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20.09.2003Saturday 20 September

I got sick of sitting in the hot behind my computer, feeling guilty because I wasn’t studying, so I decided to go see a movie. I nearly organised to go see it with some friends, but in the end they were all busy and I wasn’t really in the mood – I just wanted to be away from my computer and this stifling room. As is my norm, I left it too late to get the train but decided there was no way I was going to miss it – so I ran, fast. I can get to the station within two minutes if I run, although I may not be alive when I get there. I think it is time to slowly take up some exercise again now, and hope my lung is permanently fixed. At the moment, as I’m busy with uni, I might try to run to the train each day, and walk the long way to places. It’s not much, but it’s a start. I actually enjoy a good run every so often – I used to enjoy my sprints along the Home Rule Road, and being faster than everyone else wasn’t bad either.
I bought a milkshake from the Cold Rock shop near Indooroopilly station. They make good milkshakes. This, along with two chocolate bars, a Hungry Jack’s soft serve and a mega size frozen coke makes this probably the worst food day I’ve had since moving to Brisbane, as I don’t think I ate anything else all day.
Bad Boys Ⅱ
Bad Boys Ⅱ mustn’t have been out for all that long, as it was quite busy and still in the largest cinema – which is good because it also has the largest screen and best sound. I really quite enjoyed it, being in the mood for some American action escapism garbage – which is about all the movie is. I had great fun sitting in the front row by myself, with the screen fully filling my field of vision. It even seemed the sound was better than usual, but I think it’s more likely I was just in the right mood for it.
Hollywood Homicide
I didn’t really feel like going home after the first movie, so I watched Hollywood Homicide, which began not long after Bad Boys Ⅱ finished. It’s actually even worse, but it rounded of my movie night quite well, and I didn’t feel guilty for not studying while watching it. Funnily enough, I enjoyed watching these two movies much more than I’ve enjoyed many other vastly superior movies, simply because I was in the right mood for mindless crowd-pleasing action.
Late Train
In line with my newly established get fit routine, I jogged back to the station and caught the second last train home, which was unfortunately rather boring.

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