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Year View| Summary| Highlights| May 2007 (Month View)

01.05.2007Tuesday 1 May – Ned’s House for Homeless Vegetarians

My place has been a little chaotic recently. A girlfriend of one of the girls needed a place to stay while finding another place, so she moved in for a few days, and is now in Melbourne for a week’s holiday. Nandini was down in Port Macquarie doing modelling photo shoots, trying to become a model. Krish was spending the weekend at a girlfriend’s place, and I was out for the night. So, with no one home, I get a late night call from Brinda—another girlfriend of one of the girls—who had recently moved into share accommodation with a guy she didn’t know, and had her food drugged and needed to get out of her place immediately. I guided her over the phone to the hidden spare key, and now she’s staying here until she can find another place. I suspect the girl in Melbourne will arrive back while this new girl is still here, as it is difficult to find rental accommodation at the moment. And they’re all vegetarian.
  If nothing else, it’s not boring.

02.05.2007Wednesday 2 May – Night

My bus missed its connecting bus, by only a few moments. I caught a taxi, which then picked up another lady going in the opposite direction. She was very angry.
I watched “Shooter” at South Bank. It wasn’t too bad, for a generic Hollywood action movie.

03.05.2007Thursday 3 May – Relaxing

I had the day off due to working this coming Sunday. I went shopping. I bought new pillows.
Curry and Cold Rock with Maz, meeting Clint.

04.05.2007Friday 4 May – Reclining Thai Style

Work. Only just made the bus. Only just missed the City Cat. Story of my life.
Dined at Tara Thai in the valley, discovering their upstairs reclining area.

05.05.2007Saturday 5 May – Flickr & Buddha’s Birthday

I walked down to Coronation drive, meeting two Flickr people taking photos of the Brisbane sunrise. I then caught buses that weren’t supposed to come when they did, to the West End markets, again meeting Flickr people (and a lizard), and walking to South Bank with them, taking photos along the way, and finishing with lunch.
After a housemate-cooked dinner, I headed back to South Bank to watch the fireworks.

06.05.2007Sunday 6 May – Working

Here I am, working at EB all by myself, on a Sunday. Fortunately, I brought my camera.

07.05.2007Monday 7 May – Working

I attempted to see Spiderman 3, even managing to arrive on time, only to find that it’s booked out.
Working in the fishbowl.
It has rained a little bit.

08.05.2007Tuesday 8 May – Work

Work. Not much else.

09.05.2007Wednesday 9 May – Spiderman 3

I saw Spiderman 3. It’s a dismally poor movie, as expected, but for five dollars, it was worth it. Now, work.

10.05.2007Thursday 10 May – Work

Working. This is getting to be a habit. Finally got around to updating the fullboar site.

11.05.2007Friday 11 May – Work

Work, and not much else.

12.05.2007Saturday 12 May – Dawn on Mount Coot-Tha

I didn’t get home from work until after midnight, and didn’t get to bed until after one o’clock, so getting up horribly early wasn’t much fun. However, up I did, and off to Greg’s place I was, then to the city to pick up Shaun and a friend of Greg’s who is down from PNG, and up Mount Coot-Tha to watch and photograph the surprisingly cold dawn and sunrise over Brisbane.
Greg picked up Nikhi and three more friends down from PNG, and all eight of us drove to the West End Markets, where I had a nice breakfast, and bumped into Bronwen.
I had a relaxing evening, snoozing for a while.

