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17.05.2007Thursday 17 May – Yoghurt & Capsicum Dip

Welcome to Ned’s daily living tip #428: “How to ruin your day before 9 AM”. First, begin by eating yoghurt. Throughout the centuries, man has treasured fresh milk, along with women, beer and football. All was good, the sun was shining, cows expressed, and your favourite team was winning. Enter microbes, viruses and bacteria, and all of a sudden, you have the bubonic plague, smallpox, Ebola, and yoghurt. You also develop heartburn, a sore tongue, and an unquenchable thirst.
  Second, open your bag to find your jumper, because it’s extremely cold and dry in the fishbowl, and discover that your only cure from yoghurt poisoning, your corn chips and spicy capsicum dip, are in your bag—rather than in their containers. Not only are they in your bag, but they have taken the liberty of trying on your jumper, which now has a pleasant capsicum smell, somewhat akin to baby’s vomit. This will mix with your internal yoghurt wars in a pleasing and satisfying way, happily ruining your day, before 9 AM.
To correct aforementioned problems, apply large plate of fresh cream filled lamington.
Note that the abovementioned solution does not work. In fact, I strongly discourage the use of fresh cream lamingtons, as their medicinal properties are, at best, doubtful. I am now going to try green curry Thai vegetables and rice.
The Thai curry cheered me significantly, but not enough for my happy mood to survive our gloomy weekly meeting. I’m now having a bad day at work.
I headed to Indooroopilly with Maz, meeting Clint, Kieran, and his new cat; and enjoying my Hungry Jack’s veggie baguette dinner.
Nandini’s boyfriend stayed over, along with the four other girls. I had a multivitamin before bed, despite the warning not to as they’d keep me awake. I wasn’t happy about work. I then went to bed earlier than usual. One or a combination of these meant I had trouble getting to sleep—tossing and turning, fighting the sheets, and failing to set myself into a nice contemplative daydream. I usually really enjoy going to bed, as it gives me time to think, time to design and plan out all the crazy, and mostly unrealistic, things I’ve been mentally working on ever since I can remember. But tonight, I couldn’t fix on any one idea—they refused to gel.
Comment by io – Thursday 17 May 2007, 1:10 PM
  Welcome to io's daily living tip #4228: “How to exacerbate your stomach's flipping after not-enough-sleep”. First, begin by reading this above entry.
Comment by Ned – Thursday 17 May 2007, 5:37 PM
  What comes next?
Comment by Mum – Friday 18 May 2007, 5:22 PM
  Mum comes next! Yoghurt, spicey whatever, followed by lamingtons? Lamingtons? LAMINGTONS? Holy mackerel. Who in their right brain would even poke a stick at a lamington? The yoghurt would have been curdled by the spicey whatever, the corn chips would have been nothing which is what they taste like, but the lamingtons.....well. They taste and look like some sort of depraved sponge mattress dipped in pretending chocolate. Rolled in pretending coconut dessicate. Geez. Good luck with the Thai green curry.

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