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Year View| Summary| Highlights| February 2001 (Month View)

01.02.2001Thursday 1 February to Tuesday 6 February (6 days) – Arrive Home

I stayed in Cairns for a few days with Silas, and then flew back up to Cooktown. My parents picked me up from the Airport and I went to the supermarket. It was a little strange being back, and everything just the same. Psychologically some how I had expected things to change. I guess going to India has been a big experience to me, and I myself have changed while those who were at home haven’t changed.

07.02.2001Wednesday 7 February

I went to town early in the morning (5:30) with Bob. I put together nine satellite dishes. I went to Centrelink and gave them my Mod E (education details) and Tax file number and Proof of ID. I also bought a Parallel laplink (null modem) cable from Computer Stuff. I met Ella, Jade and Mandi. I made them a phone lead. Bob and I went to Gumbie’s and had a few drinks on the way home. It is raining.

08.02.2001Thursday 8 February

It rained last night. I went to town with Bob and installed two air conditioners at a house over the road from the supermarket. It rained on and off most of the day. On the way home it rained really hard and it has probably flooded. I got Bob’s frequency counter out and took it apart because its display has lost some of its segments.

09.02.2001Friday 9 February

It rained last night. I didn’t wake up until nearly midday. I wrote a draft of my “introduction to myself” that I need to write for my BSDE enrolment. I phoned up CSDE but there didn’t seem to be anyone there. I think that they may be flooded out. I worked on my html page for the desktop until 11 PM. I made the clock for it.

10.02.2001Saturday 10 February

Apparently Cairns was merely suffering from a power failure causing the phone to fail. Jade and Shan came over in their Ute and picked my computer and me up. I connected them with a parallel laplink (null modem) cable. I had to disable ECP and EPP in my BIOS and then it worked. It isn’t super fast but not too bad either. We played Quake, Unreal and Motocross Madness until very late. I didn’t go to bed until nearly 5 AM.

11.02.2001 Sunday 11 February

I awoke and stayed at Joneses all day. Sarah came over.

12.02.2001Monday 12 February

Shan came over with Craig on his way to work next door. Shan helped me do my BSDE enrolment test, although we couldn’t do one question. I walked back to Shan’s place and Phoned CSDE to see if Mr Philp would help me with the question we couldn’t do, but he was on a home visit. I went to Dad’s and he solved the question in about 3 seconds. I went next door to see what they wanted me for, as they had phoned up twice a few days ago asking if I wanted some work. Ends up they just need help around the house so I said that when I have some time I would go and help them. Bob then phoned up and said that there was work for tomorrow and the day afterwards.
  I filled out my BSDE forms and did the test.

13.02.2001Tuesday 13 February

I went to town with Bob. We fixed an Air conditioner bracket on the supermarket roof and then went and worked on installing the air conditioners at Jim Williams at the wharf. I sent my BSDE application form and $240 money order. We stayed talking to Glenn (Gumby) for a while after. It is raining a little bit.

14.02.2001Wednesday 14 February

Went to town with Bob and worked installing air conditioners at Jim Williams place near to the wharf. Connected to the Internet and emailed Ric and Silas. Used CDDB in Windows Media Player to build some CD albums, didn’t seem to work in Playcenter2. Downloaded Sarah’s emails form her yahoo to the computer (Outlook Express).
  It’s now past midnight and still raining although not too heavy, and I must go to bed, as I need to get up early tomorrow morning.

15.02.2001Thursday 15 February – Junior Certificate

I went to town with Bob and finished installing the air cons at the wharf. I received my year 10 certificate. I got VHA’s in Science, Math and Graphics, and HA’s in SOSE and English. I went on the Internet and chatted to Shan for a while. I also emailed Silas.
111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

16.02.2001Friday 16 February

Sarah phoned up to say that she was sick. I phoned centrelink and found that they don’t have my mode etc yet. I drove to town to go to centrelink but the woman wasn’t there, only two other women who phoned someone and said to phone back on Monday. I went to hospital and saw Darren who is sick. I went to Jones’. I also bought a present for Ella in town (a soapstone box) for $20. It is now 1:40 AM so I had really better be going to bed. I also installed Lava but it isn’t working properly. I also installed oozic player, PhotoDeluxe, Encarta Atlas, Dreamweaver, and Shans scanner stuff. Gotta go to bed...

17.02.2001Saturday 17 February – Ella’s Birthday and Election Day

Jones came over here on their way back from voting and stayed for a few hours. I then walked over to Joneses and stayed the night. Sarah came over later. I only got 1½-hour sleep.

18.02.2001Sunday 18 February

Tony Turner turned up after lunch. Sarah Shan and I then walked back over here and I wake back to Home Rule with Shan. I got talking and it got very late so I ended up staying the night at Joneses. Naomi (a friends of Ricci’s) and her boyfriend also turned up. In the morning it was flooded but soon went down.

19.02.2001Monday 19 February

I phoned Centrelink and they said that I had to go into town and lodge a form. I also phoned BSDE and they said that they had received my application but that it would now take a week to be approved. Mum drove me into town and also took Sarah to the doctors. I went and had a look at Cassidy’s computer, which appears to have a blown power supply. I then went down Vince’s but only Pi was there. I then went to Darren’s and stayed the night there with him and Dale.

20.02.2001Tuesday 20 February

I stayed at Darren’s until after Midday and then went to the post office, where I paid for my post office box and also received my 128MB of RAM from Silas. I got a lift home with Gary and Isabella, as did Donny. I installed the extra RAM. Dad installed the new brake pads on the car. Mum drove to Cooktown to take Malarchy to a nurse for stitches however she said that it was too late and that the skin had already started to heal up. I went on the Internet.