13.05.2007Sunday 13 May – Carindale Billycart Races

I attended the Carindale Billycart Races. It wasn’t at all what I expected. They’d billed it as “Brisbane’s Biggest Billycart Races”, which is probably true. I’d naively coupled this with Cooktown’s June Weekend billycart races, and figured it’d be bigger, harder, more dangerous, more daring, more Crusty Demons of Dirt style. I mean, people used to travel up from down south with fibre-carbon carts, and Cooktown hasn’t been able to get public liability insurance for theirs, ever since a few blokes entered a beer-powered power pole as their billycart. An entire power pole—the things that hold up the powerlines—with car wheels. It must have weighed half a tonne. The hill they race down isn’t small, and it’s lined with people, and halfway down they got up the wobbles, nearly wiping out several hundred people, before thundering through the hay bales at the end, narrowly missing the police car, on down the street, through the mangrove swamp, and into the crocodile infested river.
  The Carindale Billycart Races were more of a subdued family affair—the average age of the carters was somewhere around seven. It was, however, absolutely hilarious—and everything was free. I went to buy chocolate milk, and was given it. A man was walking around with a freshly squeezed orange juice dispenser, giving out free drinks. An ice cream man was wandering around offering people ice creams. I was impressed. There was also a huge orange walking around, who later managed to crash his cart. The funniest part was when they loaded a turtle into a cart, and raced him. He managed to flip onto his back, as turtles do, and couldn’t get up. Then they raced a ten pin, versus Crazy John. The ten pin’s neck bent backwards in the most hilarious way, and as he couldn’t see a thing, he managed to skittle himself quite well—also unable to get up without help. It really was funny. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but the hilarity made up for that. They even had cheerleaders.
I met Maz in the city, and we wandered around, eventually ending up back at Rosalie, where we had curry from the fantastic Indian place, along with Bronwen.

14.05.2007Monday 14 May – Chez Tessa

Working, seven to three, supposed to be on level five, but in the fishbowl today.
Maz and I are both curried out, and at a loss where to eat, when it occurred to us that we hadn’t been to Chez Tessa in a while. A short bus trip later and we were both eating our standard uni fare—cheap, probably nasty, but filling. Catching the bus back seemed a little too easy—and it was actually waiting to depart when we arrived at the bus stop, making it far too easy, so we walked to the new “UQ Lakes” bus stop and caught a bus into the city via the new Eleanor Schonell bridge, the first time I have.

15.05.2007Tuesday 15 May – Ye Olde Normal Day

Slept in. Late for work. Working on level five again. Had chips for lunch. Had a quiet evening at home. Finished off my curry. Went to bed. Ye olde normal day.

