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Year View| Summary| Highlights| August 2007 (Month View)

01.08.2007Wednesday 1 August – Jogging

Myself and I drove to work, where we worked. It’s not very interesting, so we’ll skip to the part about food. But first, we must justify it with the exercise. We actually managed to go jogging tonight, after which we drove to the Ville, where we had a kebab at a quarter past one. We didn’t know the kebab place was open that late. We also noticed that Dave’s Ampol (which didn’t have anyone called Dave there, nor was it an Ampol) is gone. It hasn’t just shut down; it has actually been dug up. Another sign that an era that’s already ended, has well and truly ended. We then went to bed, contemplative.

02.08.2007Thursday 2 August – Chocolate

Slept in. Caught the bus to work. Worked. Got a lift partway home. Walked the rest. Decided that was enough exercise. Felt slack for deciding that, but ate chocolate to make the feeling go away. Top Deck, seeing as you asked.

03.08.2007Friday 3 August – Work

Dropped past Bronwen’s parent’s place and picked Bronwen up.

04.08.2007Saturday 4 August – Upper Portals, Mount Barney

I went walking with Clint and Bronwen. We walked to the Upper Portals, Mount Barney. The water was extremely cold, but the walk easy, and enjoyable.

05.08.2007Sunday 5 August – Sunday Live

Slept in heaps. Went to West End markets, but they weren’t on. There was a Hot Rod car show there instead. Went to Jaguar show at Southbank. Went to the ABC’s Classic FM Sunday Live Concert. Southern Cross Soloists this week. Ironically, neither Raymond nor Stella came. Curry for dinner.

06.08.2007Monday 6 August – Working

Working 9 to 5.

07.08.2007Tuesday 7 August – Work


08.08.2007Wednesday 8 August – Work

Drove around the Mt Nebo scenic thing. It’s longer than I thought.

09.08.2007Thursday 9 August – Car Accident, Towed

I drove to work. While looking for parking, I was run into by a girl reversing her car, the wrong way, down the wrong side of the road, who then turned and reversed into me, while I was driving normally along in my lane. Fortunately I saw it coming, and managed to mostly get out of the way, and she only ran into my tyre, depositing lots of plastic from her car into my brakes. This made me late for work.
Work is hectic. Work is stressful.
I found my car gone. It has been towed. It costs $180 to retrieve. I get a taxi to the tow place, having found out from a nearby service station their number, as it’s not advertised anywhere. This made me late for Amanda’s. Today has not been a very good day.
I spent the night at Amanda’s.

10.08.2007Friday 10 August – Die Hard 4.0

I’ve the day off, due to working tomorrow.
Headed to the Valley and had Thai with Bronwen, then watched Die Hard 4.0 at South Bank.

11.08.2007Saturday 11 August – Soirée

Went to International House’s Soirée with Bronwen, where people bared their bums, spat flames, and there was a large spider web.
Had curry from Halim’s at Rosalie, with Bronwen.

12.08.2007Sunday 12 August – Die Hard, Again

A nice, lazy morning, not getting up early. Drove to Indooroopilly for expensive Nachos for breakfast.
Dropped Bronwen at her parent’s place, and drove to Maz’s, then on to Kieran’s and Indooroopilly, where I had Hungry Jack’s for lunch.
Drove to Bronwen’s, then back to Indooroopilly, where I watched (for the second time) Die Hard 4.0, this time with Clint and Maz.
Had dinner at the Taringa Hungry Jack’s, and proofread a job application for Bronwen.

13.08.2007Monday 13 August – Working

Working EB 3 to 11. We had an air conditioner failure, which was exciting. Getting spare air conditioners up stairs is not good.
Drove up Mt Coot-Tha.

14.08.2007Tuesday 14 August – Fracture

Work. EB 12 to 8. Mina away sick.
I drove from work, past Bronwen’s parent’s place to pick up Bronwen, to Eagle Boys, where I bought Pizza, which Bronwen and I ate on a pontoon at South Bank, before watching “Fracture” at the Cineplex cinemas.

15.08.2007Wednesday 15 August – Ekka Holiday

Work. EB 12 to 8. Mina back, with deadly Egyptian flu. I eat most of a bottle of vitamin C, as a placebo to avoid catching deadly Egyptian flu.

16.08.2007Thursday 16 August – Working

Working, as usual.

17.08.2007Friday 17 August – Wellington Point & Black Sheep

I’ve the day off. Bronwen and I headed, via Mount Gravatt, to Wellington Point, where we had chips.
Had curry at Rosalie with Bronwen, Clint, Maz, and myself, before watching “Black Sheep”. It’s very funny, but excessively grotesque.

18.08.2007Saturday 18 August – Cheese

Worked 7 to 3 in the fishbowl.
After much cheese-desiring, Bronwen and I had nachos and a strange cheese and chilli pizza-ish thing at a place in Park Road. It wasn’t very good.

19.08.2007Sunday 19 August – Sick

Sick. Threw up. Raining lightly. Dropped Bronwen at her parent’s place.

