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12.09.2003Friday 12 September

Ned slept in and missed his train – again. He needs to get to bed earlier, he said, noticing the ominous three on his clock. His train ride was made more interesting this morning, by playing “stares” with a good-looking girl who sat opposite him, something he’s not done since primary school and which seems sillily childish, but somehow funny. You know the game – see how long you can stare into someone’s eyes without looking away.
After arriving at uni, Ned went looking for Marcus but couldn’t find him, so went and did his written assessment for his “Information Technology Project”, writing a short, three-hundred-word report and drawing a small diagram. He’s hoping to get good marks in this, as he’s uncomfortably confident he’ll be getting abysmal results for his oral presentation. He finished his quite some time before anyone else, so he’s hoping that’s good and not bad. He then made his way down to the labs where he met Marcus looking for him, and returned his hard drive. After this, he found an INFS1200 tutor and tried to work out a problem his group had when trying to design an entity relationship diagram last night, but the tutor didn’t seem entirely confident himself, so he emailed his lecturer and arranged to meet her after his COMP2500 tutorial – which, as he didn’t need to present, went well. The lecturer, Shazia Sadiq, was quite helpful, explaining where he and his group had mistakenly interpreted the universe of discourse. She probably thinks he’s an idiot now, as the mistake was a simple grammatical one, incorrectly reading something in the first few lines of the assignment – however, the other three members in his group also made the same mistake so it’s probable many other people have as well. He’s not sure how many other people would have tried using disjoint inheritance, ternary relations, and/or constraints, looped relationships, object relational modelling, and actually skimmed the entire two chapters relating to entity relationship diagrams in his text, so that may have impressed her – or perhaps shown her that he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. One good thing about this group assignment – it’s forcing Ned to do something, rather than waiting until the last moment and panicking as he’s usually done in the past. On that note, one bad thing about this group assignment is that it’s forcing Ned to do something, whereas in the past he could have lazed about staring idly into space.
Something Ned forgot to mention – it has been rather hot both today and yesterday, seeming that winter has gone and summer has arrived.
Ned did his shopping today. It’s funny how he seems to run out of everything at once. He’d run out of nearly all his pastas, most of his herbs and spices and all his fruit and veggies except celery and mandarins. He hasn’t had milk for a week, his bread has gone stale, his parmesan cheese is struggling to become blue-vein cheese, his toothpaste needs medical implements to coax it from its tube, and his shaving cream isn’t much better – not to mention he’s totally out of cordial, cream, chocolate, biscuits, lollies, and running perilously low on ice cream.
Ned bought some “Cedel family anti-dandruff medicated foam” this evening, which he hopes is a posh way of saying “anti dandruff shampoo”, as he’s noticed he’s starting to get dandruff and it’s not going away, no matter what he does. He wonders if it’s to do with the water down here or his diet, but he has an inkling in the back of his mind that he’s read somewhere that dandruff is actually caused by a fungus or something weird like that. He should have a look online tomorrow and find out. Hopefully this will get rid of his dandruff without ruining his hair, and hopefully it’ll be permanent and it won’t come back. He’s hoping it’s not something permanent to do with the water or climate or some other unknown thing, as his sister reckons she gets dandruff if she uses her local water.
Comment by DK – Sunday 14 September 2003, 9:52 AM
  Good luck with playing stares ;-) and please look after and feed yourself :-)

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