16.05.2007Wednesday 16 May – Feelings, Thoughts, & Water Fountains

The problem with my journal is that it’s boring. The idea was to keep an accurate record of my life, and in that respect, I think I’ve done a fairly good job. Unfortunately, day-to-day life—at least mine—is not actually very interesting, and when it is, I’m often not at liberty to publish publicly the juicy titbits, making it even more boring than it otherwise would be. I actually enjoy writing, and enjoy playing with the English language for some unknown reason, but no longer get the free time needed to build up the motivation needed to feel like sitting down and writing. It’s not really that I don’t get free time—in a purely mathematical sense, I probably get more than the average full-time worker—it’s more that the free time I do have isn’t mentally free. Even if I don’t have something I’m busy doing, there’s something I should be doing, and if I’m not doing that, it’s because there’s some reason I can’t, and for that same reason, I don’t feel that I can sit and relax, building up the required laxness needed to enjoy writing. For example, when I get home from work at the moment, I should be designing a website that I’ve put off for far too long, but I’ve been working all day in front of a computer, so don’t feel like it, but because I can’t do the site design, I’d feel guilty doing something else, so I don’t. Instead, I sit in front of a computer, and design my own site. It’s not very logical. Probably, I’m just tired.
  Anyway, the point I was meaning to get to before I went off-track, was that my journal, as a day-to-day factual record of the physical events that occurred in my proximity, is rather boring, and I’m wondering if I should branch out into recording more than mere physical actualities. After all, our physical state is meaningless without the associated mental state—perhaps what I thought today is just as relevant as what happened—not that either are actually relevant to anything other than, perhaps, me. So, before I ramble off-track again, let’s try this for a few days and see how it goes. And, in the silly way I find playing with English interesting—I’ve already begun.
Yesterday morning I slept in. This morning I intentionally got up later than I usually would, and should have been just able to get to work on time—perhaps five to ten minutes late—had the bus not failed to stop at work. In what’s becoming frequently more common now that I’ve decided to buy a car, I’m finding myself frustrated at the seeming ineptitude of the public transport system here—buses anyway. I think they should advertise some method of complaining, so if nothing else, they can gauge public opinion, or hopefully identify and attempt to correct the problems plaguing buses, and the reasons why people don’t like them. They just fail to turn up, or they’re late, or they go somewhere they shouldn’t, or fail to stop—to put it simply, they’re unreliable and annoying. I ended up half an hour late at work, though five minutes of that was picking up my morning milkshake.
Maz walked here, and we caught a bus into the city. He had KFC; I had a veggie baguette from Hungry Jack’s. I currently fail to see any reason to cook. I can quite easily afford to eat out, all the time, and despite what Mum would no doubt think, it’s not necessarily any less healthy than home-cooked food. A curry meal from the local Indian restaurant sets me back about sixteen dollars, and provides enough leftovers for another meal. That’s eight dollars for a chef-cooked dinner. There’s no point in me competing with that.
  After dinner, we walked to South Bank, to take photos of the new water feature they’ve placed there. It’s pretty crazy, and I’m actually quite impressed now I’ve spent some time examining it. There’s these water-jets with lights set under them. It’s a bit hard to explain. They shoot a perfectly formed arched jet of water, and the light shines through them, bending with them, as it would in an optic fibre. The jets pulsate, seemingly randomly, the light tracing through them. Standing close, you can see small, perfectly formed detached “chunks” of the arc flying through the air, as it turns on and off, and the light bending through the water turns them into something akin to a light sabre. Placing a hand into the arc causes the light to break out. Really quite impressive.
  Then, fifteen minutes or so into photographing things, it suddenly, and without warning, began to rain—and thunder, and lightning. Then it announced that we should stand clear, as the doors were closing. We began to run to shelter, fearing we’d been caught in some apocalyptic flash-storm, when we realised this is a feature of the water feature—apparently it’s artistic. It randomly begins to rain, while speakers play thunder and lights fake lightning, then random sounds—I think picked from around Brisbane—play, the lights dim, mist effuses from unusual places, the fountains stop, and the strange arts-grant noises stop, and everything starts up again. It’s realistic enough to fool anyone into thinking it’s beginning to storm. Having it suddenly start raining on what must be around five grand worth of camera equipment isn’t particularly great though.
  Funnily enough, what made me think of trying to write a little more than my usual boring “had a milkshake”, was telling a story to Maz on the way back, and having him tell me I should write it in my journal, rather than what I’d done. It was the fake rain—it made me think of a post apocalyptic science fiction scenario—one that’s becoming scarily feasible—where it simply doesn’t rain, and people have set up places where they can go and show their children what it used to be like in their day. “Back when I was a youngster, water used to fall from the sky just like this, and it would thunder, just like that”, and they’d all stand in the rain, in awe, and then they’d go home and drink their recycled, chemically enhanced, government approved water.
  To contrast with my bus experience this morning, there was a bus just about to depart as soon as we got to the Cultural centre bus stop, getting us home in good time. I walked to Maz’s with him, buying the obligatory Cold Rock (vanilla, banana and coconut, seeing as you asked), feeling suitably sick after, and am now back here, in theory going to bed, so I can get up at the proper time tomorrow, and get to work without being late. In reality, however, I’ve just read Clint’s latest journal entry, which was quite interesting without mentioning anything at all that he’s done or doing, and that’s enthused me to write. So, if I’m late tomorrow, I’ll blame Maz and Clint.
Turns out I’ll have to blame Loki if I’m late tomorrow. I’ve just finished knocking up a quick website layout template for him, and it’s somehow become half past midnight.
Comment by Mum – Friday 18 May 2007, 5:06 PM
  Anyone ever seen an old movie called "Soylen Green" or perhaps "Soylent Green"? With Charleton Heston?? Was a futuristic movie, wherein everything was kaput and when older folks or anyone at all, wanted to "out" they would be taken to this place and as they were dying or being deaded, they would get a glimpse of this lovely planet earth with waterfalls, green grass, birds, etc. which did not exist (in the movie) and then they were "out". This movie scared me half to death. But I did not know about God then.
Comment by Ned – Friday 18 May 2007, 5:17 PM
  I have seen that.
Comment by anon – Tuesday 26 June 2007, 7:01 PM
  I hope it wasn't kfc from the myer centre, because the chicken there contains ghb!

