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Note: This page dates from 2005, and is kept for historical purposes.

COMP2301 – Assignment Three – User Interface in Visual Basic

This assignment is a pass/fail assignment. I achieved a pass.

The goal of this assignment is to design a user interface in Visual Basic.

This program must provide the functionality of assignment 1 with a number of enhancements.

Although the functional specifications for the stop watch remains basically the same there is no longer any limit to how the graphics and user interface are drawn to the screen. 

You may use or recode as much of your assignment one code as you see fit.

New features required for the user interface


Note: This assignment was intentionally coded as poorly as possible. After putting much effort into assignment 2, and then realising that no one noticed or cared (I could have had assignment 2 passed irregardless of whether it even worked or not), I decided to code this assignment using whatever idea first occurred to me, with no restructuring or refactoring at all. This made the assignment easy, and had the side effect of making it look horrible – more effort went into getting it to look as bad as possible, than anything else.

Compiled (WIN32) binary (60 KB)


Code © Copyright 2004 Ned Martin