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Year View| Summary| Highlights| March 2001 (Month View)

01.03.2001Thursday 1 March

I phoned up Shan to ensure that Ric (who had stayed at their place) did not forget to take me to town. After Ric had not turned up for 3 hours I phoned again. He had apparently left an hour or 2 ago, so Shan rode up to meet me on the off-chance Ric might be bogged. He was talking to Wayne and I went to town with him shortly thereafter. Ric went to Centrelink and I went afterwards. It seems as though all my problems may be cleared up. (Is that possible?). My schoolwork had not arrived, however Shan’s RAM and my blank CD’s and speakers had. Silas had also sent the copies I had requested (Q3a and Unreal). I went and waited down the wharf. Sally was there with her youngest very sun burnt. I tested my speakers when I got home. 4 speakers are so much better. I can distinguish where sounds are coming from in a realistic 3D soundscape. I also copied Q3a (that Silas sent) onto one of my new Verbatim discs. It seems to work well. It is now 11:11 PM and seeing as how I am only slightly superstitious, I will now hurry off to bed.

02.03.2001Friday 2 March

I went over to Joneses to take Shan his Ram in the morning. I installed it and it all worked well. (So far). I stayed at Joneses until 3PM at which time I came back over here on the back of Shan’s motorcycle. I went on the Internet from about 7:30 up until Midnight. Shan also went on and we went on chat. I downloaded a stack of things. I finished downloading the Unreal Tournament mods, and tried to install them, however I cannot figure out how to install one of them. Shan said that Ric had gone to Home Rule and that the water had removed itself from the radiator of his car on the way there.

03.03.2001Saturday 3 March

I went to the markets where I purchased one (1) piece of pizza, one (1) piece of chocolate cake, one (1) jam roll, one (1) lamington with two (2) layers of cream and two (2) ice cups. It cost six (6) dollars. I was then very full and somewhat sick.
  I walked out to Home Rule to see if I could spot some molten metal or other remains of Ric’s car on the road. Ric was at Joneses and the water had been captured and put back into the radiator. I stayed for a certain length of time and then Jade, Shan and I walked back up here. We then stayed up here for another length of time. After the expiry of said length of time Jade, Sarah, Shan and I proceeded towards Home Rule, arriving some lengths of time later, at Joneses home. Mandi, Ella and Ricci were there. As was Monty with his new car. Sarah and I procured a lift with Monty in his new car back to his place, after which we walked up here. I wrecked Adaptec CD Creator by installing the new updates, and now it won’t detect my CD-R drive. Ah well such is life, what will go wrong next?
Once, during prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.

04.03.2001Sunday 4 March

So far (at least as far as I know) nothing has gone wrong. Ricci came over this morning, however only Sarah and I were here as Mum had gone up to see Dad. Sarah and I walked up to Dad’s with Ricci to show her the way. We then came back and tried to phone Joneses but could not get through. Dad, Mum and Ricci then drove out to Joneses. Sarah and I walked out later and stayed until nearly dark. Sarah and Dad obtained lifts with Ric and I jogged home. I also tried the mutators “volatile ammo” and “volatile weapons” in Unreal Tournament. They are (bad pun) unreal. I phoned Telstra and reported Joneses phone as faulty.

05.03.2001Monday 5 March

I phoned Joneses to see if their phone was working again yet (it was). Apparently it had a flat battery. Mandi and Ricci went to Ayton to look at some property Ricci had heard of. I walked over to Joneses to get the textbook purchasing form from Jade. I ended up staying for half the day. Shan and I got a lift to Jack’s with Mandi and Ricci. We then walked up here and I tried to locate a place in Cairns that sold the textbooks I wanted. I could not. They were all out of stock and it was going to take two to three weeks to order the books in, unless I paid $18 dollars for each book for an overnight bag.

06.03.2001Tuesday 6 March

I phoned up American Books in Brisbane to see if they had the textbooks that I need. They did so I got them to hold them for me. I then went into town with Ric and sent a money order for the books. I also picked up my school box from BSDE. I also received a letter from Centrelink stating that I am now being paid what I aught, so I suppose I must be about due to mess them up again with my enrolment dilemma. I came home with Mum as she had also driven into town.

07.03.2001Wednesday 7 March

I went over to Joneses with my Physics in the morning round 9 o’clock. I got a lift with Harold. I did one unit (the first) of physics. I also phoned BSDE and asked them to enrol me with only 2 subjects this year. They said that they would and that they would send out a new enrolment certificate. Ricci, Jade, Shan, Ella and I walked up to the sop where Ricci shouted us all a drink and we also all bought some sweets. We also went and had a quick look at the vacant block up behind the shop. I copied “Bomfunk MCS: In Stereo” after re-installing easy CD creator several times. I am using the old version, as the new one will not detect my CD Burner. I don’t know why, possibly a conflict with IE 5.5?