17.05.2007Thursday 17 May – Yoghurt & Capsicum Dip

Welcome to Ned’s daily living tip #428: “How to ruin your day before 9 AM”. First, begin by eating yoghurt. Throughout the centuries, man has treasured fresh milk, along with women, beer and football. All was good, the sun was shining, cows expressed, and your favourite team was winning. Enter microbes, viruses and bacteria, and all of a sudden, you have the bubonic plague, smallpox, Ebola, and yoghurt. You also develop heartburn, a sore tongue, and an unquenchable thirst.
  Second, open your bag to find your jumper, because it’s extremely cold and dry in the fishbowl, and discover that your only cure from yoghurt poisoning, your corn chips and spicy capsicum dip, are in your bag—rather than in their containers. Not only are they in your bag, but they have taken the liberty of trying on your jumper, which now has a pleasant capsicum smell, somewhat akin to baby’s vomit. This will mix with your internal yoghurt wars in a pleasing and satisfying way, happily ruining your day, before 9 AM.
To correct aforementioned problems, apply large plate of fresh cream filled lamington.
Note that the abovementioned solution does not work. In fact, I strongly discourage the use of fresh cream lamingtons, as their medicinal properties are, at best, doubtful. I am now going to try green curry Thai vegetables and rice.
The Thai curry cheered me significantly, but not enough for my happy mood to survive our gloomy weekly meeting. I’m now having a bad day at work.
I headed to Indooroopilly with Maz, meeting Clint, Kieran, and his new cat; and enjoying my Hungry Jack’s veggie baguette dinner.
Nandini’s boyfriend stayed over, along with the four other girls. I had a multivitamin before bed, despite the warning not to as they’d keep me awake. I wasn’t happy about work. I then went to bed earlier than usual. One or a combination of these meant I had trouble getting to sleep—tossing and turning, fighting the sheets, and failing to set myself into a nice contemplative daydream. I usually really enjoy going to bed, as it gives me time to think, time to design and plan out all the crazy, and mostly unrealistic, things I’ve been mentally working on ever since I can remember. But tonight, I couldn’t fix on any one idea—they refused to gel.
Comment by io – Thursday 17 May 2007, 1:10 PM
  Welcome to io's daily living tip #4228: “How to exacerbate your stomach's flipping after not-enough-sleep”. First, begin by reading this above entry.
Comment by Ned – Thursday 17 May 2007, 5:37 PM
  What comes next?
Comment by Mum – Friday 18 May 2007, 5:22 PM
  Mum comes next! Yoghurt, spicey whatever, followed by lamingtons? Lamingtons? LAMINGTONS? Holy mackerel. Who in their right brain would even poke a stick at a lamington? The yoghurt would have been curdled by the spicey whatever, the corn chips would have been nothing which is what they taste like, but the lamingtons.....well. They taste and look like some sort of depraved sponge mattress dipped in pretending chocolate. Rolled in pretending coconut dessicate. Geez. Good luck with the Thai green curry.

18.05.2007Friday 18 May – Anger, Birthday Presents & The Greek

I’m having a crap day, for no known reason. Nothing has gone particularly wrong; I’m just feeling as though I’m only just skimming along on the top of my suppressed anger for some reason, which is making it difficult to be a happy, cheery Ned. If only I had a grenade launcher…
Our washing machine stopped washing, making it more of an objet d’art than anything else.
I went shopping for a birthday present for my sister. This is a very stressful, difficult and arduous process. I also came across some Hellenic dancers, and two rather large-headed Greeks, dancing in the mall.

