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Note: This page dates from 2005, and is kept for historical purposes.

COMP1800 – Web Page Peer Assessment

Web Page Peer Assessment Criteria

Your web site addresses to be assessed are:

When looking at the web page take care to look at the following:

Please take the time to browse your given web sites, and thoughtfully award a mark (out of 5) which in your opinion represents the overall performance. Please reply to this email with your scores and a brief comment, inserted after each web address.

Your score, assessed by other students, will not be allocated unless your assessment of these websites is received. Please wait until after 5pm Friday 24 October to check these web pages. If after this time they are not available, please state this in your reply to me.


Mandy Downing
Lecturer Comp1800


All links are correctly implemented, however having two menus, a traditional one on the left hand side that links to external sites and another on the right hand side, which contains links to different pages within this site, is confusing and non-standard.

Pictures haven’t been effectively used; in fact, there is only one picture in the content of the site, a simple chart.

Content appears to be well thought out, although unnecessarily complex at times – with gratuitous use of large words in an apparent attempt to sound learned. However, content is fairly accurate, on-topic and of a suitable length.

A reasonable effort seems to have been invested in the construction of this site, and the site, apart from its slightly confusing navigation, is effective and pleasant to use. The site itself is efficiently and correctly coded.

4 out of 5.


Links are correctly implemented, easy to use and consistent.

Pictures and images haven’t really been used effectively, appearing to have been used more because they had to throw some images in for assessment than any logical content-related reason.

The content is slightly shorter than would be desirable, although it seems to be on-topic and coherent.

This site is easy to use, with a pleasant appearance, but is let down by its lack of content and hurried appearance. Also, use of the flash plug-in simply for links is unnecessary.

3 out of 5.


This site is not in the folder /assessment/

It has been uploaded to the root s4055035/ directory.

Links work fine and are easy to use and consistent across pages.

Images have not been used, either for appearance or to support the content.

Content is lengthy and relatively sound.

This site appears quite basic, and its reasonable content is let down by the total lack of supporting images and the overall construction and appearance of the textual frames based site, which also contains some inconsistencies with the way links are displayed.

2.5 out of 5