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The concept of privacy is based on the surmise that individuals have the right to their own privacy – that is, the right to control who knows what they do, when, and why. This is often limited by laws, governments, and social interaction. It is within these limitations that we explore how the age-old concept of privacy has fared in this modern, globally connected age.

The Internet

The Internet, still a young phenomenon, has created both tremendous opportunities and unpredictable fears. Internet privacy is foremost amongst these fears, and vital to the success of a safe online environment supporting everything from reliable e-commerce to real-time chat amongst friends.

Privacy and the Internet

Today, the Internet is a global network consisting of hundreds of millions of computers around the world, all connected and able to communicate with each other. In many of the more developed countries, more than half of all households are connected to the Internet. Millions of people pay their bills, book airline tickets and hotel rooms, sell and buy goods... and a whole lot more online. The Internet is a truly global, international phenomenon that millions of people are entrusting with their most private, secure details. At the same time, the Internet has generated a sense of anonymity and crossed all international boundaries. A great many people, companies – even governments, now depend upon the Internet. These facts coupled together make Internet privacy of utmost importance to anyone who uses the Internet, and at the same time, very difficult to apply and enforce.

In order to understand the privacy issues facing the modern Internet user, and the individual in general, it is necessary to gain a quick understanding of the history of the Internet. The Internet is the merger between computers and telecommunications, and as such, it is necessary to have a quick look at both.

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