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25.09.2003Thursday 25 September

I had the alarm set for nine, but unsurprisingly I didn’t wake up then – it was getting closer to midday by the time I looked at my abhorrent assignment again.
I phoned uni’s Oral Medicine department and made an appointment for 7 October. It was either then or this evening as they’re closed over the mid-semester break, and there’s no way I can get my assignment done and go into the city, so then it was.
I worked all day on my assignment, achieving absolutely nothing, going around in circles, becoming confused, getting annoyed by some idiots on #BITS and their unhelpful, arrogant attitudes, and generally not having a good time.
I drove Joe down to the shops. He’s taking today and tomorrow off work, as am I, I guess. I got quite annoyed as Mum was online, and every time I went to talk to her, something would happen and I’d have to go offline. First, the shops, then Joe wanted to phone someone, then someone else, and then he needed the phone to order “Chinese”... It’s enough to drive a man insane – so how’s someone like me supposed to handle it?
I gave up on my assignment and decided that, for 6% of this course’s result, it wasn’t worth the stress. Besides, I’d stayed up to six o’clock this morning trying to get this assignment done, and spent all afternoon on it – and it wasn’t much more than a pile of strange pseudo-code interspersed with lots of commented out code snippets.
Having given up, I now felt much better about my assignment, so I actually began writing code – having decided that there wasn’t a good example piece of code anywhere online in this time-space continuum, or probably, the next.
That’s it. I’m sick of my assignment again. This is ridiculous. It now compiles. It doesn’t work though, and some of the major parts aren’t even coded in – but the main body is there, the idea is there, and it’s compiling. If I’m incredibly fortunate, I may be able to get this horrific code to actually work tomorrow, and get it submitted on time. I can only hope.
It’s definitely time for bed. I am so tired and exhausted, hot and uncomfortable. My hands are sore from typing and holding the mouse. I’ve started to feel allergic to plastic – just touching it feels bad, and my eyes are sore. I’m getting good at complaining though.

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