21.02.2001Wednesday 21 February

I went to Bob’s but he was not home. I went and got some gravel for the door of the caravan, to stop the mud. I tried to copy the Quake3 and Unreal Tournament CD’s but they wouldn’t. I did manage to copy Oxford and Age of Empires. I went to Joneses. I phoned Silas and asked him for a copy of Quake and also Unreal Tournament. I played around with Dreamweaver. I went to bed (at 12:30 AM).

22.02.2001Thursday 22 February

Once again I went to Bob’s but he was not home. I read Pops book for most of the day. Mum tried the Indian pressure cooker again tonight, but it leaked. Jade and Shan came over and collected their mail. I copied the Driver CD in case it got scratched. I went on the Internet and copied several files to the hard drive. I installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking and am using it now. I am using the British English voice model with BestMatch three technology. I am using my hand-held microphone, as Shan still has my other headset microphone, however it seems to be fairly accurate considering I have not trained it very well yet. The two hundred fifty-six MB of RAM definitely makes it a lot faster also. I looked on the Internet to try to find out what is the best brand of recordable CD. It seems that verbatim CD’s are probably as good as any other. I have now adjusted Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s options to the fastest, least accurate setting.

23.02.2001Friday 23 February – UPS

I went to Bobs and got my UPS. Helen and him were busy fixing the suspension on their car. I also went over to Home Rule. Shan and I drove the Nissan with Shan’s computer in it back over here. Jade and Ella didn’t stay as Sarah is sick with a cold. Shan and I linked our computers together and played games.
  We didn’t go to bed until 4 AM.

24.02.2001Saturday 24 February

It rained all night and most of today. Shan and I didn’t wake up until 11:30 AM. We walked down to the bridges but they were too high to drive over. We went on the Internet and ordered 128 MB of RAM for $81, 20 Verbatim 700 MB blank CD’s for $1.25 each, and a cheap (<$5) microphone and some cheap speakers (<$15). It cost (I think) $145 all up. They are going to COD it to my Cooktown PO box. I went with Shan back to his place in the Nissan to hold the computer and ended up staying the night, where I got hay fever.

25.02.2001Sunday 25 February

Came home after lunchtime. It cleared up but started raining again later on. Hay fever, but not too bad. Mum used the pressure cooker again. It seems to be working OK now. I printed the for sale signs for Ric’s falcon. I phoned Joneses and asked if I could get a lift into town with them tomorrow.

26.02.2001Monday 26 February – Diary Goes Online

I went to town with Joneses in their Commodore. Jade drove. I forgot my wallet and had to borrow $50 from Peter. I put three ads for Ric’s falcon on the notice boards in town. I went to Centrelink re away from home rate (I am not being paid it). Ray said that she’d phone me when they got back to her. I went to the radio station and copied another 2 CD’s worth of mp3’s. About 400 mp3’s. I now have over 700 (713) files in my play list. Its past midnight and I can hardly think let alone write or spell. I went on the Internet and started downloading drivers for Windows 2000. I also went on chat. And now I need to go to bed. Oh, I also bought an IEC socket (plug?) for plugging into the back of my new UPS, which I got from Bob.
  I decided to make this Diary and most of its associated files into an Internet page.

27.02.2001Tuesday 27 February – Ric returns from India

The Internet page is completed.
  I phoned the blankcd mob whom Shan and I ordered RAM from. I also phoned BSDE. They said that they would phone back (which they did). BSDE said that I could sit for a BSSS Senior External examination this year because I completed year 10 outside of normal year 10 age. Ric phoned and said that he was in Cairns and could I come and pick him up this afternoon from the airport. I went to town and picked up Ric from the plane at 5:20 PM. On the way to town the windscreen wipers would not work. However, once I got to town, and went to Peters, they fixed with a slight touch from a pointy object in skilled hands... Fuse holder is bodgy. I went to Centrelink whilst in town and enquired as to whether anyone had phoned yet. Answer: No. So I will phone them tomorrow. Miracles have been known to happen, it is possible that they will sort out all my problems.

28.02.2001Wednesday 28 February

My Chemistry teacher phoned to introduce herself. At 8:30 in the morning. I had to run inside trying to warm up my brain so that I could think in English sentences as opposed to monosyllabic three letter words. By the time I was inside I was quite awake and there was no chance of getting back to bed (shocking thing to be thinking at 9 AM anyhow).
  I phoned up Shan to see if Mandi and Ella had braved the wet and muddy road on their attempt to get to Cairns for Ella’s music camp. Apparently they were in the process of braving them. I phoned Centrelink to see if it is possible for me to study only two subjects, at twice the work rate, and still receive a fulltime allowance. No one knows the answer to that one so I had to ring back in 3 hours (when still no one knew the answer). After this (at 2 PM) I walked over to Joneses and saw Jade and Shan. I also took my graphing calculator over and discovered that it is “better” than Shan’s Sharp one. It has more features anyway, and I think it is aimed more towards tertiary study, whereas Shan’s is aimed at senior secondary studies. Or so I assume. And I am always correct. Or so I assume. I lent Sarah one of my CD’s (CD MP3_2) to take to school and see if she can play them in the computer at school. Ric went over to Joneses. I met Craig “on his way home to die” on my way home from Home Rule.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| February 2001 (Month View)

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