19.05.2007Saturday 19 May – Infinity & Curry

I managed to sleep in until near eleven o’clock, something I badly needed.
I rushed into the city to buy strange fluffy wool to pack my sister’s birthday present, and post it, coming across a strange film set at Brisbane Square, and stopping at the Gallery of Modern Art on the way home.
A lovely Curry dinner from my local Indian life-support shop was consumed with much appreciation.
Late Night
I walked into South Bank, to have another look at the amazing light-bending water jets, but the lights were turned off.

20.05.2007Sunday 20 May – Sore Throats & Aboriginal Worshippers

I have a sore throat. This is particularly crap. I woke up with it yesterday morning, and it’s been building since then. I’ve been attempting to kill it all day—with no success yet. I’ve tried the orthodox—vitamin C, and the unorthodox—ice cream to slow and weaken it, followed by Coca Cola to poison it in its weakened state, but so far it’s survived.
A bus delivered me to Hungry Jack’s in the city, where a staff member delivered me my baguette; I came across a fast, but rather dangerous looking car; and discovered the modern equivalent of an Aboriginal rock painting, complete with traditional worshipper.
My attempts at writing a little more than a simple factual account of what I did for a few days shall need to be extended, because I’m apparently too stable to have any changing emotions at the moment—and sadly either too busy, or too tired, to sit and contemplate. The former is good; the latter is something I need to correct.
  In theory, I have a fair bit of free time—more than the average worker due to my shiftwork, but it doesn’t seem like that. I think I’m not getting enough relaxation time, time where I’ve nothing else I need to do, and this means that I’m using my spare time to do nothing, to catch up on the relaxation I’m not getting.
Comment by Mum – Monday 28 May 2007, 10:43 PM
  Well, has been a bit of a smallish blast of rain up here. Just a small smidgeon of a sort of a blast of rain. Better than no thing. Look, this is the rainforest, and we are looking at drought. Drought? In the rainforest? We have had the worst lousiest "Wet" season. Puny. You all have to think further than your felafal source. Your felafel is after all WHEAT predominantly, and you and I and all of us are stuffed if the Australian wheatfields are again struck by drought, again. Again. Have mercy. The highest suicide rates in Australia are in the rural sector. Farmers sons, or sons, of sons, who cant do it any more.
Comment by Mum – Monday 28 May 2007, 11:28 PM
  Okay. I am using this as a forum. Knowing that Ned can nix it as he sees fit. Is okay. Just to keep it in focus. We are looking Up Here, at Canberra mob telling us what to do with our rivers, OUR rivers, our land, OUR land, and how to do it, and where and when. From a desk in Canberra. Get real.

21.05.2007Monday 21 May – Brooms, Mops, Delirium & Broken Computers

Today hasn’t been a good day. It started with a slightly delirious night. I kept getting stuck in mental loops, without the mental faculties to bring any of them to a conclusion. Fortunately I wasn’t too delirious to realise this, and got up each time, managing to escape from the loop and get some sleep. All this caused by a sore throat.
  I called in to work sick, and should have slept the rest of the day—but we have a house inspection tomorrow, and a broken broom and mop. A short trip to the city got me a new broom and mop, and I set about cleaning. Being sick was bad enough, wasting a sick day cleaning and being sick was a bit too much, so I figured I’d go buy a new 500 GB SATA hard drive, as I’ve run out of space on nearly all my other hard drives. This in itself was good—but unfortunately the drive didn’t detect, so I decided to flash the BIOS. This worked quite well, right up to the part where it nicely informed me that verification of the newly flashed BIOS failed and I’d need to flash the BIOS again, and again, and again, and again. Getting sick of this fairly quickly, I rebooted and found that my computer no longer boots. As irony would have it, I’d disabled my floppy drive in the BIOS some time ago as it was annoying and essentially useless, so I couldn’t do much at all.

