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Year View| Summary| Highlights| July 2005 (Month View)

01.07.2005Friday 1 July – Cooktown, Bays & Black Mountain

We drove into town to book Bronwen’s flight and spent a pleasant evening exploring Finch and Cherry Tree Bays and Grassy Hill before finishing off with chips from the wharf and stargazing at Black Mountain – where we weren’t taken by a panther.

02.07.2005Saturday 2 July – Cooktown Markets

To town to see the markets I go, and meet Sarah and Vince I do. A milkshake from the Mad Cow Café I have, stopping at the Lion’s Den Hotel on the way home to pick up Mum. After such a morning, a relaxing evening thinking is to be had.

03.07.2005Sunday 3 July – Mandi’s Birthday Party

I walked up to Dad’s, where I spent a relaxing afternoon after a relaxing morning, and then headed up to Shan’s for the night. They were having a party to celebrate Mandi’s birthday (which is actually tomorrow, I think); I ate rich food and played Unreal Tournament.

04.07.2005Monday 4 July – Quiet, Relaxing

Quiet, relaxing, walking through the misting damp to Terex Dam and around the power line track discovering that someone is camping halfway along it.

05.07.2005Tuesday 5 July – Cooktown: Touristy & Wet

Bronwen and I drove into town where I paid $73.70 for my airfare to Cairns. We then spent the rest of the day avoiding the rain and doing touristy things, except for when Bronwen insisted on walking into an obviously impending rainstorm. We visited two art galleries, one museum, one cemetery (although it’s quite large and split into several sections, including old Chinese and Jewish sections), one supermarket, one Mad Cow Café (who made me some quite nice Nachos), one video store, and finally, kickboxing training where Bronwen ran away and couldn’t be found. We’d bumped into Shan, Kylie and Damien on their way to kickboxing and as movies are two dollars each on a Tuesday, we got out a few DVD’s and watched “The Whole Ten Yards” up at Shan’s place.

06.07.2005Wednesday 6 July – Results are Released

I spent a quiet and relaxing morning getting Bronwen’s computer to see my Windows Shares, and then made the mistake of checking my marks and calculating my GPA. The GPA averaging technique seems unfairly biased towards low marks – get a shocking mark once and it’s almost impossible to get your GPA to go up again. It seems to me that there should be some way of discounting once-off failures and obtaining a more indicative result. It seems wrong to penalise someone just because they went badly in their first year, even if they’ve gone really well in all their subsequent years, although looking on the bright side, even if I get abysmal marks next semester, my GPA will be reasonable.
My results have been released for the past semester’s studies. I’ve achieved a distinction (6) in both COMS4200 and PSYC1030, and a high distinction (7) in INFS3202. CSSE3004 is recorded as “In Progress” (IP) as it is a yearlong course. By this stage of my illustrious university career I’ve learnt that results are not that closely related to anything useful at all – UQ really needs to introduce some method of normalization across semesters. I attended a total of no lectures or tutorials for INFS3202, began the assignment at the last minute and didn’t have time to fully complete it (due to the Oracle server being absolutely crap) and my only study consisted of writing up an index of keywords in the lecture slides, yet I can get top marks. For PSYC1030 I attended all the lectures and tutorials but paid no attention, began its assignments a few hours before they were due (and after spending all night working on other subjects), and would have got a seven had not the exam been sixty-four multi-choice questions. UQ needs to ban the use of multi-choice questions as they quite obviously don’t really test anything at all – someone with a good knowledge of the subject matter is somewhat more likely to get higher marks, but that’s about as indicative as they get. I had hoped to get higher marks for COMS4200, and actually put a lot of work into the assignments (in my own slack way, even starting them earlier than the night before they were due), but sadly I was let down by my group (which was partly my fault for not organizing it better I suppose).
  In summary, I got what I was expecting for PSYC1030 and INFS3202, and while it would have been nice to get a seven for PSYC1030, I didn’t think it feasible given its exam so didn’t try. The courses themselves were a waste of time – I learnt nothing I hadn’t already known since primary school from PSYC1030, and INFS3202 was far too simplistic to be a third level course. COMS4200, on the other hand, was much harder, but still a disappointment – it had the same failing I’ve come to expect from all IT courses, falling firmly into the software engineering basket and not really providing much useful long-term information from an IT perspective. The assignments, while interesting, were group based and hence useless as a way of obtaining marks or measuring my skill and the mid-semester exam was also terrible, containing a stack of trick questions and failing, I feel, as an adequate indicator of anyone’s knowledge of the course material. That said, the lecturer was good and the course well taught.
  I’m not sure what the deal is with CSSE3004. I got eighty-five and a half of twenty-five percent out of one hundred... That’s typical of this course and I’m not sure what it means or if it’s good or bad, and they refuse to release any averages for the exam so I’ve no way of telling how I compare. I’m not even sure if this result has limited my marks or not. Having the final individual exam for a group-based course halfway through the course seems wrong, as a poor mark in the exam limits the possible grades for the rest of the year, and people who get poor marks are hardly going to be productive members of their groups.
Comment by io – Wednesday 13 July 2005, 12:13 AM
  Well done.
Comment by Ned – Wednesday 13 July 2005, 12:43 AM

