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02.08.2003Saturday 2 August – Charlie’s Angels

Snoring peacefully, I doze in contentment.
Sleeping pleasantly, I slowly awaken myself.
Tim and Michelle turned up and we had coffee and bikkies. They didn’t leave until a quarter to five and I had a train to catch at five, so I ran around in circles as fast as I could getting ready and Joe drove me down the station in time to get the train. It turns out South Africa were losing to Australia in the rugby today, 9 to 29 at Suncorp Stadium, which is, of course, halfway to Indooroopilly, which is, of course, where I was going. This meant there were many people on the trains, obviously, and they were, of course, all running late – the trains and the people. In fact, I think they’d scrapped the timetable and were running trains whenever they couldn’t fit any more people in. There were train fellas guiding us to our carriages so we didn’t get totally squashed – just partially squashed. I still managed to arrive at Indooroopilly in time to eat my customary Pakistani meal (which was very nice) before the movie. I watched “Charlie’s Angels”. Sadly, it was as bad as I’d been told. I still enjoyed watching it, but it’s a stupid movie – I have nothing I could recommend about it. After the movie, I bought my traditional “Cold Rock” milkshake – caramel, and caught a train back. It was also very full, and they had another train person sorting us into carriages when I changed trains at Roma Street, but I was put into an empty carriage by myself, which was a good opportunity to take a few photos. Ironically, the first few carriages were packed full. When I got back here, I could hear distant rock music so I set off to find it but the road ended, the footpath ended, the light ended and I feared for my life so I turned back. As someone once said, “How sweet is mortal Sovranty!–-think some: Others-How blest the Paradise to come! Ah, take the Cash in hand and waive the Rest; Oh, the brave Music of a distant Drum!”, or alternatively “Some for the Glories of This World; and some Sigh for the Prophet’s Paradise to come; Ah, take the Cash, and let the Promise go, Nor heed the Rumble of a distant Drum!” or even “They preach how sweet those Houri brides will be, But I say wine is sweeter-–-taste and see! Hold fast this cash, and let that credit go, And shun the din of empty drums like me” – all transliterations of my favourite poem.
In other news, “The University of Queensland has again received the best overall rating of all Queensland universities and one of the best Australian university rankings in the 2004 edition of the Good Universities Guide. The University received the maximum five-star rating for nine main categories: prestige, non-government earnings, student demand, research grants, research intensivity, toughness to get in (St Lucia campus), international enrolments, getting a job and positive graduate outcomes”.
I am angry again. I upgraded “Panorama Factory” from version 2.4 to version 3.0. It seemed like a good thing to do at the time. Unfortunately, version 3.0 is pathetic, moronic, stupid, dumb, idiotic, crappy, retarded, deplorable, wretched, contemptible, worthless and doesn’t run. I hate it – hate, hate, hate! There, I feel slightly better now. The problem is, version 3 doesn’t run on this computer. Who knows why, presumably it runs elsewhere. That in itself wouldn’t be so bad. What is so bad is that I can’t find version 2.4 anywhere – not anywhere at all. I’ve spent a good two hours looking for it in Google and it simply is not available anymore, at all, anywhere. So here I am with a stack of photos waiting to be stitched and no program to do it. I am hopping mad. I even managed to freeze up my computer trying to get the pathetic, moronic etc. program to work and had to reboot. Someone find me a copy of “Panorama Factory 2.4” before I explode.

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