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Year View| Summary| Highlights| March 2008 (Month View)

01.03.2008Saturday 1 March – A Mystery

It’s a mystery!

02.03.2008Sunday 2 March – Deepens

The mystery deepens…

03.03.2008Monday 3 March – Right

…turns slightly to the right…

04.03.2008Tuesday 4 March – Emerges

…and emerges back into sanity.

05.03.2008Wednesday 5 March – Rollerblades

Bought rollerblades.
Drove Grace and Stella to Officeworks, then Stella and Maz to Woolworths, KFC, and Hungry Jacks for dinner, then did a little rollerblading practice. They are probably one size too big.
Comment by io – Monday 1 December 2008, 5:09 AM
  From previous day: "…and emerges back into sanity."
  Sorry to interject, but "Bought rollerblades" is sanity?
  "..Woolworths, KFC, and Hungry Jacks for dinner, then did a little rollerblading practice. They are probably one size too big."

06.03.2008Thursday 6 March – Rollerblading

Stella, Maz and I drove to Extreme Skates to have a look at a few more rollerblades. Maz bought mine as they’re one size too large for me.
Stella and I bussed to the city and had Govinda’s for lunch. I bought another set of rollerblades, one size smaller than the last.
Practiced rollerblading again for half an hour or so with Maz and Stella. Bronwen came around; we had Cold Rock for dinner.

07.03.2008Friday 7 March – Lunch

Got up around 11 o’clock, and drove Stella to uni. Had lunch with Maz.

08.03.2008Saturday 8 March – Jade

Jade and Beau, her boyfriend, spent the night on their way to Melbourne.

09.03.2008Sunday 9 March – Curry

Didst eat curry with Grace, Stella, and Maz, before spending time at Maz’s.

10.03.2008Monday 10 March – Shopping

Did some shopping at Indooroopilly with Grace.

11.03.2008Tuesday 11 March – Gaming

Dropped Stella at work. Continued on to Maz’s. Had pizza for dinner. Stella dropped past after work. Stella beat Maz at Mario Kart. Maz killed Stella a multitude of times in Goldeneye.
Installing Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. UT doesn’t work. Quake3 does. Trying UT2003 now.

12.03.2008Wednesday 12 March – Photos & Computer Problems

Rushed to RGB Digital to drop in $200 worth of photos for printing. Dropped past Bronwen’s on the way back. Drove back to my place, had dinner here, did some rollerblade practice.
Dropped Bronwen home, and drove up to Kieran’s. Came home to find my computer had blue screened, for no particularly apparent reason—stupid STOP error. Seems like it may be related to CDROM problems, as there’s a lot of CD timeouts in the event viewer, and some JRAID ones, but none right before it would have failed.

13.03.2008Thursday 13 March – Lost

The records for today, lost they are.

14.03.2008Friday 14 March – IKEA

Drove to IKEA with Bronwen and Maz. Looked at photo frames.

15.03.2008Saturday 15 March – Not Known

Today, I know not what I did.

16.03.2008Sunday 16 March – Serenity

Rollerblading then Raymond’s Choral thing then pizza then Serenity.

17.03.2008Monday 17 March – The Other Boleyn Girl

It’s raining. I drove Stella to uni as she was late.
Drove to Indooroopilly for lunch with Maz, via Supercheap for a headlight and the hardware for picture framing things.
Watched “The Other Boleyn Girl” with Stella at South Bank.
Managed to stay up late doing very little.

18.03.2008Tuesday 18 March – Up Late

Sleeping in is especially nice now that it’s starting to get cooler.
Rushed to Umart to pick up a purchase for Maz, then drove him and Stella to Indooroopilly where we went shopping, then dropped Stella at work, spent some time at Maz’s, drove back to my place, picked up Grace, drove to Kangaroo Point Cliffs, picked up Bronwen, had dinner, talked for ages, drove Maz home, drove Bronwen home, drank iced coffee, and now it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.
Oh dear. It’s light. It’s morning. Must go to bed. Must not buy iced coffee again. Looking on the bright side (no pun intended), I’ve just pounded out 2000 iced-coffee-powered words of my Tasmanian journal. Let’s hope it makes some sense.

19.03.2008Wednesday 19 March – Curry, Rollerblading & Milkshakes

Drove Stella to her uni at South Bank, and then walked into the city where I had potato bake and pumpkin pasta for lunch, along with a strawberry milkshake. I then bought some rat poison, a toilet duck, a quarter of a litre of cream, a toothbrush holder, a scrubber, a metre twenty spirit level, three small ratchet clamps, and a ball and pein hammer, before driving Stella home again.
Stella went rollerblading. I picked up Maz, Bronwen arrived, and we went and joined her, stopping for curry with Grace at Halim’s Indian Taj, and rollerblading up to midnight, when I drove Maz home again.

20.03.2008Thursday 20 March – Packing

Woke up horribly early, packed some things for Stradbroke, and dropped them off at Bronwen’s parent’s place.
Got asked to attend interview for casual UQ web development job on Tuesday.
Dropped Stella at Roma Street. Traffic is looking quite busy.

21.03.2008Friday 21 March – Stradbroke

I got up horribly early and caught a bus to South Bank, and a train from there to Cleveland, and a water taxi from there to Stradbroke, where Cam picked me up.
Cam drove his new 4WD and Bronwen, her Dad, and I, drove in Bronwen’s Dad’s 4WD, all around Stradbroke.

22.03.2008Saturday 22 March – Brisbane

Bronwen’s Mum drove us to the Gold Cats water taxi, which didn’t turn up, then on to the Stradbroke Ferries water taxi, which did turn up. Unfortunately, once Bronwen and I got back to the mainland, the connecting bus didn’t turn up. Fortunately, a quick rush across to the Gold Cats terminal managed to get us on their courtesy bus—which despite looking nice and shiny, only started after the driver got all greasy down in the engine.