07.07.2005Thursday 7 July – Cold Swimming & Relaxation

Bronwen went for an early morning swim in the icy cold water – which I was too intelligent to try. After that, we spent yet another relaxing day relaxing, which is what holidays are all about I suppose. In the afternoon we went for a walk out the Home Rule Road, checking out an old camp we lived at for a short while and taking some photos.

08.07.2005Friday 8 July – Jungle Walking & The Lion’s Den Hotel

We went for a walk through the rainforest out near Home Rule, following a few old mining tracks, heading across the hill at end of airstrip and randomly exploring. There’s a nice cross-section of different types of bush found up here, all occurring in a small area, and it’s a bit reminiscently nostalgic for me as it’s where I used to play all sorts of games with the Joneses when I was younger.
We had pizza, chips, and in my case, chocolate mud cake, at the Lion’s Den Hotel and stayed chatting until they closed.

09.07.2005Saturday 9 July – Shane Edmund’s Benefit Concert

We drove into Cooktown where we went and picked up Ricki and headed down to Shane Edmund’s Benefit Concert in the Lion’s Park. A pleasant night it turned out to be, complete with a walk up Grassy Hill in the dark to look at the lights of town and wedges with tomato sauce. Or it was pleasant, until on the way home, just after dropping Ricki back to her place, the car broke down. Fortunately, after a quick analysis, I found that the regulator had simply become disconnected from the alternator, leaving it rather unexcited, and the battery had subsequently discharged. Sarah rescued us by finding someone who was still packing up from the concert and who had jumper leads, and we proceeded home.

10.07.2005Sunday 10 July – Mount Cook & Archer Point

After a quiet morning doing exciting things such as sorting and tagging photos, we drove into Cooktown and walked up Mount Cook. This took considerably longer than I’d expected, as we walked up the long route – I’ve only ever gone directly up the steepest way before. Surprisingly, the wind at the top was only blowing at gale force, so we got a good view without being blown to our deaths. We then bought some traditional potato wedges, cleverly cooked, battered, and topped with time-honoured tomato sauce, and ate them on the way to Archer Point where Bronwen kicked and crunched poor innocent crabs.
Jade, Shan, Kylie, Damien and Ella turned up unexpectedly with Lion’s Den Pizza so we went back to their place and ate that before heading out to Home Rule where we laughed until three o’clock.
Comment by io – Saturday 23 July 2005, 3:18 AM
  I thought Bronwen was a nice little girl! :O

11.07.2005Monday 11 July – Bronwen Heads Home

A lazy day spent talking preceded a drive into town, and subsequently the aerodrome, where Bronwen departed.
Comment by io – Friday 15 July 2005, 3:31 AM
  Aww.. How sad.
Comment by Ned – Friday 15 July 2005, 3:08 PM
  It is, but I am surviving!

12.07.2005Tuesday 12 July – Cooktown & Matthew

I spent the morning messing around with my website. It now has fancy pop-up “nice titles” all over, and my “Amused” section almost freezes this (rather slow) computer, so I’m happy. I spent the evening at Matthew’s in town, having got a lift with Shan on their way into kickboxing. His car is broken, so Damien drove us in his. Matthew has bought a rather impressive computer/guitar interface, but hasn’t yet bought the computer to go with it. I spent the night arguing that wit is the best measure of intelligence with someone who was arguing that intelligence is intrinsically innate but intellect is learnt.

