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11.09.2003Thursday 11 September

Train Accident
I lazed in bed too long, and had to run hard to catch the train. I got to the station, exhausted, right about the same time the train leaves – in fact I could see the train only a few hundred metres from the station as I was approaching. Funnily, it didn’t seem to be any nearer by the time I’d run down the ramp and onto the station. It wasn’t any nearer an hour later either. A fire truck arrived, closely followed by an ambulance, then another ambulance, then some railway engineers, then another ambulance, three police cars and some railway public relations folk who went around organising taxis for all those passengers who had urgent appointments. It seems either the train hit somebody, or somebody hit the train. I’m not sure if it was a suicide or someone playing chicken, but they managed to shut down the station quite effectively. It took over an hour for Queensland Rail to hustle up some charter buses, the first of which transported the people from the injured train who must have been sitting in there over an hour. Shortly after that, a bus came and took a few others and me to the next station where I caught a train into uni as usual, although we had to wait for a clear track. I don’t fully understand why hitting someone has to close the entire station for hours, but I guess police and official procedure must have their way.
I alternatively ran and walked fast, from the train to the ferry, then from the ferry to uni, hoping to catch Marcus as he came out of the lecture I’d missed as I’d arranged to meet him and pick up a hard drive. I was about ten minutes too late, and also the group meeting our “Intro to Information Systems” (which is a fancy way of saying “Database”) group was having, and they’ve told me they missed my voice of reason and needed someone to tell them they didn’t know what they’re doing – perhaps they’re as delusional as I am?
VB Project
I got my Visual Basic project for our “Information Technology Project” marked by a tutor today. Mine worked, and met all the criteria, so I got twenty out of twenty. They weren’t marked very hard, and for a 20% mark, six-week long project, I’d have expected there to be a more involved marking process. I also met Marcus and got his hard drive.
Clint and Raymond showed me how to get to the “Ville”, a small shopping centre near uni – where I bought a veggie burger from Subway. We then walked around half of uni on the way back, lost Raymond, and I came home, skipping shopping as it was too late, using the hard drive I had as a poor excuse – I didn’t want to squash it or get it wet.
Comment by DM – Saturday 13 September 2003, 12:37 AM
  I heard about that train accident/delay from someone in my German class on Thursday morning. She arrived just in time to say hi to everyone as we were leaving the class. Also, congrats on the results of the VB project.
Comment by Ned – Saturday 13 September 2003, 1:43 PM
  Thanks :-)
Comment by io – Monday 15 September 2003, 11:35 AM
  "I’m not sure if it was a suicide or someone playing chicken".. lol that's a terrible uncertainty Ned! Oh well, lets just hope that he was playing chicken and it was all just an unfortunate and coincidental sequence of events.

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