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Year View| Summary| Highlights| September 2008 (Month View)

01.09.2008Monday 1 September – Cairns

I woke up and showered around nine o’clock. I think I feel a bit better but it’s too early to know. I’ll see if I can eat breakfast.
  I had a weetbix for breakfast.
I had a bit of a snooze, as did Mum. Other than that, a quiet day chatting with Dad and Mum. Planning to drop past the supermarket to get something for lunch tomorrow, past the paper to say bye to Sarah, and then out to the airport. Mum is sleeping again now.
An uneventful flight back to Cairns. Silas picked me up, and made me a pleasant dinner. We stayed up talking for a few hours, getting to bed around midnight.

02.09.2008Tuesday 2 September – Brisbane

I woke up horribly early and caught a taxi to the airport, and flew back to Brisbane, where I walked to work.
Bronwen dropped past and we spent the evening chatting. I’m still a bit sick, and still don’t feel like I can eat much. I ended up having two minute noodles for dinner, while Bronwen had one of my lunch curries.
I managed to get to bed not too late.

03.09.2008Wednesday 3 September – Normality

I woke up when my alarm went off, and actually got up as well—which is a relief, and something I haven’t been doing a lot of lately. I had a reasonable day at work, not as sick now, but still not perfectly well. After work, I had a relaxing evening, eating some two minute noodles for dinner, and getting to bed by 9:30.

04.09.2008Thursday 4 September – Working

Nothing too exciting today—I worked.

05.09.2008Friday 5 September – Lack of Flights

I worked. Someone from SkyTrans phoned up to tell me they’ve cancelled my Saturday flight, and no longer fly in or out of Cooktown on weekends. This is actually really crap for me, as there have always been weekend flights to Cooktown, and now—the one time I actually need them—they cancel them. This will make it very difficult, or perhaps impossible, to continue only taking one day off work a fortnight and getting to see my parent’s every fortnight, and probably means my pre-booked flights to Cairns are useless.
Bronwen and I had a nice curry dinner at the cheap curry place in West End, and bumped into Kat.

06.09.2008Saturday 6 September – Planning

Bronwen and I discussed religion, and what I should do about getting up north now that I’ve got flights booked from here to Cairns, and one of the flights I have from Cairns to Cooktown has been permanently cancelled—SkyTrans no longer fly on weekends as far as I can tell.
Bronwen and I went to Indooroopilly, to look for birthday presents for Dad. We met Kieran and Maz there. I booked a new flight up north on Thursday, after finding it would cost me around $200 to book a car instead, though it unfortunately means taking another day off work.
Bronwen and I had a pleasant dinner at Bronwen’s parent’s place. I went to bed around half past one, after chatting to Stella for a while and reading online things.

07.09.2008Sunday 7 September – Dining

Stella and I walked down to the IGA where I bought a milkshake from Baskin Robbin’s, and a few things from the IGA and the bakery.
Maz walked over, and we caught a bus into the city, then a citycat to UQ, then walked back to my place via the Ville and Maz’s.
Bronwen picked me up a couple of blocks from my place, I had a quick shower, and we drove out to a place in Bulimba where we had dinner with her parents, an aunt, a grandfather, her brother and his fiancé, and his fiancé’s mother.

08.09.2008Monday 8 September – Ranting

I managed to get up on time and get to work on time—something I’ve been better at since I’ve started going to bed early, mostly as a result of being sick and more tired than usual, though I’ve also lost the motivation to really do much at the moment, some kind of depressing combination of things at the moment have made most of the things I used to do seem pointless. Hopefully I get over it soon. I think it’s a result of losing the (probably false) sense of security I felt I had from the (probably also false) stability of routine I’d fallen into—with my relationships, and renting here. It’s a combination of Mum being ill forcing me to face the reality that my family unit, the one thing that feels like it should always be there as something to fall back on if I need to, won’t be; finding that the lease here is probably not going to be renewed and having to accept that it’s probably not feasible for me at my age to get another cheap rental and expect to be able to find the type of flatmates I’ve been sharing with; and going through some relationship difficulties, realising that I need to sort out what I want from a relationship, and do that.
  The end result of all this has been that I’ve felt like there’s no point doing anything—I feel like the only reason to do most things is because of other people, and I don’t feel like I have any “other people” at the moment. I feel as though doing things without “other people”—no one will know I’ve done anything, so there just isn’t any reason to do anything... It’s mostly mental—nothing has really changed at this point, though things look like they will be changing in the future. It’s something I need to get over.
I walked up to Maz’s, and we walked up to Hungry Jack’s, where I bought a veggie baguette. He took the day off work as he feels like he’s broken a rib from coughing.
I couldn’t sleep, lying in bed until well after three o’clock.

09.09.2008Tuesday 9 September – Pizza

I was a bit tired after my lack of sleep last night, but still managed to make the train.
New marketing man starts today.
Bronwen rode here after climbing, we went and got pizza and ate it down by the river and had a chat.

