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Year View| Summary| Highlights| October 2008 (Month View)

01.10.2008Wednesday 1 October – Flash

Glaziers turned up to replace Grace’s broken window.
Maz convinced me to buy a $585 Canon 580EX II Speedlite flash from Rainer’s, which Maz picked up for me. Yay for unplanned purchasing. I walked over to his place, via a bus, after work and picked it up, had dinner from Hungry Jack’s, and messed around in a park for a while. Now it’s 3 AM.
Having hung out my washing and showered, it’s now a quarter to four. This is bad. Work is early. Bed now.

02.10.2008Thursday 2 October – Phone Break

I dropped my phone, breaking it, just as I was about to walk up the steps to the front door.
Back from Maz’s. Phone fixed—accidentally using the mainboard of my old phone, and intentionally the keyboard. Now need to shower then sleep.

03.10.2008Friday 3 October – Drastic

I caught the train home from work, showered, and caught a bus into the city, and a bus from there to Bronwen’s place—in theory. Unfortunately I looked at the bus sign and saw “Upper Mount Gravatt”, thought that was where Bronwen lived, and got on the bus. It turns out she lives in “Mount Gravatt”, and the bus I got not only doesn’t go there, but it takes a very slow and circuitous route to get anywhere—so I ended up in Garden City, from where I caught a bus back to Bronwen’s.

04.10.2008Saturday 4 October – Babylon AD

I had a relaxing day, watching some Scrubs, and trying not to move too much—it’s very hot.
I walked over to Maz’s to drop off a torch for his potentially dark mountain walk/climb tomorrow, and caught a bus into South Bank, where I watched “Babylon AD”—a very crappy ending, but up until that point, a relatively normal Hollywood action movie.
750mL of iced coffee and an action movie later, I’m home but not really in the sleeping mood. I’ve been updating my journal.
Off to bed now.

05.10.2008Sunday 5 October – Amberley Airshow

Went to the Amberley Airshow with Bronwen and her dad, meeting Raymond and Charelle. Quite interesting it was, and quite hot.

06.10.2008Monday 6 October – Blank

This day intentionally left blank.

07.10.2008Tuesday 7 October – Pizza

Stella, Grace and I walked up to Eagle Boys and picked up pizza. I continued on to Maz’s. A few minutes after arriving at Maz’s, Bronwen phoned and I headed back to Eagle Boys, where I met Bronwen and we picked up pizza again, eating it in a park nearby, before walking to Bronwen’s parent’s place to drop off Bronwen, then back to my place to put me to sleep.

08.10.2008Wednesday 8 October – Curry

I caught a bus to Toowong, did some shopping, met Maz, caught a bus back to my place, went to Halim’s Indian Taj with Maz and Stella, caught a bus back to Maz’s again, then caught a bus back to my place.
Off to bed.

09.10.2008Thursday 9 October – Forensic Crash Unit

I managed to arrive at work on time for a change, and had a busy, challenging, day.
The police from the forensic crash unit turned up to record my statement regarding my recent car accident, which was fairly short due to me not actually remembering anything. They were good about it, and explained what they’d found and why they’d come to the conclusions they have—that I ran a red light, and that they’ll recommend it be treated as a traffic offence, rather than a more serious criminal one.
Grace, Jamie, Stella and I walked to Halim’s, where I bought a very large vegetable biryani.
Later Night
Bronwen turned up on her way back from some technical meeting, and it began to rain a little, fortunately easing off enough that I could walk up to her parent’s place with her.

10.10.2008Friday 10 October – Empty

Today: Empty.

11.10.2008Saturday 11 October – Null

Today: Null.

12.10.2008Sunday 12 October – Void

Today: Void.

13.10.2008Monday 13 October – Body of Lies

Stopped and had a chat to Bronwen at Central Station before heading home, then to South Bank with Maz, to watch “Body of Lies”. Fairly generic Hollywood action—not very good, but not awful.

14.10.2008Tuesday 14 October – Phone Fixing

I dropped the DVD Chocolat, which was overdue, back to the DVD store and caught a bus to Indooroopilly, meeting Maz halfway. Maz and I had dinner (Hungry Jack’s for me), went to Woolies, and caught a bus back to Maz’s, where we changed the main board of my phone back to the new phone’s main board, which has a working backup-battery.
Horribly late. Off to bed.

15.10.2008Wednesday 15 October – Rain, Thunder, Lightning

Big rain and thunder storm. I am stuck at Milton station without an umbrella. Lots of lightning. Eventually run home. Bus to Maz’s later, get camera parts, take macro photos. Meet Bronwen at my place, walk up to her parent’s with her.

16.10.2008Journal v3

Journal Entries from this day forward are in the third version of my site.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| October 2008 (Month View)

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