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26.09.2003Friday 26 September

I woke late, of course, and began my assignment immediately. No time for food or anything like that – today is assignment panic day. This is the first time I’ve been unable to complete something on time, and I don’t think it’s because I was slack or started late either – I’ve just had many problems and trouble getting my head around the concepts. I did not have a fun day – hot, frantically typing, compiling, testing, typing, reading, compiling, modifying, compiling, testing, checking the time...
I submitted my incomplete assignment. It doesn’t work. It partly implements some of the things it is supposed to, incorrectly implements others, and doesn’t implement many at all. In the end, I simply ran out of time, despite spending a huge amount of time on it. I think a lot of the problem was that I read too many different ways of doing linked lists and iterators. I would have been much better off coding everything else first, until I had a clear and concrete idea of what my linked list would need to do, rather than the other way around. I ended up with a linked list which didn’t match it’s iterator – although I think it’s better than the one in our text, it doesn’t help much if I can’t get it to do what it’s supposed to. Problem being, by the time I realised the list wasn’t doing what I needed, I didn’t have the time with my limited understanding to fix it or work out a way to get it to do what I needed.
Well, that’s that. Submission is closed. My submission may get me one or two marks if I’m lucky. Resubmission has a 20% per day penalty, but the weekend is considered one day, so if I resubmit before morning Monday, I could theoretically get 80% – which is going to be a lot more than I’ll get from my current bodged submission. I really don’t know if I can bring myself to do any more work on this. The stress probably isn’t worth the overall 6% this assignment is worth. I need to be a bit careful and balance things out – I have a feeling if I do too much more I’ll get sick or quit uni, I’m already not feeling too healthy. This heat hasn’t helped either.
Joe and I drove down to the newsagent. A very black storm came, and there was lots of rain and lightning. It’s the first storm since I’ve been here, but passed over without too much excitement – I wasn’t even hit by lightning this time.
Joe ordered pizza, so I got my usual – vegetarian. We watched a movie, which I’ve forgotten the name of, but it was good, and funny. I had planned to head in and see a movie at the cinema, but the storm put an end to that idea – it also made me unplug my computer, which stops it working and stops me from chatting.

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