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01.08.2003Friday 1 August – Joe’s Birthday

The phone rang, waking me up. It was Michelle phoning, as she’d said she would last night. I ran downstairs looking for Joe but he wasn’t in bed or anywhere else I could see. I ran outside looking but couldn’t find him there either, and it wasn’t until I’d run back up here that I realised he’s in the shower – just beside my room. I guess I must have been still partially asleep. Then I checked the clock – 7:40 AM. The train leaves now. The next train leaves at 8:05, and I can maybe get to my lecture in time if I can catch that one. A quick run around in circles and I’m on my way to the train station, and a short time later, I’m on the train. I managed to make it to my lecture only a few minutes late, which didn’t really matter seeing as how we weren’t taught anything.
I made my way down to the labs and spent a bit of time fighting the proxy server while waiting for io to finish his math lecture. After winning my battle, io, bv and I headed for the bus stop and Indooroopilly. We narrowly survived the journey and watched “Bad Eggs” after having a meal. I got my usual Pakistani meal and they got heartbreaking KFC and Hungry Jack’s burgers. It’s a bit worrying when people seem to prefer obviously crappy food to reasonably good food. I know there’s personal preference, but honestly, those fast food chains are just garbage – they’re even called “junk food”. Anyway, I think they both enjoyed their small, sad looking and expensive burgers while making jokes about my very nice plate of dhal and vegetable curry on a bed of rice – which was quite nice. The movie was Ok. I’m in two minds about whether I liked it or not. On the one hand, it was Australian, and quite funny in spots, but on the other hand, it was just a bit too silly, a bit too hard-pressed. It looks as though they had a hard time getting the movie to actually gel, forcing scenes just to justify other parts they’d already made. After the movie and a 40¢ ice cream from Hungry Jack’s, I caught a train home via Roma Street. It was just on school train time, so I had the pleasure of seeing two-thirds of the countries youth in the one place at the one time. Hearing might be a better word, as I tried to look out the window and think of daisies and lollipops rather than machine guns and hand grenades.
I am angry. I got home to find out that most of my websites are not working because my host has changed something, and that the practicals sign-on that said it wouldn’t open until midnight tonight was open and filling up fast. To make matters worse, my finely balanced uni timetable, which was relying on getting specific timeslots for these practicals, is now unworkable. Not only was sign-on released when it shouldn’t have been, but also the times I needed weren’t even there – they must have been cancelled. Now I have to try to figure out a new schedule somehow. I’ve emailed the lecturer for help. How is someone supposed to make a complex schedule when classes require sign-ons, which become available just before the start of semester and fill up fast – except for one subject which doesn’t become available until a week into semester, and even then not at the time it said it would. It’s just not acceptable. I don’t need to have to replan my schedule ten times. It’s lucky I don’t have a life, or job, or any of those other things that require a bit of certainty in life. I can already tell this COMP1800 subject is going to be a repeat of the Internet Interface Design fiasco of last semester. The lecturer doesn’t appear to know what she’s talking about, and has so far been so boring that I haven’t listened anyway, and definitely hasn’t endured me towards the course with the random sign-ons and changes in tutorials and practicals. Blah. It is funny how one event can change my perception of an entire day.
Joe just came up and told me he’s had a good day and a good birthday. I’m happy to hear this after his not so good night last night. Apparently, Tim gave him a lecture from Michelle, they all sang “Happy Birthday”, and had some nice Thai food, and he accidentally threw out some unscratched scratch-its in the rubbish.
Comment by Ned – Saturday 2 August 2003, 3:06 PM
  Just checking out my site with Lynx, so far so good :-)
Comment by DM – Tuesday 5 August 2003, 11:27 PM
  I'm assuming you got your curry from Khan's Kitchen? When I eat there (that is, whenever I'm hungry and happen to be at Indooroopilly), I go for the dhal and chickpea curry. Makes for a good meal, I find.
Comment by Ned – Wednesday 6 August 2003, 3:08 PM
  Yep, Khan’s Kitchen it is. I think it’s a good, cheap, and yummy meal although some people have informed me they feel sick after seeing it – but they were eating Hungry Jack’s burgers so I think I can safely discount their eating experience :-)
Comment by DK – Wednesday 6 August 2003, 8:36 PM
  It looks like what I would expect a dhal and chickpea curry to look ;-)

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