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Year View| Summary| Highlights| January 2007 (Month View)

01.01.2007Monday 1 January – The year of what?

For the past few years, I have given each year a focus—last year was the year of work, when I got my first full-time job, the year before was the year of Bronwen. I’m not, however, sure what the focus of this year should be—I’m still with Bronwen, I’m still working, nothing much has really changed. I’m planning to do a few small trips this year, and go overseas, possibly next year, but they’re not really the focus of the year. I’ll have to think about it.
Bronwen, Mum and I sit with several thousand other people and watch the sunrise.
I attend the closing fire ceremony, followed by volunteering.

02.01.2007Tuesday 2 January – Back in Brisbane

Mum, Bronwen and I got a lift from Woodford to Brisbane with two girls from Woodford. Coincidentally, one of them had lived with Marjorie’s friend Georgie, so knew our place.

03.01.2007Wednesday 3 January – Sick & Back to Work

Off to work. Dinner with Mum and Bronwen at a Thai place at Rosalie in the evening. Feeling fairly sick—throat and neck glands are quite sore. I blame sleeping in the wet, then ingesting kilos of dust, at Woodford.

04.01.2007Thursday 4 January – Mum flies home

Mum and I caught a train to the city, from where I headed in to work early, and Mum headed off to the airport on her way home.

05.01.2007Friday 5 January – Tulani

I still feel terrible—no better, worse if anything. If I work today, I won’t be able to work tomorrow, so I called in sick.
I met Tulani in the city. We caught a City Cat to UQ, had a short walk around uni, then headed to Elena’s work.

06.01.2007Saturday 6 January – Sick & Working

I’m still nastily sick—my throat seems perhaps a little less sore, but my nose is running powerfully. I caught an early City Cat to work, and am now here, drinking lemon soft drink, having tried milk and found it to not be particularly soothing to the throat.
I slept most of the evening. While I can’t say I enjoyed it, there is something that’s almost fun about lying, semi-delirious, somewhere on the border of thinking and dreaming.

07.01.2007Sunday 7 January – Blood Diamond

I have had a lazy day, lying in bed for most of it. I think my ‘flu, or whatever it is, has mostly gone—now I just have the after-effects—runny nose, cough, and a head that hurts if I move it.
Clint and I went and saw “Blood Diamond” at South Bank, which turned out to be a reasonable movie, albeit predictable and the same as all the others in its genre.

08.01.2007Monday 8 January – Delirious

Clint and I moved some stuff from his place to our place and Maz’s place, as he’s moving out. We then grabbed lunch from a patisserie at Rosalie, before he drove me out to work—three to eleven at EB this week.
Clint drove me home from work, and I went to bed, feeling poorly—my throat was very sore again. I then slept fitfully for a few hours, finally waking up delirious. I kept thinking in circles, which was preventing me from sleeping, but even though I’d woken up—and even went for a walk around the house—I couldn’t stop myself from thinking in circles. I must have eventually got to sleep, but it was not a fun night.

09.01.2007Tuesday 9 January – Working Late

On Sunday I had thought my ‘flu had gone, but last night was the worst night I’ve had from it, so now I’m not sure. Still, I don’t feel too bad now, and despite waking up thinking in circles at all hours of the night last night, I feel normally refreshed this morning.
I missed the City Cat to work, arriving a little late. Today isn’t as bad as yesterday as I don’t feel as sick as yesterday. I even walk home, which takes about an hour, arriving back shortly after midnight.

10.01.2007Wednesday 10 January – Shopping

Bronwen took the day off, and she and I went to the city, where I had lunch at Govinda’s. While I couldn’t eat the whole thing myself, it does seem as though my appetite is returning. I took back some shorts I had got for my birthday, which were a size too small, watched a performance of skill and daring in the Queen Street Mall, and then headed on to work.

11.01.2007Thursday 11 January - ZimboyZ

I headed to the city before work, watching the ZimboyZ perform in the Queen Street Mall again, and bumping into Amanda.

12.01.2007Friday 12 January – Getting Better

Work. Walked home from work. I am finally getting over this ‘flu.

