UQ Students should read the Disclaimer & Warning

Note: This page dates from 2005, and is kept for historical purposes.

What is this and who am I?

I’m a 24 year old male university student studying Information Technology at the University of Queensland’s St. Lucia campus.

This site is a single location that I can use to place any of my uni related items that I want online for some reason or other. It will also serve as an online record of my time at university.

I have a journal, which details in great detail every little detail of my daily life, and is abysmally boring, but does give a good indication of what my life is like (in great detail), and presumably in turn what I am like.

I also have a website devoted to my online persona, “thei”, which includes some pictures of me amongst other things. There are also a few pictures of the St Lucia university campus, including a few panoramas.

I also have a site not about my offline persona, nedmartin.org, of which this site is a part as you can probably see from the link up the top of the page. Not surprisingly, it is much smaller than my other site, which probably says something about me, but is also a coincidence – I made the other site first and have only just started this nedmartin.org one.

I believe you can tell a lot about a person from what amuses them, or sometimes, what doesn’t amuse them, so when I come across something that amuses me, I put it on my amused site. Plus it’s a lot of fun. There’s usually a few revealing things hanging around at my public file depository too.