08.03.2001Thursday 8 March

I woke up a bit late (8:30) and went straight to Joneses. Mum had gone to town. I did Math’s. Jade, Shan and Ella walked (Shan rode) up to the halfway spot and went for a swim. Shan and I came up here, where I showed Shan the movies from off the Bomfunk MCS CD. I finished off my maths. I made some more Sexy Attached Analyzer (Winamp) Profiles. It is now 1:13 AM so I had better get to bed.

09.03.2001Friday 9 March

I went over to Joneses and attempted some more schoolwork. Jade, Shan and I walked over here and got Sarah and we all went back and had a stay over.

10.03.2001Saturday 10 March

I remember very little about this day.

11.03.2001Sunday 11 March

I foolishly deleted the larger primary DOS partition and installed Windows 2000 (NT5). I then ghosted Win98 over the top of it, but found that fdisk cannot create two primary dos partitions, and due to the back-ups being on the smaller partition, I was unable to use it. I ghosted the back-ups into a ghost file, copied onto the larger (now extended DOS) partition, and installed Win98 into the 1GB partition. I played around with fdisk, fips etc but could not solve the problem. I phoned Silas but he was out. I didn’t get to bed until after 1 AM.

12.03.2001Monday 12 March

I went over to Joneses where I attempted to do some of my schoolwork. Ella’s teacher from CSDE came and Jade, Shan and I left and walked up here, stopping at the shop for some lollies. I phoned Silas and ended up talking for over 2 hours. He suggested I use fdisk off REDHAT Linux, which I successfully did, managing to once again create two primary DOS partitions. After a few hiccups, everything was once again working. I didn’t get to bed until 2 AM.

13.03.2001Tuesday 13 March

I went to town with Joneses. Tony turned up and got a lift in as well. I went to the Post Office where I got my textbooks. I also received my confirmation of enrolment from BSDE. I went to Centrelink with my confirmation of enrolment and had it (hopefully) sent down to Cairns. I also bought a “PC Active” magazine and an Unreal and Quake bonus CD. Unfortunately there is not much of any good on either of them, as Unreal (being a cracked version) does not use the umod files and the Quake mods don’t seem to work. I now have Outlook and Outlook express up and running.

14.03.2001Wednesday 14 March

I did school work, completing the 2nd unit of both Math’s and Physics. I walked out to Joneses in the afternoon for a walk and also found my umbrella at the shop. I installed Dreamweaver, Microsoft Web Server and a few other small windows applications.

15.03.2001Thursday 15 March

Mum went to town and posted my Dole form and my first school mailing. I did school. That’s about it. I wrecked (and repaired) Outlook. Apparently removing address book yesterday wrecked it. I re-installed it and now it works, although Outlook express still isn’t working. What a headache. I’m going to bed.

16.03.2001Friday 16 March

I did schoolwork, which was somewhat hard. It rained on and off for most of the day. Craig and Jade took Ricci down to Cairns, leaving early in the morning. After I had completed my schoolwork I went over to Joneses, and ended up staying the night. I took our larger pressure cooker over for Mandi to test. I didn’t get to sleep until after 2AM.

17.03.2001Saturday 17 March

I didn’t wake up until 11AM. Shan, Ella and I went for a swim. Craig and Jade returned from Cairns around 2 PM. We all walked up to the shop. Jade phoned up to see if they could stay at our place but they were not allowed to. I went on the Internet after 7 PM. The computer behaved badly, restarting a few times. I also foolishly tried a run command of the Internet (run>con/con/con). It froze the computer. I reinstalled Internet Explorer 5.5 and now Outlook Express and Outlook both work. I received several emails from Silas (One of which included this classic signature).

   ###     #   ###  #    #
   #  #    #  #     #   #           *|*
   #   #   # #      #  #           *   *
   #   #   # #      # #             ***
   #   #   # #      ##           ++ * * ++
   #  #    #  #     # #         +  +* *+  +
   ###     #   ###  #  #        +___* *___+
He is still sick and partly deaf. I replied to most of them. Ric also received an email from Iris.

18.03.2001Sunday 18 March

I woke up after 11 AM. Shan rang up and we walked to the halfway spot and met them. Jade, Shan and Ella then came up here and stayed for the afternoon. Mum is up at Dad’s and has been all day. I looked through the PDF Oatley Electronics catalogue.

19.03.2001Monday 19 March

I did school for most of the day. I went up to Dad’s for 2 hours over lunch break. I jogged to the halfway spot and then kept going out to Joneses in the afternoon. I managed to install 2 Unreal Tournament mods, which were not umods.

