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13.09.2003Saturday 13 September

Group Work
Group work sucks for merit based marking. How exactly can you expect to mark someone on his or her merit when someone else did the work? I spent a bit of time messing around with “our” ER diagram, eventually giving up. Ironically, the members of my group did eventually come online, one to tell me he’s going out, the other apparently not available until very late tonight, and the third to tell me how he’s pissed at the other two for not being here, so I decided to go out too. I didn’t feel mean enough to point out that he’d only turned up after I’d already spent hours working on “our” ER diagram.
Joe, Dave and Tonya had a barbecue, which I missed, as I wanted to see a movie.
I entrained to Indooroopilly, arriving at half past eight, just in time to see “Pirates of the Caribbean – the Curse of the Black Pearl”, but it was sold out so I went and ate some fried rice and saw the nine thirty screening instead. This was a bit risky as it finished only ten minutes before the last train, and the station is probably five minutes away. The movie was pretty average, as can be expected from a pirate movie, and it had a pathetic ending, as most movies do, although I enjoyed watching it, as I always do, and it was shown on the biggest screen seeing as it has just come out. They’re starting to advertise the third Matrix movie now too – it seems somewhat ironic after the failure of the last that they’re showing trailers that embody all the things that are wrong with the second movie.
The living dead
After watching the living dead at the cinema, it was interesting to run down to the train, catch it into Roma Street, and find the place swarming with more real live living dead. I’m glad I didn’t watch “28 Days”, as I didn’t have a machine gun handy – and I think it’s illegal to shoot them as I imagine they’re legally still considered human. Apparently, there was some Marilyn Manson concert somewhere, which would have been a good opportunity to eradicate them all, but, rather obviously, no one took the initiative so the living dead were going back to wherever it is that they normally avoid the light. When I hopped off my train and walked home in the dark, some time after one o’clock, it was comforting to know that somewhere behind me I had several guys wearing chains, spiked dog collars, painted white faces with blood red effects, and full leather bondage gear – and at least one girl in nothing more than underwear and fishnet, complete with vampire teeth.

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