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Year View| Summary| Highlights| November 2006 (Month View)

01.11.2006Wednesday 1 November – Mount Tibrogargan

Working and so on. Bought a tripod after work and went for a drive with Clint, Clus and Maz, and an abortive night climb up Mount Tibrogargan. Neither Maz or I had realised the climb was part of the trip, so hadn’t brought so much as a pack—and climbing up a mountain in the dark holding a camera and a tripod wasn’t proving to be too easy. Checking the weather and finding there was a storm warning was the last straw, and we aborted the climb less than a quarter of the way up, heading to Mooloolaba instead.

02.11.2006Thursday 2 November – Work

Working and so on.

03.11.2006Friday 3 November – Work

Still working and so on.

04.11.2006Saturday 4 November – Rain & Irish Nachos

Bronwen wanted to have breakfast at the funny Tibetan house thing (it does have a name, but I can’t think at the moment) at South Bank, but it was raining so we ended up walking into the city during the slightly less rainy periods of the day, hiding in a tunnel halfway and getting stuck in the city in the rain. Still, it was nothing that a good dose of nachos from an Irish pub couldn’t fix.
Bronwen, Maz and I went for a walk along Kangaroo Cliffs taking photos.

05.11.2006Sunday 5 November – From Russia with Love

Went shopping with Bronwen. Watched “From Russia with Love”.

06.11.2006Monday 6 November – Raining

It’s raining everywhere in Brisbane except the catchments for the dams.
I walked home from work in the rain, stopping to take a few photos of the city and Kangaroo Cliffs, carefully from under my umbrella. I then stayed up until the lightening dawn scared me into getting some sleep.

07.11.2006Tuesday 7 November – Sleeping

I woke up just in time to get ready for work, fortunately.
I woke up just in time to get ready for work, fortunately.

08.11.2006Wednesday 8 November – Dolphins

I’d figured I’d leave for work a little early and stop off at South Bank and have a look around, perhaps find some photo opportunities. I even managed to get ready early—only to find a big storm brewing, although I did see some dolphins from the back of the City Cat.
No big storm, but it is raining and there’s some lightning around. My backup got sick and went home. I managed to make the last City Cat home.

09.11.2006Thursday 9 November – Tripods

It’s quite windy, and there’s a lot of cloud around, but it’s not actually raining. I’m tossing up whether I should take my camera or not. In other camera-related news, I found the instruction manual for my tripod, and read it. Who would have thought you needed an instruction manual for a tripod—but I discovered that I can twist a certain tube, increasing the tension on the upsy-downsy bit, stopping it from slacking around as it is currently. I’m impressed—a tripod with hidden features.
I walked home—apart from the train from Central—and from there on to Clint’s place, where we waited until the rain had stopped, and then went for a walk around the suburbs. Somehow, when I got home, it was four o’clock in the morning, and I remembered that I had to get up early to go to a food and wine festival.

10.11.2006Friday 10 November – Good Food & Wine

Bronwen and I went to the “Good Food and Wine Show” at the Exhibition Centre, where I ate hundreds of dollars worth of chocolate, along with some rare and complex dips and other complex dainties. Not too bad for a free ticket Bronwen got by looking forlorn and wet when we got stuck in the rain.
I had lunch at Govinda’s, and then caught a City Cat to work, where I’m hoping I’ll be able to stay awake.
I booked the flights for Mum’s trip down over Christmas.
Comment by Adela – Tuesday 14 November 2006, 5:59 AM
  So what ever happened to your interest in Neurocam? Only lasted for a day or two in 2004?
Comment by Ned – Tuesday 14 November 2006, 8:35 AM
  It seemed like a strange and weird idea, which interested me, but after some research it began to sound like a pointless Melbourne art experiment, so I lost interest.
Comment by Maz – Monday 20 November 2006, 5:24 PM
  Memo to Ned: It's not the 10th anymore.
Comment by Ned – Monday 20 November 2006, 8:06 PM
  By the powers–you’re right! I shall update this.

11.11.2006Saturday 11 November – Remembrance Day & Soccer

Bronwen and I caught a bus into the city and attended the Remembrance Day ceremony at ANZAC Square.
Clint, Bronwen and I attended the soccer: Brisbane versus Adelaide, at Lang Park.

12.11.2006Sunday 12 November – Quiet

A quiet day, with a quiet walk around South Bank at night.

13.11.2006Monday 13 November – Work

Today I… worked—seven to three.

14.11.2006Tuesday 14 November – Work

Today I… worked again.

15.11.2006Wednesday 15 November – Stormy

Today I… worked, although there was a short-lived but quite violent storm, which took the roof off the Paddington Antique Centre.

16.11.2006Thursday 16 November – Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai

I’ve a day off work today, which is great. Both Ryan and I felt very “Friday” yesterday, and couldn’t have coped very well with working today. The downside, I suppose, is that I have to work Saturday.
I’ve begun the day by tweaking my new photo system—it now displays the newest photos first, multiple pages per category if there are over fifty photos in a category, and seems to be all working, as it should.
Bronwen and I drove out to the Cirque du Soleil and watched their “Varekai” performance for our second anniversary—truly, breathtakingly, amazing.

17.11.2006Friday 17 November – Working

Working, sadly. Haven’t yet figured out how to get rich quick.
Maz and I had a walk through the city, taking photos.

18.11.2006Saturday 18 November – Working

I’m working, sigh. Three to eleven.

19.11.2006Sunday 19 November – Relaxing

Bronwen and I went shopping.
Bronwen and I walked up to Clint’s, and then into the city and back.

20.11.2006Monday 20 November – Working

I’m working midday to eight o’clock this week, which isn’t such a bad compromise.

21.11.2006Tuesday 21 November – Work

I worked, and that—I’m sad to say—is about all.

