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24.09.2003 Wednesday 24 September

I slept in, which I needed after having to get up early the rest of the week, and had breakfast for the first time in a few days. I don’t normally have time before uni.
I phoned UQ’s Turbot Street centre, but it was too late and they told me to phone back tomorrow.
After a nice, but probably not very healthy, hot dog dinner, I went through my “Programming in the Large” assignment specifications and tried to understand them. I think I’ve got the basic idea of what I’ve got to try to do now, but I’m not sure how. This would have to be the hardest assignment yet – or at least that’s how it seems at the moment. I had to read a lot of posts in the newsgroup and take notes just to work out what I’m supposed to be doing. I guess, really, the specifications we were given should be clearer, but a lot of the confusion comes because I’m not coherent with the programming language, and the lecturer who wrote the assignment presumably is.
There was a loud bang. I knew instantly it was some loose tiles in the shower falling – I’d noticed that they were loose a few times before, and in fact had worried they’d dislodge while I was showering earlier. I went and looked, and sure enough, the four tiles had fallen, two of them shattering. There was a pile of little cockroaches behind them, which I thought might have eaten out the glue, but when I told Joe later he said that it was just age – apparently, they all need reglueing.
I’ve just finished watching “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. That, coupled with the stress of having an assignment which I’ve yet to make a serious attempt to start and don’t understand due on Friday – there’s no way I can go to sleep now.
I collapsed into bed, having made almost no progress on my assignment. In fact, I’d say absolutely none – although I’ve read heaps of web pages, my text book over and over and most of my lecture notes at least fifteen times now, so I might have slightly more idea of what I’m supposed to be doing than before. I’ve a sneaking suspicion though, that I have less of an idea, after reading about vectors, dynamic lists, and a ton of other things I don’t recognise. I’ve gone from understanding the principles behind linked lists and iterators but being unable to code them to being very confused about integrating my iterator into my linked list and still not knowing how to code either of them. Heads, tails, circular lists, queues, dynamic arrays, stacks, first-in-first-out arrays, vectors, multi-dimensional data types... but nowhere is there a clear example of a doubly linked list with its own iterator, and the segmented example in our text is really beginning to annoy me.

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