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Year View| Summary| Highlights| May 2001 (Month View)

01.05.2001Tuesday 1 May

I started school and tried to do my Physics test. I could not complete it. I ended up installing the hot water system instead. It seems to work although it takes a long time to heat up. It remains to be seen how much the power bill suffers. I installed the APS (E-mu sound card package, utilizing the same EMU10K1 chip that the SBLive uses.) drivers for my soundcard. They worked after I manually installed the drivers for them, although I now do not have any Sblive support. Playcenter 1 and 2 both still work however. It is 10 o’clock and after my late night last night, I better go to bed.

02.05.2001Wednesday 2 May

I did schoolwork for most of the day. Nothing much else of any interest happened. I went on the Internet after dinner, and stayed on until I was disconnected and unable to re-connect around 11 PM. I also froze the computer and had to re-connect at one stage.

03.05.2001Thursday 3 May

I did schoolwork. I phoned up the school and got Van Thai to phone me back. I was told to speak to either John Cassidy or Mrs. Bateman if I had trouble understanding Mr. Thai. I did have trouble understanding him, however it was in a mathematical sense, due only in part to his accent. Dad came up and worked out one of my problems for me, and then we all went to town. I paid Peter for the cable I bought off him, and also bought a lamp holder. I paid Joneses computer fee. I went for a jog in the afternoon. I did some more school and finished my Physics test. I backed up some of the data on the computer.

04.05.2001Friday 4 May

I did schoolwork. I went on the net for quite a while at night.

05.05.2001Saturday 5 May

I awoke late, had brunch and went over to Joneses. Shan and I came back here for a very short time where I showed him the APSonLive drivers for the soundcard. I then went back and stayed over at Joneses for the night. Shan and I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 AM.
There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.

06.05.2001Sunday 6 May

I stayed at Joneses until around 3, and then walked back here. I changed the soundcard drivers back to SBLive ones. I didn’t even need to restart. I then changed the driver for one of the motherboard resources and managed to wreck all the drivers. Windows started up in a basic safe mode type of way. It took me over half an hour to fix it, and I didn’t get the Secondary bus master to do its stuff until tomorrow. I went on the Internet until late. I found a few pages that may be of interest to Craig, referring to Laser Levels and associated devices, which I emailed to Shan. I talked to Lulu for quite a while.

07.05.2001Monday 7 May

I woke up late from staying up so late last night. I went to the shop and bought some lollies for my health. Ebony King was there. I did school and went for a jog in the afternoon, meeting Shan and Ella. I took my Mailsurf letter out to show them. I filled in my MOD-E form, and will hopefully post it tomorrow.

08.05.2001Tuesday 8 May

I did schoolwork in the morning. Mum went to town, and I also went at lunchtime with Joneses. I bought some lined A4 Paper, and posted my MOD-E form. I went back to Joneses on the way home from town, and went on the Internet when I arrived back here, staying on until midnight.

09.05.2001Wednesday 9 May

I awoke late from staying up too late last night. Mum also slept in. I did my school as usual. I walked over to Joneses in the afternoon and took over some paper of theirs that had inadvertently found its way to our place. I went on the Internet for about an hour before lunchtime, and talked to Becky and Krait. I also connected to another server that BlackDeathX (“”) has set up. I replied to an email of Neil’s, but did not send it. I played some Unreal Tournament, and that’s about the sum of my achievements today.

10.05.2001Thursday 10 May

I did school. Mum went to town and posted my Dole form. I went for a jog and took Malarchy.

11.05.2001Friday 11 May

I did school, but got sick of it and didn’t complete as much as I should have. I installed and played around with a few wonderful Winamp Plugins. I went on the Net during my lunchtime. I walked over to Joneses, meeting Elsie on the way. She took the potatoes that Mum had bought in town for Mandi.

12.05.2001Saturday 12 May

Sarah and I went to the markets. Jade, Shan and Ella came over in the afternoon, and we all walked back to Joneses and had a stay over. We went to bed relatively early not long after midnight.

13.05.2001Sunday 13 May – Mothers Day

Sarah and I stayed at Joneses until lunchtime. Jade, Ella and Sarah went down to Home Rule and borrowed the DVD “Shanghai Noon”. Jade drove us over here and we watched it. It wasn’t too bad. I went on the Net for a while, until the power failed for a very short time, failing the modem. The connection stayed alive, but the computer lost its connection to the modem so I had to disconnect anyway.
I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.

14.05.2001Monday 14 May

I did schoolwork.

15.05.2001Tuesday 15 May

I once again did schoolwork.

16.05.2001Wednesday 16 May

I did a lot of schoolwork, and went for a jog in the afternoon. I went on the Internet for 4 hours at night, looking for ID3v2 tag editors, especially any that support lyrics. I also downloaded some lyrics for some of my songs.