22.11.2006Wednesday 22 November – Working & Walking

I had a normal day at work, followed by a short walk around the city, and then sleep.

23.11.2006Thursday 23 November – Dreaming & A Site Update

There was some sort of conflict. I was in control of a bridge over some river. Lots of cars and trucks were trying to cross the bridge, from their side into ours. I, and my men, on my command, had to shoot indiscriminately into them, to stop them. Once stopped, we then had to help the same people we’d just been shooting cross the bridge—in a more controlled manner, minus their cars. During this, we were strafed by the enemy, causing chaos and damaging the bridge. Then, we found that the enemy were on the ground, approaching from behind the fleeing refugees, so we had to hurry across as many as possible, while under fire from aircraft, before blowing up the bridge. The irony of shooting into the same people we then had to try and rescue, which delayed their crossing the bridge long enough that we didn’t have enough time to get them all across before coming under fire was very sad—but necessary. And then I woke up.
Marjorie moved all her stuff out today.
I decided it was finally time to get rid of the much-maligned red and green style from, and a few hours later—it’s got a new, aqua, “Windows Live Messenger” default colour theme inspired theme. In fact, every colour was grabbed directly from Windows Live Messenger, for want of better inspiration. It’s complex updating such an old site that’s been running for so long—I have no idea how parts of it work. I can’t remember when I first started it, but has it dating back to 2002, so I’m guessing I must have started it sometime late 2000 or early 2001, and there’s parts dating back to then still lurking, along with myriads of updates since then. Now it’s quite late, and I should get to bed.

24.11.2006Friday 24 November – Work

I worked.

25.11.2006Saturday 25 November – Dhoom 2

Bronwen and I had dinner at Tara Thai, followed by “Dhoom 2”, a Bollywood action film which will give James Bond a run for his money—it had about a thousand attractive women, and several amazing action heroes.

26.11.2006Sunday 26 November – Climbing & Shopping

Bronwen went climbing at Kangaroo Point. I walked down and took a few photos, and had lunch at a place in the valley with Bronwen and her climbing friends. In the afternoon, we went shopping at Indooroopilly.

27.11.2006Monday 27 November – Chaos

I’m on early shifts, seven to three, at EB.
We had a power failure, followed by a partial network failure and Exchange platform failure. This caused chaos, and stressed out Brendan who is performing his first day at WUG, along with Trevor.

28.11.2006Tuesday 28 November – The Borat Saga, Part 1

I worked.
Jalyn got back.
I’ve been trying to go see Borat ever since it came out last Thursday. Everyone was busy on Thursday so I arranged to see it with some friends on Friday. Come Friday, they were sunburnt and too tired—even though they then stayed up all night. Saturday I was seeing another movie, and Sunday was out. Monday people said they’d come, but not until Tuesday, and on Tuesday they couldn’t go because girls they were chasing wanted to go on Thursday.
  So, I decided I’d go anyway—but I couldn’t pre-book tickets as Bronwen said she’d probably come, but she wasn’t sure what time. Being the clever, modest, and organised individual that I am, I arranged to meet her at the cinema, well in advance of the movie, and had showered and left ready to catch the bus, with plenty of time to spare, when she called to say she’d rather come home first and get pizza. I advised her there would not be enough time, but women being women (fortunately, I suppose—women who aren’t women, or are UQ Union members, are disturbing), I ended up walking up to the pizza place, getting all hot and sweaty and ruining my lovely freshly-showered effect, to get pizza. Unsurprisingly, we then missed the bus, had to rush and catch another bus, amazingly still getting to the cinema just in time—to find that it was sold out.

29.11.2006Wednesday 29 November – The Borat Saga, Part 2

The air has evaporated and there’s just heat left.
The Borat drama continues. Maz and I drove to the “Creative Commons Salon” at QUT’s funny arty Kelvin Grove campus, meeting Bronwen there, arriving around six. Shortly before seven, Bronwen and I decided the Creative Commons event was nearly over, and we’d leave to go see Borat.
  Unfortunately, instead of catching a bus from the bus way stop, we decided there was a Normanby train station nearby, and headed off to find it. It became more and more obvious that there wasn’t a train station nearby when we became stuck on the wrong side of the freeway and the train line was on the other side, and when we ended up a fair way down a road that was going roughly the opposite direction to that we wanted to go.
  At around the same time the movie started, we got to the Normanby bus station (which was not close, and not a train station), all hot and sweaty from rushing. We then walked home, having again missed the movie.
  To make it even worse, I then checked online, and found that the Creative Commons Salon essentially started at seven—the period we’d stayed for was just the boring introduction speeches—so not only did we miss that, but we missed the movie too. Oh, and tonight was the last night the movie was showing at the large screen.

30.11.2006Thursday 30 November – The Borat Saga, Part 3

I’d like to try again to get to Borat, even if it isn’t on the big screen anymore, but I’m worried I may be hit by meteorites, or catch bird flu—though Maz has offered to come along, as apparently things don’t go wrong when he’s there. I’m not sure if Bronwen will want to come—I may still be in the ogre stage.
It’s a strange colour outside, and there’s no people. I’m not sure if I missed the announcement that Brisbane has been shut due to unexpected alien invasion, the apocalypse, “the perfect storm”, or what, but it’s quite eerie.
Later Morning
Oh, I have worked out why it’s eerie—the air evaporated yesterday, leaving just heat, and now it’s not hot anymore, so we’re surrounded by ectoplasm, the substance of strange, eerie-cold when it shouldn’t be.
Maz and I caught a bus into South Bank, arriving just mildly late, where we met Bronwen and watched “Borat”—a foolish, unamusing disappointment. I am not sure why other people in the cinema were laughing aloud—it’s worrying.

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