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Year View| Summary| Highlights| July 2008 (Month View)

01.07.2008Tuesday 1 July – Undisclosed

I drove to work, worked, and drove home from work. It wasn’t all that boring, but I am working under a non-disclosure agreement, so I’d have to kill you if you read any more.
I got home from work, drove to Indooroopilly with Grace, picking Maz up on the way, and did some shopping.
I took Sarah’s laptop over to Maz’s, where I Ghosted it and packed it up ready for posting up to Sarah, ordered pizza, ate pizza, watched TV, and argued about the end of the world, iPhones, and other related things.
Later Night
Attempted to book flights to Sydney prior to midnight to see Jambavati, but was unable to contact her to confirm that it was a good time for her.

02.07.2008Wednesday 2 July – Mum’s Cancer

Got an email from my sister saying that the doctors think Mum’s problem may be pancreatic cancer.
Chatted to Grace for a bit, then drove to Maz’s. Kieran turned up and we went and got Hungry Jack’s for me and KFC for Maz and Kieran.
Maz and I investigated laptop options, coming to the conclusion that it’s impossible to get the laptop I want, and the laptop his brother wants, without getting it shipped from the US.

03.07.2008Thursday 3 July – Jaycar

Bronwen came around after picking her replaced DVD drive up from Umart. We drove to Jaycar to return my USB-switched powerboard, though unfortunately they were out of stock so are going to post me one.
Bronwen and I had curry at Bronwen’s place. I researched laptops.

04.07.2008Friday 4 July – Aliens

Every so often, when going through my journal and transcribing it into this website, I find a blank page. It’s usually an indication of an alien abduction, I think, but have never been able to prove it—though I think the lack of proof is proof itself.

05.07.2008Saturday 5 July – New Fridge

I got up horribly early and drove out to Bulimba with Dean, my boss from work, where we picked up a $50 fridge from one of Bronwen’s co-workers, and dropped it back at my place.
Dirk, Stella and I drove to Indooroopilly shopping centre, where we couldn’t find parking for well over half an hour. I bought a teapot.
I spent the night at Kieran’s with Maz.

06.07.2008Sunday 6 July – GPS

Took my media centre over to Maz’s, put in a gigabyte of RAM and a faster CPU, which broke it as usual. It’s cursed. The digital cable rights something or other crashes now, which kills the eHome receiver service, which means I can’t watch TV.
Drove to Forest Lake shopping centre where I met a lady off eBay and bought a Bluetooth GPS for $60.
Moved the new fridge into position in the kitchen and put all the stuff from the old fridge into the new fridge. Cleaned up and put rubbish into bins because the neighbours have put all their stuff into the wheelie bins—it looks like they’re moving out or doing a huge spring clean or something.

07.07.2008Monday 7 July – Hancock

Went to watch “Hancock” with Bronwen but it was sold out, so instead drove to Maz’s where we had dinner, and watched the 9:40 PM session instead. Drove Bronwen home, and installed TomTom software on my phone.

08.07.2008Tuesday 8 July – Empty

Today is empty.

09.07.2008Wednesday 9 July – Empty

Today is also empty.

10.07.2008Thursday 10 July – New Media Centre

Bought new media centre for $182 from Umart. I have spent far too much time on my old one and it still doesn’t work well.

11.07.2008Friday 11 July – Forgotten

I forget.

12.07.2008Saturday 12 July – Forgotten Still

I still forget.

13.07.2008Sunday 13 July – Typical

Sleepy. Drive to Bronwen’s. Supercheap Auto for degreaser to get oil off B’s garage. Nachos at Coffee Club. Dinner at my place with B. Maz over to watch DVD. Doesn’t work on new media centre. Typical.

14.07.2008Monday 14 July – Orange Sky

Drove down to Bronwen’s. Funny orange sky. Dropped past Maz’s on the way home.
Comment by Reubot – Sunday 1 February 2009, 6:41 AM
  Given up Ned?
Comment by Ned – Friday 13 February 2009, 6:41 PM
  Nah, still going. Just slow. Lots of other things have got in the way.

15.07.2008Tuesday 15 July – Jogging & Pizza

Picked Bronwen up from Kangaroo Point on my way home from work as it began raining. Went to the DVD store and bought pizza for dinner. Booked tickets to Batman. Went for a short jog (after pizza, bad idea). Drove to Maz’s. Stayed up until 2 AM.

16.07.2008Wednesday 16 July – Shopping

I am not getting enough sleep. Must correct. Went shopping with Stella and Grace at Indooroopilly after work, which took hours. Then drove up to Kieran’s, where Maz was, then back to Maz’s, and now it’s 1:30 and I’m off to bed.

17.07.2008Thursday 17 July – Batman

Went and saw Batman “The Dark Knight” at South Bank with Bronwen, Grace, Stella and Raymond. There were two jokers in the audience. Got to bed very late.

18.07.2008Friday 18 July – Shaped

Got to work a little late. Home internet is shaped.
Watched movies with Grace and Stella.
Stayed up all night at Maz’s. Now off to bed.

19.07.2008Saturday 19 July – Unknown

Today shall remain unknown.