20.08.2007Monday 20 August – Interviews, Taxis, and Rain

Working 3 to 11, EB. Raining a little this morning, but not much now.

21.08.2007Tuesday 21 August – Raining

It was a nice, sunny morning. I had already been forced to get up by Bronwen getting up, but had gone back to bed. I was again forced to leave the warmth of my bed by the rubbish truck, and the realisation that I had forgotten to put the rubbish out, for the second time in a row. I rushed the three wheelie-bins down to the next road, where the truck hasn’t yet been, and accidentally woke myself up. I then tried to fix Lucienne’s laptop. It has a stupid backup application that’s filled the hard drive with backups that it can’t delete because there isn’t enough space for it to delete them, despite there being 7 GB free space, and I can’t access the files, or even reset their permissions, because it’s XP Home.
Despite being nice and sunny, it began to rain, and soon clouded over. I drove to UQ, past several accidents, picked up Stella, drove to Maz’s work and picked him up, dropped Stella at her uni, and Maz at Umart, before returning to Toowong with Maz and eating nachos for lunch.

22.08.2007Wednesday 22 August – Working

Still misting slightly and overcast. An electrician dropped around to “reinstate” a fire alarm, but as neither he nor I could work out what that meant, he fixed a light fixture and power point instead.
I enacted a slight stylistic change on

23.08.2007Thursday 23 August – Late Night Assignment

It’s still a bit damp, though only an optimist would call it rain.
  Marjorie dropped by to pick up her mail and chat about my upcoming Tasmania trip.
Worked. Raining. Wet. Picked Stella up from uni at South Bank, helped her do her assignment. This took a long time. I am now sleepy.

24.08.2007Friday 24 August – Sleepy

Very tired. Did not really sleep last night.
Kebab for breakfast, then rush to work. Attempt to stay awake with the assistance of chocolate and iced coffee.

25.08.2007Saturday 25 August – Indooroopilly

Messed around doing very little. Indro with Maz, collected Bart CD from Kieran to fix Lucienne’s laptop. Had felafel as Hungry Jack’s was absurdly busy. Went shopping with Maz.
Curry with Bronwen.

26.08.2007Sunday 26 August – Sunday Live & The Bourne Identity

Indro nachos with Maz and Bronwen. Had argument with Stella and Bronwen. Couldn’t find any other women to anger.
Sunday live choir with Raymond, Stella, Bronwen. Milkshakes after.
Watched “The Bourne Identity” at Maz’s, after getting dinner from Chez Tessa.

27.08.2007Monday 27 August – Seatbelts & Torx Bits

Work, 9 to 5. No one else on level 5.
I sit here, nursing my bleeding hand. Did I meet someone in the valley? Or perhaps a little vigilante justice? Or maybe the girlfriend wouldn’t do as she was told? No, I’ve fitted a new rear seatbelt to my car. Some of the highlights included having my torx bit drop out of its holder and fall down a small and inaccessible gap, and working out just how to retract the seatbelt once it’d fully tracted (which is apparently not a word, despite its reverse being one).

28.08.2007Tuesday 28 August – Pittsworth & The Lunar Eclipse

After almost exactly two hours sleep, I got up, got ready for work, drove to work, and worked. Fortunately I was rostered on with some fun people, so the day went well, if a little insanely.
I drove to Bronwen’s work, got Bronwen, drove to Bronwen’s place, got her things, drove to her parent’s place, picked up some mattresses, drove to my place, got most of my things, drove to Maz’s place, drove back to my place to get the things I’d forgot to get, drove back to Maz’s place, and followed Clint and him in his mother’s car, out to Pittsworth.
We got some chips from Pittsworth, and spent most of the night chatting around a bonfire and watching the lunar eclipse.

29.08.2007Wednesday 29 August – The War Against Mould

Woke up, having slept fitfully with a builder building a house around us. I guess I got around three hours sleep, on and off.
Drove Clint, Maz, Bronwen and myself back to Brisbane. Also drank a lot of iced coffee.
Drove to Indooroopilly with Bronwen to look for photo frames, got Chez Tessa for Bronwen and Thai for me, and watched The Bourne Supremacy with Maz at his place, before driving Bronwen home.
Spraying the shower roof with anti-mould isn’t much fun. The spray tends to head downwards—something to do with gravity I expect—and ends up in one’s face, breathing tract, and eyes. Mopping the shower roof isn’t that good either; it’s very high (I can only just reach, even with the mop), and because of that I can’t get much of an angle, and have to push quite hard to get it to move, which isn’t the ideal thing to do with one’s hands above one’s head.

30.08.2007Thursday 30 August – Trouble

Work at EB. In trouble for not being at Wic. Busy. Drive to work. Phone engin. On hold for ages. Now have an answering service that emails me my voicemail. Rather cool.

31.08.2007Friday 31 August – Working

Working in the valley, 9 to 5.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| August 2007 (Month View)

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