23.03.2008Sunday 23 March – Pittsworth

Bronwen and I drove to my local IGA, did some shopping, then on to Maz’s.
Maz, Bronwen and I drove to Pittsworth.
We executed a laptop.
A pleasant barbecue and bonfire, and resulting late night, was had

24.03.2008Monday 24 March – Top Gear

Drove back to Brisbane, dropped Maz at his place, had lunch at Hungry Jack’s with Bronwen.
Watched some Top Gear, before dropping Bronwen home.

25.03.2008Tuesday 25 March – Job Interview

I missed the kerbside rubbish collection truck.
I caught a bus into UQ and attended a job interview with the eResearch group.
I applied for jobs, and received a call back from one (the CSS one).
I picked up Maz from his work and drove to Indooroopilly, where I bought my second lot of rat poison, then drove to Maz’s, bought pizza, and framed some of Maz’s photos.

26.03.2008Wednesday 26 March – Race

I finished and hung one of my photos in the toilet.
I drove to Indooroopilly with Maz to buy a door-stopper and get lunch, and spent some time at Maz’s place.
  I phoned Paxas and found that I hadn’t got the CSS job, but was given the details of another web design sort of contract.
I caught a bus into the city, meeting Bronwen. We wandered around the city and botanical gardens, tried to open a locked door on Riverstage, set off an alarm which loudly informed us that we’d breached a prohibited area, and that the police had been called, ran away, and had dinner at Tara Thai.
Bronwen and I saw “Race”, a Bollywood fantastic, at the Regent—and it was fantastic. Everything about it was better than a Hollywood film—even the surround sound. Either the Regent has superior surround to anywhere else I go, or this film did. Why other movies don’t make more use of surround sound I don’t know. As usual, it was a cinematic masterpiece, sacrificing the unrealistic exaggerated reality that’s become Hollywood’s mainstay for pure cinematic pleasure—nevermind that people don’t normally become surrounded in stunning models and break into dance every few minutes.
It’s become 3 AM somehow. I’ve been transcribing my Tasmanian journal from its fancy paper based format to this simple XML format.

27.03.2008Thursday 27 March – Rambling

I managed to sleep in—or more accurately, I managed to get up.
Picked Stella up from Roma Street Station. I now have incessant background music again.
Drove to Maz’s, then went rollerblading with Maz and Stella, before driving back to Maz’s and watching a few things on his media centre.
It’s somehow got late.
Late at night, from time to time, a strange thing happens. If you’ve ever woken and not been able to figure out where you are, or which way up you’re lying on your bed, you’ll know what I mean—I feel as though I am back in my caravan in Rossville. It just comes to me—some sensation that’s tied to me being in that caravan. I’m aware it’s happening, but it is quite disorienting, as I become aware that I’m back in my caravan, sitting in front of my computer, as I used to when I lived there, yet at the same time, I’m consciously aware that I am not actually there. It’s a little scary. It’s probably a sign that I should go to bed.

28.03.2008Friday 28 March – Raymond’s Birthday

It be Raymond’s birthday. I went around to Maz’s, dropping Stella to work on the way, helped him move his couches into the lounge room (we had to take the door off to get them in), chatted for a while, then drove out to Bronwen’s, after she’d had dinner with Miffy, and brought her back into civilisation. We went and got Raymond after midnight, and went to Maccas.
Comment by io – Monday 1 December 2008, 5:15 AM
  Ah! Now I remember what I did this year!

29.03.2008Saturday 29 March – Earth Hour

Maz, Bronwen and I rushed—via Bronwen’s parent’s place to get her camera—to Brisbane Square to meet up with some photographers to photograph Earth Hour. Or more accurately, I dropped Maz and Bronwen at Brisbane Square, drove most of the way to Kangaroo Point before I could find a park, walked hurriedly through South Bank nearly all the way back to Brisbane square, only to meet them on their way to South Bank. We took a few photos, all the branded skyscrapers turned off their lights, and the bridge lights, but nothing else—so it was the expected anti-climax.

30.03.2008Sunday 30 March – Chocolate

I awoke.
Us all went rollerblading, what is fun ‘n’ stuff.
Bronwen, Maz, Stella, and of course, my fantastic self, drove to KFC at Indooroopilly, then Subway, then Hungry Jack’s, for dinner.
Later Night
I drove Bronwen home, gave her moral support while she did two loads of washing, and bought some petrol.
Stayed up late playing Unreal Tournament, eating chocolate, and helping Stella with her uni assignments—all of which seem to be due tomorrow.

31.03.2008Monday 31 March – In Under 5 Seconds…

It was very cold last night, and I got to bed very late. Sleeping in would have been great, but I got woken first by an SMS, then by a phone call, then picking Grace up from the train station, then dropping Grace back at the train station, then by a courier knocking on the door. Sleep just wasn’t working, so I gave up.
I drove Stella to the doctor, and bought a kebab for lunch from the Ville. So far, so good. I then went to drive home, only to find that traffic was backed up all the way to the roundabout at uni. Unfortunately this didn’t happen until I was nearly at the end of Sir Fred Schonell Drive. Fortunately, I managed to skip across the wrong side of the road into a driveway, turn around, and escape. A few slightly bent road rules and ignored “no right turn” signs later, and I managed to weave my way down side roads back home, where the garage door promptly broke. Then, in the process of fixing it, I stood on a full tube of superglue, which applied itself in the correct quantity to one side of the surface of my foot, ready to be permanently bonded in only 5 seconds. I’m afraid to say, that’s the end of the interesting story—I then washed some dishes, washed some clothes, and drank some fruit juice.
Drove out to Bronwen’s and chatted for a while.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| March 2008 (Month View)

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