13.07.2005Wednesday 13 July – Videos at Shan’s

Citibank still hasn’t approved an account application made months ago, claiming we haven’t sent appropriate forms, so after reapplying I headed up to Shan’s to borrow his printer. We ended up having an enjoyable heart-to-heart chat and watching “Spiderman 2’ and “The Village”, interspersed with me returning home for dinner and to make a phone call, resulting in quite a late night.

14.07.2005Thursday 14 July – Cooktown & Kickboxing

This morning, when I turned on the computer, I noticed a striking lack of graphics. After turning the video display unit on and off a few times, I realized that it was actually displaying very dim graphics somewhat smaller and blurrier than expected for ten seconds or so, before turning itself back off. Being electronically adept myself, I used a clever trade secret – turning it on and off lots of times and hoping it would somehow fix itself until it did somehow fix itself, eventually staying on and slowly brightening and coming into focus.
I was driven to town by Shan, who also drove Kylie and Damien while Jade and Ella drove Craig’s Ute, which we filled with cement powder, rusty steel reinforcing and threaded rod from what was formerly “The Big Shed” but is now Mitre10 “Handy”. After this exciting diversion we headed to the Reef Café for sustenance and oral pleasure. Due to the low quality of the before mentioned sustenance, Jade, Ella and I walked up to Malee’s Thai Takeaway, where I met Peter and had a chat. Thai food is not my favourite, consisting mostly of meat and various Asian weeds, so I refrained from purchasing – discussing instead the various merits of Ella’s phone versus my own.
Shan and Kylie went kickboxing, with Damien watching, while Sarah, Jade, Ella and I went shopping at the supermarket where I managed to buy the two remaining pure, unthickened cream cartons. I then became hungry and desirous of wedges, so we all walked down to the wharf where I could, and did, satisfy my craving. After this, we walked back to kickboxing, which had morphed into belly dancing. We cleverly guessed that the rest would have gone to Sarah’s, where we did indeed find them. The girls then spent the next hour or so trying on various spare clothes Sarah was giving away, while Shan, Damien and I bought, and ate, pizza from Joe’s. Then we all drove home.

15.07.2005Friday 15 July – Ella, Not Concreting & Jianshe Updating

I slept in, as I occasionally do, before driving out to Home Rule where I chatted to Ella for a while. Jade has gone to Lakeland concreting, which is a little amusing as she’s only gone because I declined so as not to use up one of my few remaining days. I’ve received email confirming that I have been selected as a tutor to COMP1800, which brings up an interesting dilemma – how to handle time dependant acronyms?
Mum and I watched “Wake of Death”, a very average DVD. I then chatted to Bronwen for a couple of hours, during which Mum fell asleep in my bed, and as I’d been slack and not updated a website since being requested to a few days ago, I stayed up making the requested modifications until Mum woke up, which was quite late.

16.07.2005Saturday 16 July – Party at Shan’s

I added rather pointless comment addition form hiding code to my journal site, which rather pointlessly hides the comment addition form. Ella brought Sarah out from town and stopped at Shan’s. Jade was already at Shan’s. I drove to Shan’s. The girls tried burning marshmallows over gas, but claimed this did not work, so we lit a fire. Shan and Kylie disappeared and it was widely rumoured that Kylie was sulking or sick. Burning marshmallows over fire didn’t work much better. People partied, Kylie and Shan eventually emerging, Kylie having sculled something and being more the merrier for it. We all sat around the fire, alternating with going deaf inside with Shan’s new speakers, until four o’clock or so, at which point sensible people like me went to bed, and Jade and Sarah stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.
Comment by Not Thei – Friday 22 July 2005, 2:08 PM
  There are 10 types of ppl in the world ... those who know binary, those who don't
Comment by Mum – Friday 29 July 2005, 8:28 PM
  Yah, Binary. Good bloke. Not bad by half.
Comment by Not Thei – Thursday 4 August 2005, 4:20 PM
  Me not a boi

17.07.2005Sunday 17 July – Dinner at the Den

I had a quiet morning, waking at eleven. Jade and Sarah didn’t wake until after two. I took my hard drive up to Shan’s place and copied some data around. Unfortunately, he hadn’t installed the most recent service pack, so didn’t have support for drives over 137 GB. This meant that the data he had put on was all corrupted when I got it back to my place, and I had to spend an hour or two watching numbers scroll past while Windows fixed pointless things like invalid security descriptors on every file on the drive. This was particularly annoying, as I had had a nice family dinner at the Den, and was quite tired and hadn’t really planned to watch scrolling numbers for hours.

