an artwork now. The plot is rather childish, but in a cute, almost charming way.
I went to Maz’s, staying late.
Rushing to bed.

05.10.2008Sunday 5 October – Amberley Airshow

Went to the Amberley Airshow with Bronwen and her dad, meeting Raymond and Charelle. Quite interesting it was, and quite hot.

09.10.2008Thursday 9 October – Forensic Crash Unit

I managed to arrive at work on time for a change, and had a busy, challenging, day.
The police from the forensic crash unit turned up to record my statement regarding my recent car accident, which was fairly short due to me not actually remembering anything. They were good about it, and explained what they’d found and why they’d come to the conclusions they have—that I ran a red light, and that they’ll recommend it be treated as a traffic offence, rather than a more serious criminal one.
Grace, Jamie, Stella and I walked to Halim’s, where I bought a very large vegetable biryani.
Later Night
Bronwen turned up on her way back from some technical meeting, and it began to rain a little, fortunately easing off enough that I could walk up to her parent’s place with her.

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