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04.08.2003Monday 4 August

One word for today: Long. I was at uni from nine o’clock until four o’clock, without any breaks.
I had an uneventful train journey into uni and walked down to the Hawken Engineering library to meet a guy and buy some textbooks. He duly turned up and I bought “An Introduction to Programming and Object Orientated Design using Java” and “Structured Computer Organisation” for $50 each, a saving of $60 on the QUBooks Bookshop prices, which are a bit cheaper than the University of Queensland Bookshop. I then ran up to my lecture, arriving five minutes or so late, and spent the next hour in there. This was followed by a two hour prac, most of which I spent online working out my textbooks, timetable and chatting on IRC. Directly after the prac, at midday, I walked back to the Hawken Library and met another guy who sold me “Fundamentals of Database Systems” and “Exploring Microsoft Access 2000” for $65, another saving of around $60, although the current text is “Exploring Microsoft Access 2002”. Hopefully they’re similar enough, and it only cost $15 anyway so it’s not a great loss if they’re not. So I’ve saved around $120 dollars today, which is a much pleasanter way of saying I’ve spent $165 on second hand textbooks. That’s all the set texts out of the way, there’s just one recommended text left, but as it’s a popular reference, I’m unlikely to find it second hand so I might wait and see if I actually need it before I shell out the big bucks. I’m rather stretching the budget right now, and I need to keep my milkshake allowance in the black. Having purchased my textbooks and made my bag heavy, I jogged back to my next lecture, arriving about ten minutes late. This was a two hour “Computer Organisation” lecture, although it finished just long early enough to allow me to walk to the main refectory and buy a bag of lollies, frozen yoghurt and splice ice-cream before my next two hour lecture, “Introduction to Information Systems”. By the second hour of this my legs were aching, I was having trouble staying awake, my concentration was impersonating a faulty fluorescent light and I just felt like lying down. Happily, I have it all again tomorrow.
I did some washing. I cooked some dinner. I tried to work out what to vote in the upcoming referendum on whether the union should adopt a new constitution and gave up. I tried to work out what I was supposed to do for tomorrow’s practicals and tutorials and also gave up. I decided to go and feign stupidity (which comes to me naturally), find out what I was supposed to do and, optimistically, do it all at the same time.
Random curses and coarse language as appropriate for someone who looks at the clock and realises it is horrendously late and he has to go to bed right away but he hasn’t packed his bag yet and in fact doesn’t even know what he needs to take tomorrow so will have to take everything just in case and knows that in the morning he will have great difficulty waking up and will feel terrible by the end of the day and does in fact risk not waking up in time for the train and has found the banana he put in his bag this morning still in his bag but not in the same nice banana shape as it was this morning and not the same nice yellow colour either but a rather ominous bruised colour and somewhat flat.
Comment by io – Tuesday 5 August 2003, 2:44 AM
  PMSL AT SINGLE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH!!! :-D What happened to your commas?
Comment by Ned – Wednesday 28 September 2011, 7:20 PM
  Sadly, I had no time for commas.

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