13.01.2007Saturday 13 January – Pan’s Labyrinth

Bronwen and I caught a bus into the city, went to the art gallery and an interesting display of religious art at QPAC, sat at South Bank for a while, and then caught a train to Indooroopilly, where we watched “Pan’s Labyrinth” at the Eldorado.
Bronwen and I finally discussed our Tasmania trip dates, and I got out “Kill Bill 2”. I also found that my bike has apparently been stolen. I’m not sure when—I assume it was there when Clint and I dropped his stuff off, as I imagine I’d have noticed if it wasn’t. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that’s when it was taken—when the garage door was open.

14.01.2007Sunday 14 January – Relaxing

I slept in until after midday, and have had a pleasantly relaxing day, though it has been quite hot. I’ve begun going through my Woodford photos, and selecting a few to put on my website.

15.01.2007Monday 15 January – Working Early, Working Fast

I’m working early shift again, back in the city. Today went really fast for some reason—I don’t like getting up early, but I really like how fast early shifts seem to go. They’re becoming my favourite. After work I dropped past the new library and got out a few books on Tasmania, which I probably won’t get around to looking at. Thus concludes the public part of yet another exciting journal entry. Stay tuned—I’ll likely be back tomorrow.
Comment by io – Monday 15 January 2007, 5:14 PM
  Also, you really need that "remember me" feature that Maz has on his site.

16.01.2007Tuesday 16 January – Cold

Yo ho ho, it’s back to work I go. I’m currently in the fishbowl, where it’s about eighteen degrees and humidity controlled in such a way that it feels even colder. I think I shall bring a jumper tomorrow.

17.01.2007Wednesday 17 January – Ode to a Milkshake

I got up very early, got ready for work, caught the bus to work, bought my morning milkshake (chocolate), and worked. Apparently it is unhealthy having free soft drink, so we now have free fruit instead, and a complicated coffee machine. Fortunately, there’s still Milo.
A girl and her mother dropped past to have a look at the rooms we currently have available.

18.01.2007Thursday 18 January – Sleepily Wrought

I’ve taken to having a little doze when I get home from work. Apart from sounding weak, it’s actually quite enjoyable—the semi-delirium of being nearly asleep, half-dreaming, half-daydreaming, and sometimes thinking clearly, makes a pleasant change from the semi-delirium of working half asleep—which, I believe, is when I’m at my most efficient. Psychologically, or so the story goes, I’m over-wrought, and being sleepy calms me down, bringing me back to the most efficient middle ground of just-the-right-amount-of-wrought (which isn’t quite the right medical term).

19.01.2007Friday 19 January – Comet McNaught

After an uneventful day at work, Maz and I drove to UQ’s new Green Bridge, where we met Raymond and watched Comet McNaught set shortly after the sun.

20.01.2007Saturday 20 January – No Movies

I’ve been trying to get to see a movie all week, and it’s just not working out. I’d been told that I was going to fix Bronwen’s brother’s computer tomorrow evening, and have dinner out at his place, but found out shortly before I was due to head to the cinemas that it was actually tonight. I rushed to get the appropriate software together to give to Bronwen, as I couldn’t go seeing as I was planning to see a movie, and managed to miss the movie. I then waited a few hours and caught the bus towards the cinema to see a late screening, only to find that the ramps onto the bridge over the river were closed, preventing me from getting to the cinema. I had a short walk around the city instead, before catching the bus home again, defeated.

21.01.2007Sunday 21 January – Déjà Vu & Apocalypto

Bronwen and I went and saw “Déjà Vu”, which, while being a typical, predictable Hollywood movie, was actually not too bad. We then caught the bus home, had a quick dinner, caught another bus back to South Bank, and watched “Apocalypto”—which was quite impressive, though powerfully violent.

22.01.2007Monday 22 January – Working & Bronwen

It is extremely hot. I caught a bus to Toowong and had lunch with Maz, before catching the train to work. I’m working late shifts in the fishbowl this week.

23.01.2007Tuesday 23 January – Working

I caught a bus to Toowong, where I had lunch with Maz, picked up a $25 Myer Voucher sent to me registered post that I got for using a Citibank transaction account, and caught a bus to work.

24.01.2007Wednesday 24 January – Hot

It’s looking to be another very hot day.