10.09.2008Wednesday 10 September – The Forest

I had a reasonable day at work, buying some chips from the taxi rank café for breakfast, and heading out late morning with my boss to visit a monitoring centre that uses one of our products, which was interesting.
I met Stella in South Bank and we went to The Forest for dinner. I then packed stuff for my flight up north tomorrow, and went to bed.

11.09.2008Thursday 11 September – Cairns

I was late to work due to packing and sleeping in in the morning, but I stayed until after 8 due to my late flight to Cairns tonight. I also passed my 3 month probation today.
Jetstar A320 left roughly on time. I was nearly late as Silas phoned me just as I was about to leave work and we chatted for a while. After a rushed walk to the airport I arrived hot and sweaty and got through check-in just after the half hour cut-off, though I was in-line before the half hour mark. I’m seated in seat 10D, an aisle seat, with the seat beside me free. The flight looks like it’s probably about two thirds full, with most people having a spare seat beside them.
Trying to sleep. Flight arrived ok, roughly on time. In geeky news, I used Google Map’s contact integration on my phone to automatically bring up a map of where Silas lives to show the taxi driver as he didn’t know the street. It has been raining in Cairns but isn’t right now. Got a Prius taxi to Silas’s. Went on MSN and tried to wish Stella a happy birthday but she was on the phone for at least one and three quarter hours so I gave up.

12.09.2008Friday 12 September – Cooktown

Got up at ten to six and caught a taxi to the SkyTrans terminal. A King Air Super 200 with an attractive young female pilot flew me to Cooktown through heavy cloud and a warning that landing might be delayed due to weather.
  The landing ended up being smooth—it was cloudy all the way up to Cooktown then opened up just as we got to Cooktown. Mum picked me up from the airport and we had a chat for a while.
Mum has headed off to the doctor. I am checking my email on Mum’s laptop via dialup.
Mum has gone to have a nap. I noticed for the first time her upper arms are looking gaunt, though that could well be normal for her age and I just haven’t noticed before. I’m going to have a lie down myself though I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep-I don’t usually sleep during the day.
I woke up. Turns out I can sleep during the day. Mum is cooking.
Dad turned up. Expecting Sarah soon.
Sarah turned up and we had a nice dinner that Mum made. I found out that Sarah and Vince spent $45,000 on their last big fight night.
Sarah has gone home, Mum has gone to bed, having got up at 3 AM, Dad is going to bed, and so am I.

13.09.2008Saturday 13 September – Dad & Mum

I wake up, after having had a good sleep. Sarah calls shortly after and I walk down to the supermarket where I buy flavoured milk and meet her. We walk, with one of Sarah’s dogs, down to the markets, on to the wharf, and back to Mum’s.
Sarah and I have just finished a late fruit salad breakfast, followed by some wallaby and joey photography. There’s quite a lot of wallabies around at the moment. I’m planning to try asking Mum questions about my life now, and take some notes, which might be a bit odd.
Have just finished lunch. I have been asking Dad and Mum questions and taking notes. I’m up to 5 pages of notes now, and up to where my memory has a lot less holes, at Macksville.
Mum has gone to have a lie-down and Sarah is also having a snooze by the looks. I’m planning to go for a walk, probably to Sarah’s, when she wakes up, and am chatting to Dad in the meantime.
Sarah and I are back from Sarah’s, where we walked via the supermarket, but drove back. Mum is up. I’ve had a shower, so less sticky now. My right eye hurts for some reason.
Dad, Mum and Sarah watched the footy while I semi-watched it while chatting online. Sarah went home after the game and Mum went to bed but Dad and I stayed up watching the AFL until well after midnight, making it a bit of a late night.

14.09.2008Sunday 14 September – Dad’s Birthday

I’ve showered and am up. Hopefully Sarah will come around soon. I’m tossing up whether to walk over to her place and wrap Dad’s present. I did walk to Sarah’s.
Mum is making some lunch and Sarah and I are giving Dad his presents—a book from Sarah and three flannelette shirts and a pair of shorts from me.
Sarah and I drove to her place, took two of her dogs for a walk down to the wharf and back, washed and flea-shampooed two of them, and drove back to Mum’s.
Mum made a nice curry soup and I took notes about Mum’s life. Sarah went home and I phoned Silas. I then went online.
Dad and Mum have gone to bed a while ago. I’m still up chatting online but about to go to bed.

15.09.2008Monday 15 September – Cairns

I got up and began typing the notes I had taken onto Mum’s laptop.
Mum and I went to the post office and supermarket where I bought some lunch for work tomorrow. I finished transcribing the paper-based notes I had onto Mum’s laptop and emailed them to myself, and packed ready for my flight back to Cairns.
My flight left roughly on time; seat 7D on a Dash8 Series 100. I spent the time before the flight chatting to Dad and Mum, and dropped into the newspaper to say bye to Sarah.
The flight to Cairns was uneventful. Silas picked me up from the airport and we got take away Thai food for dinner and chatted for a few hours.
Taxi ordered for 5:10 tomorrow morning, and alarm set for 4:55. Now, off to bed.