20.03.2001Tuesday 20 March

I did school for most of the day. I had some trouble getting up in the morning as I had a late night (as usual) last night. I phoned Shan up with my modem a few times trying to work out how to use it. I could not get clear audio no matter what I did. Neither could I get a normal phone to work at the same time. Vince phoned up and enquired about his missing kickboxing shirt, which had apparently been misplaced into Sarah’s stuff. I went for a jog a little bit after 5 PM, to the half way spot. It took me 5 minutes and 5 seconds to jog from the Home Rule bridges to the halfway spot. I am now somewhat sore, presumably from jogging although I haven’t been jogging all that hard. I went on the Internet after 7 PM, only for a few minutes, although it actually ended up taking over half an hour. I downloaded all the emails stored on both my «15-Oct-03 email addresses have been edited after spam incident» nedmoid�yahoo�com and my ned_martin�yahoo�com accounts. I also set up Outlook to use both these accounts and also my thei�gmx�co�uk account although I did not have time to test it. All in all I think that I downloaded more than 200 emails. Mum took Sarah in to kickboxing.
Comment by Ned – Wednesday 15 October 2003, 10:44 PM
  I got an email – someone seems to have used some type of automated email search, found the email addresses in this entry, and sent a link-exchange request referencing this page. Apparently, my site was found to be compatible with a “Weapons related news, books and web resources” site. Thus, I have modified the addresses in this entry.

21.03.2001Wednesday 21 March

I did school and apart from that I do not remember.

22.03.2001Thursday 22 March – Phone in Caravan

I did school early. The power failed on and off all day. Mum and I went in to town in the afternoon. I withdrew $500 and paid Mum $100. I got a phone double adaptor and some cable for the UPS from Peter. I made the UPS work and set up a phone in the caravan.

23.03.2001Friday 23 March

Sarah didn’t go to school as she was too tired and she has a sore hand and would probably have difficulty writing. I did school (my Math’s and Physics review exercises). I got sick of it, but finished them anyway. Sarah and I walked over to Home Rule and saw Joneses. I took Mandi her paint and collected $6.20 for it. Mum lit a fire outside the caravan and we sat around it after dinner. I had a look at Peters phone but could not fix it. I checked emails.

24.03.2001Saturday 24 March

I went for a walk out to Molly’s (the halfway spot) and went for a swim. Sarah went off with Pie and Levi also for a swim. Joneses phoned up in the afternoon and I went and met them. I got a lift with Vince out to meet them and then we all got a lift back and they ended up staying over. We didn’t go to bed until very late as usual, except for Sarah who went to bed at a reasonable hour.

25.03.2001Sunday 25 March

Shan and I didn’t get up until after 11. I ended up sleeping on the seat, while Shan slept on my bed. Sarah and I walked over to Home Rule with Joneses on their way home. We met Clayton who told us about his motorcycle accident where he was knocked unconscious for a few minutes and ended up with a fractured collarbone. He doesn’t seem to be too hurt, having even been for a swim. He was attempting a jump near to Steven’s place when he was thrown shoulder first into a tree. I went on the Internet, as did Shan. I had many problems but ended up downloading everything I needed. I also found out that is shutting down their free email service.

26.03.2001Monday 26 March

I had trouble getting up, as I was too tired. I did schoolwork and then backed-up the hard drive onto a CD and took it over to Shan’s where he loaded the Unreal mods. I also installed some of them onto this computer.

27.03.2001Tuesday 27 March

I did school for most of today and went for a jog in the afternoon, on the way home from which I was entirely wet by the rain. I had to phone up the teacher, and Shan also phoned up to ask about his Physics.
Remember the teakettle; though up to its neck in hot water, it continues to sing

28.03.2001Wednesday 28 March

I did schoolwork. I went for a walk to the Home Rule bridges and met Shan, who had phoned up Mum while I was walking. I returned home and did some more schooling, going for a jog at 5. Shan and Ella came and met me at the halfway spot.

29.03.2001Thursday 29 March

I got up early and did an hour of schoolwork and then went to town. I ordered a roll of rope from Mariette. I received my first 2 units of Maths back from BSDE. I bought an APC Magazine and installed some audio tools off it. I did another 2 hours of school in the afternoon and went for a jog at 5. Jade, Shan and Ella came as well. Ben didn’t turn up to kickboxing so Sarah had to stay in town.

30.03.2001Friday 30 March

I did school. It rained and flooded. I walked down and moved the pump away from the creek in case it should try to swim away. I walked down to the Home Rule Bridge and met Shan. As it was very flooded this involved swimming across the creek. I met Jodie also attempting to swim across in her underwear. Shan then swam back up to here with me and we phoned up Mandi. We both then swam back out to Home Rule and I had a stay over. Craig also had to swim back from work.

31.03.2001Saturday 31 March

Sarah phoned me up at some ridiculous time (about 9:30 AM I think) and woke me up. I got a lift back to the still flooded Home Rule Bridge with old Ned. It was too large for him to drive across however I could easily walk back. Sarah and I then paddled to Cooktown where Sarah helped set up the Dance Party. We both went to the Dance Party that night, and didn’t finish swimming back until after 3 in the morning.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| March 2001 (Month View)

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