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29.07.2003Tuesday 29 July

I woke up in a panic, instantly aware that I’d slept in. A quick look at my clock showed I’d only slept in a few minutes and could still get to the train on time, although it nearly proved fatal. By the time I’d got to the station I couldn’t think straight or breathe. I felt like I was hyperventilating but I didn’t have enough brainpower left to control myself and breathe properly and didn’t really care. I really think that jumping out of bed when it’s cold enough to freeze goldfish, running around in circles losing vital body temperature, then running down the road when any sane person is in bed is simply not good for the body – but I did make it to the train and my breathing slowly subsided. By the time I got to uni my brain was functioning enough to acknowledge the existence of people once again. I blame my hay fever – it’s nastily hard to keep up the pretence of semi-normal humanity when suffering hay fever or its after-effects. I do think it’s going away though. I haven’t felt as though I’ve had hay fever since arriving back in Brisbane – in fact, it feels more like having a cold now.
I had another nine o’clock lecture, and then a two-hour break until a midday lecture – “Programming in the Large”. So far, all my lecturers sound as though they might do a good job, and that I may be able to find the subject matter at least a little engrossing. I hope that I can manage to motivate myself and enjoy some of these courses as I know I can get very good results if I’m motivated and enjoying it – but wait, I must be delusional, this is university. After my lecture, I went and got a swipe card, which allows me to access some of the locked computer labs. I tried getting into one of the UNIX labs to see if my card worked – which it unfortunately did. I logged into one of the solaris terminals to see if I could, which unfortunately I could, and then I, unfortunately, couldn’t log out. I closed the terminal window – by logging out of it, and that was that. I guess I have some learning to do. The problem was, as there weren’t any nice people standing about and I’d have felt too stupid asking anyway, I had to lock the terminal and leave it locked. No, that’s not entirely true... I pushed every button in various combinations to see if there was some amazingly secret (and probably terribly obvious) way to logout or reset the terminal, which regretfully included the lock workstation button – and no password I could think off would unlock it again – so it’s probably still sitting there locked – I hope I don’t get into trouble! I shall deny any knowledge of the entire lab. After that embarrassing debacle, which (for the record), never happened – I walked back to the train station and caught a train home.

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