25.01.2007Thursday 25 January – Hot & Cold

It’s hot—very, very hot. Moving is not a thing that one does. When one does have to move, one can at least slide in one’s sweat, which saves having to move the legs. Such is Brisbane in the summer. Apparently it’s raining nicely up north, while using water will soon be a capital crime here. People won’t be robbing petrol stations; they’ll be mugging schoolchildren carrying water bottles. Speaking of schoolchildren, I’m hungry and should eat something so I don’t waste money buying something I didn’t really want when I get to work.
Marjorie popped over to pick up a letter.
I decided to pop up the road to Woolworths for some corn and beans, just before a torrential downpour—complete with lightning, like the old days before the rain stopped. By a clever combination of hiding under eaves, carefully preplanning street crossings, and running, I managed to keep from getting totally soaked. Getting rather damp wouldn’t normally be too much of a problem on a hot night like tonight, but the next few hours, in the humidity controlled and very, very cold fishbowl were, well, very, very cold. I managed to survive by a combination of incessant eating (who would have thought Mexican chilli beans, corn, milk, Milo, cream, custard and muesli bars would be a lifesaving combination?) interspersed with more traditional survival methods, such as shivering, hand rubbing, and visiting the warmer areas of the building.
I should probably be sleeping, but not really feeling like going to bed. I’ll try soon. In geeky news, I added a dynamics processor to my sound card, which is currently normalizing my music as I play it—meaning I don’t have to keep adjusting the volume each time I play a new song, which was getting annoying. I’m surprised how well it works actually. I’ve now got two physical stereo channels out—one to my headphones and computer speakers, the other to the TV and speakers in the lounge room—and separate (software) outputs for music, DVD’s, and all the other random noises things make. This lets me flexibly mix what goes where—I can play a DVD to the TV while listening to something else at my computer, and I’ve got a six channel mixer, ten band equalizer, parametric equalizer, generic bass and treble booster and am separately routing DVD’s low frequency channel… all on hardware on the soundcard, without using any CPU on the computer. Geeky, but good—and now I really should get to bed.
  Oh, one other geeky thing I’ve done tonight—now that IE 7 is out, and has CSS support for “position: fixed”, I’ve fixed the top menu of most of my site. I’ll test it tomorrow in IE 6, and convert the rest over if it works.

26.01.2007Friday 26 January – Australia Day

I had a rather strange dream. I was in a space diner, presumably dining. That is, a diner out in space. John Travolta, Pulp Fiction style, was the waiter—as you would expect—and this small group, maybe five, of fearfully powerful, all-knowing four or five year old grown up babies arrived—without walking, as that’d be too normal. They just arrived—and while they seemed benevolent, there was a very uneasy atmosphere, as I just knew they weren’t normal—let’s face it, your average five year old doesn’t turn up at a space diner. It was a little more in-depth than that, but that’s the main gist. I’m not sure if it’s deeply meaningful, or not, but as I didn’t eat any curry last night, I figure it must be.
For dinner tonight, I ate a can of Mexican chilli beans, a can of corn, a cup of cream and custard, half a bag of corn chips and capsicum dip, two different sorts of chocolate (dark mint and green aero), iced coffee, and a cup of Milo containing a little milk and a dash of cream. That’s what happens when I turn up to work on a day when no one else works, and I’m already sleepy. My university training has stood me in good stead—why do something, when there’s still a whole night to do it? Sleep is for those who don’t have something that can’t be put off any longer due the next morning; an entire bottle of LA Ice cola costs less than a dollar, and there’s always Medicare, for those nights when you accidentally drink two litres of iced coffee as well as a litre and a quarter of cola, and come out in a strange rash. Thus, I learnt. Sometimes I even wonder what all those people who actually studied learnt—and bemoan what they missed.

27.01.2007Saturday 27 January – Hotter

Today appears to be the hottest day yet, though perhaps that’s just because I haven’t been at work in the icy cold, or perhaps because I have been at work in the icy cold every other day, and now I’m patriotically doing my little bit to solve our water crisis—one sweaty drip at a time. Either way, it’s too hot to move, so I haven’t.

28.01.2007Sunday 28 January – The Blues Brothers

Bronwen and I walked up to Woolworths with Maz.
I watched “The Blues Brothers” with Bronwen, as she hadn’t seen it.

29.01.2007Monday 29 January – Working

Working seven to three at EB, which pretty much sums up today.

30.01.2007Tuesday 30 January – Still Working

Still working. Still haven’t figured out how to get rich quick.

31.01.2007Wednesday 31 January – Satellites

I stayed at work late, trying to fix a satellite streaming issue.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| January 2007 (Month View)

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