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Year View| Summary| Highlights| Month View| Monday 22 September 2003 (Day View) – Exam – INFS1200

22.09.2003Monday 22 September – Intro to Information Systems Exam

I think at least one person doesn’t believe me when I say I have no spare daylight, so here’s a typical day. It’s probably worth noting that I don’t usually get to bed before midnight, and often closer to three o’clock – with at least one all-nighter so far this week. Actually, that was Saturday night so I guess last week – but it is close enough.
My alarm goes off.
I get up, brush my hair, get dressed, grab my bag, have a drink of water, fill my water bottle, run downstairs, put on my shoes, pet the dog, lock the garage, and jog down the road to the station eating an apple.
I arrive at the station and recover on a seat for a minute.
The train arrives. Unfortunately, it’s an express train and doesn’t stop where I need to get off.
The train arrives at Park Road, as do I. I walk up to Dutton Park and down to the Dutton Park Ferry. The ferry usually leaves just as I get there, making me wait ten minutes for to get across the river.
I arrive at the main refectory; buy an iced coffee and bucket of chips, which I smother in tomato sauce, take around to a bench and eat, and then head down to my first lecture.
I attend my “Intro to Information Systems” lecture, sitting near the front with my group members, now my ex-group members I suppose.
I have a two-hour practical that I’ve never been to. I go down to the labs and chat online, interspersed with study for my exam.
I attend my “Computer Organisation” lecture, sitting in the middle with Kieran and Marcus, so as not to appear to be actually concentrating. This lecture has a two hours assigned, but the second hour is rarely fully used.
I go up to the ice cream shop and buy a milkshake, bringing it back down to the lecture theatre and sitting outside with my INFS group, discussing important last minute examination tactics when good looking women aren’t distracting them.
I head in to my INFS1200 mid-semester exam, and attempt it. It didn’t seem too hard, but it’s a bit subjective, so I don’t really know how I’ve gone. I finished with plenty of time spare, and pretty well did it all twice or more, so I guess that’s a good sign. I’m not overly confident about my result though – a lot of it wasn’t much more than educated guesswork. Only time will tell. This exam is worth 30% of the course result, so I’m hoping I’ve done well, as I don’t think we’ve gone very well in our group assignment.
The clock in the exam was wrong, so I’m not exactly sure what time I left, but it was probably around twenty past three. Clint, Kieran and I walked down to the Ville where they buy alcoholic celebrations and we get some ice creams, then on to Kieran’s rooms, where we stayed for a while. Somewhere along the way, I somehow managed to hurt my ankle. I guess I strained it.
I head off towards the ferry and train station. The ferry usually leaves just as I get there, making me wait ten minutes. The guy in front of me dropped his change overboard before he could pay.
Having power-walked from the ferry, across the park, through the deadly traffic and down to the train station, the train arrives. I get on and doze. Most of the other people seem to be dozing as well. I always feel stupid dozing on the train – I think it’s something to do with security; somehow sleeping in public is, subconsciously, bad.
The train arrives at the other end and I wake up. I’ve never missed the station yet – let’s hope admitting that doesn’t jinx me. I walk briskly home, with a very sore ankle.
I arrive home, play with the woof for a few minutes, pet the cat, drop my bag in the middle of the floor, shower and begin to feel slightly human again.
I heat up some fried rice left over from the weekend, grate lots of cheese on top, and head towards my computer.
I sit down and relax, reading my mail and then going online and checking my email, the uni newsgroups and a few other things, as well as going on chat.
I take my washing downstairs, feed the animals, load the washing machine, come back up to get my sheets, throw them in as well, take Joe’s washing off, set the machine washing and head back upstairs again.
Silas says, “I go watch Fat Pizza – More important than passing uni”.
I arrive back at my computer and talk to Silas about his exciting day going to work with the pox, and all the soon to be poxy people he met.
I talk to Becky while she gets ready for school.
Becky goes to school.
I unsuccessfully try to create some symlinks for my website.
I post a request for help on my web host’s forum, and reply to a few other people there.
I get annoyed with the uni news server, as it drops yet another post, and post a complaint.
Silas goes to bed. I begin reading the news and various other sites I read.
I enter into pointless discussion regarding headphones on the #BITS channel.
Joe gets home and the headphone discussion degenerates into a discussion about steam – and specifically whether it’s a gas, vapour, or the same as water vapour. Alex and Raymond unknowingly end the discussion with their traditional “ur mum”, “no u r” exchange, which is somehow considered normal. I go and fold the washed sheets and get some new ones for my bed.
I write all this. Fairly soon I will brush my teeth, get my stuff ready for uni tomorrow, and go to sleep.
Comment by DK – Thursday 25 September 2003, 6:24 AM
  YUK!!! Fried rice with cheese!!! ;)

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