20.07.2008Sunday 20 July – Gatton

Picked Bronwen up and drove Maz to Gatton. Saw UQ Gatton, and caught the Moggill Ferry back home.

21.07.2008Monday 21 July – Sick

I am sick, sadly. Sore throat, blocked nose, not feeling well.

22.07.2008Tuesday 22 July – Pizza & Sickness

Still sick, making it a bit of a drag being at work.
Picked up Raymond and got pizza, dropping past Woolworths on the way. Ate it here while watching some TV. Stella drove back from Raymond’s place.

23.07.2008Wednesday 23 July – Car Accident

I drove Grace and Stella to Uber in West End, via getting myself a milkshake. I spent a few minutes in Uber, before driving home. Unfortunately, just a few blocks from where I parked, I had an accident with a truck. I don’t recall the specifics. The first thing I remember is my car being pulled away from the truck. I gather that it had taken half an hour to get to that stage. It then felt like another 5 minutes while I was cut from my car, but it was apparently another half an hour. I was irrationally worried about not having my phone, and kept asking the emergency personnel if they could find it. I managed to find my wallet and remember Bronwen’s phone number, which I repeated to myself in the ambulance to the PA hospital.
  Once at hospital, I was scanned several different ways, drank and injected with various radioactive isotopes and dyes, x-rayed, ultrasounded, CT and CAT scanned, and eventually declared mostly ok other than a few fractured ribs. My right shoulder is also very sore but they can’t find anything wrong with it and are putting it down to internal bruising. I was put in a ward and slept fitfully until the morphine wore off, after which it became too painful.

24.07.2008Thursday 24 July – Hospital

Bronwen rushed in before work and comforted me.
  The morning doctors told me that I had some fractured ribs, and that they’d like me to stay in until the afternoon for further observation in case of internal bleeding or head problems, but I discharged myself and caught a taxi home. It was raining lightly. Grace and Stella were very lovely, walking in the rain to buy me painkillers, various nice things to eat, and making me a lovely dinner. I phoned the police, to try locate my car, and was told it had been taken by the forensic crash unit and I wouldn’t be able to access it. I found the phone number for the forensic crash unit and managed to arrange to get my stuff back from my car under the watch of a member of the forensic department.
  A $40 taxi fare later, and Grace and Stella collected most of my stuff from my car—me being unable to bend low enough to get into it. The policeman cut my back seat and managed to get into the boot, where I got my camera lenses. My phone is smashed, and I couldn’t find my GPS or get my stereo, forgot my tools, and no doubt several other things. Another $40 taxi fare home made it a fairly expensive reclamation exercise. Why they would take a crashed car from West End to Virginia I don’t know.

25.07.2008Friday 25 July – Cairns

I had a relaxing day, having had a reasonable night’s sleep last night, slowly packing for my trip up north.
Bronwen’s Mum drove me to the airport, and I caught a Virgin Blue flight to Cairns. Silas and Lisa picked me up from Cairns, and we went and had Italian food for dinner, before going to bed at Silas and Lisa’s place.

26.07.2008Saturday 26 July – Cooktown

Woke up early at Silas and Lisa’s. Was worried my taxi wasn’t coming, so re-called the taxi place, only to find it was on its way and arrived shortly later. Drove to the SkyTrans terminal and caught a Dash 8 to Cooktown. Was met at the Cooktown Aerodrome by Dad and Mum, and drove to Mum’s place, where I spent most of the rest of the day.
Sarah came over, and we both drove to the hospital. She had her dog-bite dressing changed, and I had some glass dug out of my hand and my hand re-bandaged. I then installed Sarah’s ADSL modem at her place and set up her wireless network.
Sarah and I walked back to Mum’s, where Dad, Mum, Sarah and I had dinner and had a pleasant chat and watched some TV.

27.07.2008Sunday 27 July – Cooktown

I slept in, though not for too long.
We all had a big lunch.
Sarah and I walked to Sarah’s place, where I went online for a while to test her laptop and wireless ADSL. It seems to work. Vince had been out fishing and got a lot of fish. Sarah and I dropped past the Local News office to copy some photos off my camera.
Sarah watered Mum’s garden. I tried skipping my ibuprofen, taking only paracetamol—which mostly worked, but did start hurting a fair bit by 5 o’clock.
Dad and I watched TV. Mum went to bed early.

28.07.2008Monday 28 July – Empty

This day left unintentionally empty.

29.07.2008Tuesday 29 July – Empty

This day also left unintentionally empty.

30.07.2008Wednesday 30 July – Working

Caught the air train to work. Walked from the domestic terminal to work. Even with broken ribs, it’s not too bad. Might not be too good in the heat of summer, or during rain, or bombing raids.
Becky came around and drove Grace, Stella and myself to Woolies at Toowong, and now they’ve all gone out to Uber, leaving poor little me all alone, cold and in pain.
  Managed to get $20 weekly air train ticket, and caught the air train home again.

31.07.2008Thursday 31 July – Working

I once again caught the train to work, though I got a lift home with a co-worker. Other than that, not much to report today—my pain is subsiding somewhat.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| July 2008 (Month View)

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