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26.01.2007Friday 26 January – Australia Day

I had a rather strange dream. I was in a space diner, presumably dining. That is, a diner out in space. John Travolta, Pulp Fiction style, was the waiter—as you would expect—and this small group, maybe five, of fearfully powerful, all-knowing four or five year old grown up babies arrived—without walking, as that’d be too normal. They just arrived—and while they seemed benevolent, there was a very uneasy atmosphere, as I just knew they weren’t normal—let’s face it, your average five year old doesn’t turn up at a space diner. It was a little more in-depth than that, but that’s the main gist. I’m not sure if it’s deeply meaningful, or not, but as I didn’t eat any curry last night, I figure it must be.
For dinner tonight, I ate a can of Mexican chilli beans, a can of corn, a cup of cream and custard, half a bag of corn chips and capsicum dip, two different sorts of chocolate (dark mint and green aero), iced coffee, and a cup of Milo containing a little milk and a dash of cream. That’s what happens when I turn up to work on a day when no one else works, and I’m already sleepy. My university training has stood me in good stead—why do something, when there’s still a whole night to do it? Sleep is for those who don’t have something that can’t be put off any longer due the next morning; an entire bottle of LA Ice cola costs less than a dollar, and there’s always Medicare, for those nights when you accidentally drink two litres of iced coffee as well as a litre and a quarter of cola, and come out in a strange rash. Thus, I learnt. Sometimes I even wonder what all those people who actually studied learnt—and bemoan what they missed.

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