16.09.2008Tuesday 16 September – Brisbane

I got up and caught my 5:10am taxi, which arrived at 5:05, to the airport. Check-in went without incident, and I’m now awaiting my 5:40 boarding call for a 6:10 departure.
I’ve just woken up because the hostesses came to collect rubbish. I didn’t know Virgin Blue headrests could be raised and wrap around until the person in the seat in front did.
The flight, on a Boeing 737-800 was uneventful. I snoozed for most of it. I was asked to take my earphones out and told that I could only use Virgin ones and only with the supplied “entertainment” (it’s $9.90 to access the 24 Austar/Foxtel channels) as I was sitting in an exit row. I walked to work after landing, finding out that the café doesn’t do chips or wedges until after 8:30.
I am on the train home. Work was fairly hectic—deadlines have been pushed forward rather drastically and some unforeseen and really annoyingly stupid problems wasted a lot of my time.
I walked up to Eagle Boys and got pizza. Bronwen rode over after climbing, and we had a chat and ate pizza, walking up to her parent’s late to get some clothes for her tomorrow.

17.09.2008Wednesday 17 September – Curry

I caught the train to work, and worked. Work is still fairly hectic due to deadlines being pushed forwards.
Stella and I went and got curry from Halim’s Indian Taj.

18.09.2008Thursday 18 September – Error

Error: No content found.

19.09.2008Friday 19 September – Warning

Warning: Today does not appear to have occurred.

20.09.2008Saturday 20 September – Blank

Today left intentionally blank.

21.09.2008Sunday 21 September – Swell Sculpture Festival & wall-E

Bronwen and I caught a bus, train, and another two buses to Currumbin Beach to see the Swell Sculpture Festival.
Bronwen and I went and saw wall-E at South Bank Cinemas. The animation is superb—they have emotions down to an artwork now. The plot is rather childish, but in a cute, almost charming way.
I went to Maz’s, staying late.
Rushing to bed.

22.09.2008Monday 22 September – Sadly

Sadly, another day where I cannot remember what I did, and didn’t write it down at the time.

23.09.2008Tuesday 23 September – Malaysian

I worked.
I continued on the train to South Bank, walking down to Kangaroo Point and meeting Bronwen and her climbing friends. We went and had dinner at a Malaysian place near Kangaroo Point.
I continued on the train to Toowong, walking to Maz’s, then up to Raymond’s to get some TV shows for Maz, before heading home.

24.09.2008Wednesday 24 September – Pizza

I walked up to Maz’s, then up to Domino’s Pizza at Taringa, where I bought a margarita pizza and ate half of it back at Maz’s, before walking home again, getting to bed just after half past midnight.

25.09.2008Thursday 25 September – Cold

Busy day working.
Walked up to Bronwen’s parent’s place, where Bronwen was. It was quite cold. Due to arriving late, I ended up sitting out in the park for a while, which was especially cold.

26.09.2008Friday 26 September – Chez Tessa

I slept in, getting to work nearly an hour late. I had a busy day at work.
I caught a bus over to Maz’s, and we walked to Chez Tessa at the Ville for dinner. I picked up the photos I’d printed of Grace and Stella, and stuck them to their doors when I got home from Maz’s. I went to bed shortly before two o’clock.

27.09.2008Saturday 27 September – Eagle Eye

Go to Bronwen’s. Spend most of the day there.
Pasta for dinner at Rosalie with Bronwen, then to Southbank to watch Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D, but it’s not being shown in 3D at South Bank so swap to Eagle Eye—which wasn’t very good, I had trouble finding it believable. Phone police—they will call me back Wednesday and arrange a meeting.

28.09.2008Sunday 28 September – Hare Krishna

Had a quiet day at home, watching some Scrubs on TV with Bronwen and chatting.
Bronwen and I went to the Hare Krishna’s Sunday Feast at Govinda’s.
Walked Bronwen up to her parent’s place, then walked to Maz’s, where I stayed far too late, getting home around 3 o’clock.

29.09.2008Monday 29 September – Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Slept in. An hour late to work.
Pasta with Stella.
Internet died.
Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D at Indooroopilly with Stella. Crappy plot, cool 3D.
Cleaning house.

30.09.2008Tuesday 30 September – Curry

Far Too Early
I got up especially early to get to work in time for the Tuesday meeting, only to find it moved to tomorrow.
Maz walked over with his new flash, Bronwen rode over after climbing, and we all had a lovely curry from Halim’s Indian Taj.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| September 2008 (Month View)

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