17.05.2001Thursday 17 May

Dad, Mum and I went to town, leaving here at 8 AM. I didn’t do much. I walked over to Home Rule in the afternoon after getting home from town. Malarchy followed me at least to 1K. I may have scared him off there, as I did not see him again. I backed up my data onto CD.

18.05.2001Friday 18 May

I did school for most of the day. I did my weekly Math’s and Physics Review. I didn’t quite complete the Physics review; I will need to phone up on Monday. I phoned up and asked to receive my External Exam nomination form. Leona from the supermarket phoned up to tell Mum that she has an interview at 9:30 on Monday. I went on the Internet during lunch. I ghosted my hard drive back after being unable to fix Playcenter. As usual I worked out how to fix it afterwards. It will not play (neither will Playcenter2) any MP3’s modified using MP3ext. A real shame as it seems to be a well-written program. I went on the Internet for the full hours 4 hours tonight. I am going to go to bed now. I must ghost the hard drive at least once a fortnight. I uninstalled a lot of useless programs and cleaned up my folder.

19.05.2001Saturday 19 May

I awoke sleepy after Internet last night. Jade and Shan came over, and Sarah and I went back to Home Rule with them. We camped over at Joneses, down near the creek. I enjoyed it, getting to sleep around 2 AM

20.05.2001Sunday 20 May

Shan and I drove (Shan driving in Craig’s Ute) to Madonna’s and Shan dropped me off here on the way back. Shan came over later, after lunch. Silas (and Amos and Josephine Cabrall) dropped in on their way back to Cape Tribulation. Silas brought a DVD “The Snatch” which we watched. It was quite late by the time Shan left here so I drove him back in the Mazda, without hitting anything.

21.05.2001Monday 21 May

I went to town with Mum. She had an interview at the Supermarket, which, unfortunately, amounted to nothing. I had a lie-down when I got back, and then walked over to Joneses.

22.05.2001Tuesday 22 May – Sarah’s Birthday

I did schoolwork, and phoned Mr. Pavouris. Mum went to town to the Bowls Club. I went on the Internet at lunchtime, and saw Dale for a short time. I went for a jog with Malarchy and met Shan. I went on the Internet for 4 hours at night, as well.

23.05.2001Wednesday 23 May

I don’t remember what I did today.
Everybody has a photographic memory. Some don’t have film.

24.05.2001Thursday 24 May

I did schoolwork. I went to town with Mum.

25.05.2001Friday 25 May

I did some schoolwork. In the afternoon Mum and I took Craig and Shan to town and to the airport, where they flew to Cairns. Mum and I then went to Vince’s dance party. I went up to Mathews for a while. Not many people turned up until just before the end, and even then there were probably only half the people that came the first time. The bar closed at 12, and everyone left by 12:30. We went out to Mick Pittman’s and stayed there for some time. We didn’t get back here until a quarter to 4. I went on the computer and watched some of the sampler DVD that Matt had given me. I didn’t go to bed until 5:30.

26.05.2001Saturday 26 May

I awoke late. I went on the Internet and met Shan on there. I also went on the Internet at night, for 4 hours. I had another slightly late (after midnight) night. I sprayed in the caravan roof for ants, and lots fell out.

27.05.2001Sunday 27 May

I awoke late. Shan rang up to say they were back and ask if I had managed to get him some silicon gasket goo. I went on the Internet for some time, and then disconnected so we could phone Joneses and ask them to come over here. They said that they were too busy. Mum gave Sarah her airline ticket to Cairns, and I gave her $200 spending money. I took Malarchy for a walk up to Dad’s but he was not there. I lay on Mum’s bed for a while, and almost dozed. Sarah and I took Malarchy for a jog to the halfway spot, and back again. I went on the Internet for a while. Dime said that he would send me a CD with Windows ME on it, and a few other things. Shan came on and I was disconnected. We finished off the ice cream. I sprayed for ants again and a lot more fell out.

28.05.2001Monday 28 May


29.05.2001Tuesday 29 May

Which have no content.

30.05.2001Wednesday 30 May

I walked out to Home Rule and talked to Shan. I tried to upgrade Windows 2000 to support ACPI BIOS, but it failed, so I had to fully re-install Windows. I went on the Internet at night.

31.05.2001Thursday 31 May

I did school. Mum went to town. Shan phoned up. I went on the Internet for over 3 hours, whilst also doing school. I phoned up Peter Burns and got Bob, and asked him to bring a 16 Amp circuit breaker back with him. I walked out to Home Rule and went and saw Joneses. I went on the Internet for 4 hours at night, and just towards the end Silas came on, and I reconnected, and stayed on for another hour or two. I didn’t end up going to bed until after 2:30.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| May 2001 (Month View)

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