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Year View| Summary| Highlights| June 2001 (Month View)

01.06.2001Friday 1 June

I awoke late, at around 11 AM. I drove up to Dad’s with Malarchy.

02.06.2001Saturday 2 June


03.06.2001Sunday 3 June

Lost in time...

04.06.2001Monday 4 June

I did not do very much schoolwork. I walked out to Joneses in the afternoon and got some more lesson attachment forms. I went online and downloaded a pirated copy of PowerDVD supporting multi speaker. I also downloaded a copy of CoolEdit Pro, and a few system utilities.

05.06.2001Tuesday 5 June

I went to town in the morning with Mum. I posted money orders and forms off to BSSS (Board of Senior Secondary School Studies).

06.06.2001Wednesday 6 June


07.06.2001Thursday 7 June

I have no idea what I did on these two days.

08.06.2001Friday 8 June

The start of the June Weekend, Cooktown’s Discovery Festival. It is a re-enactment of Cook’s landing in Cooktown when he had holed his ship.

09.06.2001Saturday 9 June

The first “real” day of the June Weekend. The competitive events begin today.

10.06.2001Sunday 10 June

The grand finals of all the events are today, followed by fireworks in the park and a movie. The soap box derby is always interesting. Flying down Furneaux Street, very fast, and hitting into hay bales at the end.

11.06.2001Monday 11 June

The last day of the June weekend, where nothing much (if anything) actually happens. This is the big clean up day.

12.06.2001Tuesday 12 June to Thursday 14 June (3 days)

Much nothingness happening.

15.06.2001Friday 15 June

I walked over to Home Rule after doing some of my schoolwork. I decided to stay there, but ended up staying up here as Jade and Ella decided to stay here. Sarah went to bed really early.

16.06.2001Saturday 16 June

Shan and I awoke after 11. We stayed here for a while, eventually walking over to Joneses, where Sarah and I stayed the night. I sprayed the caravan for ants before leaving. Shan and I didn’t go to bed until 6 AM. Jade stayed up fairly late too.

17.06.2001Sunday 17 June

I awoke at 7:30, got up at 8 and walked over here. I then drove to town and saw Silas (and Vicky) at Rennae’s place. I took my Dloads CD’s and also Dime’s CD and copied some things off them for Silas. I went to Cassidy’s and got my hairbrush. Their computer works again and I have to take Unreal Tournament in for them. I got the DVD “Gladiator” from the video store. When I got back I took my math’s notes over to Shan, and then came and watched the DVD. I then went online.

18.06.2001Monday 18 June to Tuesday 26 June (9 days)

Some more skipped days.

27.06.2001Wednesday 27 June

I walked over to Joneses however they were not there. Sarah came back with the DVD “Charlie’s Angels”. I walked over to Joneses again late in the afternoon. They had just got back from a walk. Jade and Shan came over here and stayed over. We stayed up until after 1 AM.

28.06.2001Thursday 28 June

We drove to town. Shan also came. I took the DVD back. They are claiming that the DVD “Gladiator” was brought back late. On the way back from town, the oil pressure warning light came on. We stopped. Mum and Sarah got a lift with Helen to the Den where they phoned up the RACQ (Cape York Tyres). Shan got a lift back with Mick. I waited and went with the tow truck that took the car into town. We left it at Cape York Tyres. I stayed at Cassidy’s. There was a nasty accident near the Mobil. Mathew drove the fire truck. I stayed up until 2:30 AM.
Confucius say:
  Man who run in front of car get tired.
  Man who run behind car get exhausted.

29.06.2001Friday 29 June

I helped Bob and Peter chop a few high branches from Ken’s place. Cape York Tyres looked at the car about 2:30. It cost about $15. There is no oil pressure and they cannot say why. I drove the car slowly up to Peter’s shop, where I took the tail shaft off, and wired it up. Bob then towed it home. I went on the Internet for over 4 hours. Silas came on for a while. Shan also went on for a while. I went to bed at 2:30 AM again.

30.06.2001Saturday 30 June

Dad came over and we looked at the car. I walked to Joneses and asked Ric if it would be all right if we borrowed his tools.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| June 2001 (Month View)

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