22.05.2007Tuesday 22 May – Building a Computer

I’m working seven to three in the valley, and am now mostly only congested and coughing—my sore throat is, thankfully, mostly gone.
I rushed from work to Umart and picked up new computer parts. For the geeky, and future record should I ever be interested, I bought a Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 P965 motherboard for $140.08; a gigabyte of DDR3 PC6400 800 MHz RAM for $56.65; a Gigabyte GF7100GS 512MB DVI-I HDTV PCIEx16 graphics card for $69.01; an Intel ATX E6320 CORE 2 DUO 1.86GHz/4MB CACHE/1066FSB/LGA775 processor for $232.78; and an Asus TA881 300NP1.3E Silver/Black case for $60.77 (all including a credit card charge). This wasn’t money I’d wanted to spend right now, but it turns out I’m rather reliant on having a computer at the moment. Life without one is a bit like an ice cream cone without the ice cream.
I put the computer together, installed XP, visited Maz to get a floppy drive and some floppy disks, and tried flashing the BIOS in the old computer with various floppy-disk based methods, none of which worked.

23.05.2007Wednesday 23 May – Installing Software

I am still congested and coughing, but fortunately highly intelligent. The sunrise was also quite pretty.

24.05.2007Thursday 24 May – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

At work. Slept in but managed to get to work just a little late. Bought tickets to 8:50 PM Pirates of the Caribbean movie at South Bank. Only seven tickets were remaining at seven o’clock in the morning.
I bought another gigabyte of RAM from Umart. For $55, it’s just too cheap, and it seems a little silly having half of a dual channel of RAM.
Bronwen and I watched “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. Fantastic movie. The audience weren’t too bad either. Unfortunately almost all my photos of them turned out blurry, as I felt too awkward taking photos in a cinema with a prominent and professional camera to take the time to take them well. I’m not entirely sure if photography inside the cinema is banned, but I’m willing to assume it is.
Comment by Mum – Thursday 31 May 2007, 10:50 PM
  2nd movie, Caribbean was total crap. If it had not had Johnny Depp in it, it would not have been worth watching at all. Octopuiii. Bah, humbug. Hope so the third movie is better.

25.05.2007Friday 25 May – Mice & Rain

Ye Olde Work.
Maz dropped by on his way home from work and gave me the two computer mice I bought with curry. I carried my computer over to his place and installed software.
It’s raining a bit.

26.05.2007Saturday 26 May – Self Heating Cans of Coffee

Quiet morning. Maz and I bussed to Kieran’s, who had a self-heating can of coffee. It has a ring-pull at both ends of the can. This is surely technology for the Australian man at its peak. Only a twenty-four-hour-pausable-sports-channel-remote-control complete with breasts and self-filling stubby cooler could beat this. I feel a little left out, as I don’t drink coffee, beer, or watch sports. I don’t mind breasts though.

27.05.2007Sunday 27 May – Lipstick Plants & Rain

Had a photo shoot with a lipstick plant before catching the bus to work at EB, via South Bank.
It’s raining. I had to catch a twenty-dollar taxi home. But wow, it’s raining! Actual rain! Proper cold rain, not just solidified humidity revaporising as it falls.

28.05.2007Monday 28 May – Working

I had breakfast at Govinda’s, before buying another few bags of pine bark chips. I’ve decided, now that it’s rained, to replant the front garden. As poetic as the dead flowers are, I think they need replacing. There was some sort of aboriginal event underway at the ANZAC memorial, though I’m not sure why.
I got a lift back from work.

29.05.2007Tuesday 29 May – Large Teeth

Hello. Nothing much to report today. I lazed about in the morning, sleeping in, and worked in the evening. I came across a large, and rather dangerous looking, eating machine on the way home—the sort of thing that would normally come to life on its own, and chase me. Then I stayed up far too late.

30.05.2007Wednesday 30 May – Rain

It’s actually been raining on and the past few days. Large, moist clouds have been seen hovering over the city. It’s almost like it should be.

31.05.2007Thursday 31 May – Working

I’ve had a generic, relatively boring, day. That’s not to say I was bored—just that nothing anyone would consider exciting has happened. I woke up sometime after nine, lazed around in bed until after ten, pulled some weeds from the garden, put down some pine bark, caught a bus and city cat to work, worked, got a lift home with a co-worker, finished off Brinda’s apple crumble, and wrote this.

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