18.07.2005Monday 18 July – Relaxing

Quite probably my last truly relaxing Monday for a while.

19.07.2005Tuesday 19 July – Silas & Cairns

I packed, chatted to my parents, was driven into Cooktown, and flew to Cairns. The flight was nicely uneventful. I took many pictures of an amazing sunset as we were flying over the clouds. Once in Cairns, Silas picked me up from the airport and we drove out to one of the beaches where he bought a car, which I then drove back to his place. Silas himself went to bed at a reasonable time, but I stayed up until very late chatting to one of his flatmates.

20.07.2005Wednesday 20 July – Cairns, Silas, Darryl & Raymond

Silas woke up, we had a chat, and then he headed into work. I went back to bed, not feeling remarkably awake. I woke up some time later when Darryl woke up, and showered and got a lift with her to Westcourt and a bus from there into the city.
Raymond forced me to eat an Indian curry as fast as I could, by insisting on coming and seeing me with exactly ten minutes warning. We went for a walk along the Esplanade, and then drove out to Earlville where we spent the afternoon watching “Bewitched” and “The Fantastic Four”. Neither were very good, with “Bewitched” earning itself three quarters of “The Fantastic Four”, which in turn earned itself one and a third of “Bewitched”, at a quarter of a true lie. Still, they filled the evening and were entertaining, which is their purpose I suppose.
My Jetstar Airbus A320-200 was twenty-five minutes late, due to a 180 kilometre an hour headwind, not arriving until after eleven o’clock. I had a nice sleep on the way down, and a very nice Bronwen waiting for me.
Comment by io – Sunday 31 July 2005, 11:33 PM
  Well you could have suggested 15 minutes before I arrived...
Comment by Ned – Monday 1 August 2005, 5:30 PM
  But you insisted...

21.07.2005Thursday 21 July – Bronwen & Uni

I stayed at Bronwen’s, arriving too late last night to head to Joe’s. I went to uni during the day, where I couldn’t install Apache on the lab machines due to an obscure installer problem and had to borrow Maz’s laptop. After getting sick of uni, Maz and I went and saw Clint in his new place.

22.07.2005Friday 22 July – Joe’s & Uni

I headed out to Joe’s, where he somehow saw me coming through a solid metal sliding door. I unpacked and, having my priorities right, put the hard drive I took up north into the computer and started it. Unfortunately, my USB hub then went insane and the computer randomly reset. I figured that it was overloading the power supply, so removed two DVD drives and tried again. This time it worked but I didn’t have a modem, and trying to install one resulted in a BSOD. I re-seated the modem, which seemed to make it happy, and now have the hard drive sitting on the top of my PC and can listen to great songs like “Technologic” by Daft Punk – the song itself is repetitive and boring, but the lyrics are brilliant: “Buy it, use it, break it, fix it. Trash it, change it, melt – upgrade it. Charge it, pawn it, zoom it, press it. Snap it, work it, quick – erase it. Write it, cut it, paste it, save it. Load it, check it, quick – rewrite it. Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it. Drag and drop it, zip – unzip it. Lock it, fill it, curl it, find it. View it, coat it, jam – unlock it. Surf it, scroll it, pose it, click it. Cross it, crack it, twitch – update it. Name it, rate it, tune it, print it. Scan it, send it, fax – rename it. Touch it, bring it, obey it, watch it. Turn it, leave it, stop – format it.” I think that pretty much sums up the life of most IT students.
This uni before uni begins thing isn’t that good – I feel as though I’ve just completed an assignment. I’ve just spent hours at uni fighting broken computers, to make an Apache, PHP and MySQL auto-installer which isn’t drive specific and is small enough to run on the limited space we’re given at uni. Apparently something big broke at both ITEE and ITS today, meaning hardly anything worked, usually right when I needed it. Running programs tend to do strange things when they go to swap some of themselves into memory and find they’re no longer available. Ironically, after being told that the IT folk were quite unhelpful, overworked, and would not provide any assistance, meaning lecturers have to get people like me to do their job for them, I was told I could personally install my stuff into the lab image if wanted. It would be nice to turn off all the annoying Windows things, like the firewall, auto-updates, desktop cleanup popup, etc.

23.07.2005Saturday 23 July – Brass, Percussion, Fireworks!

I, along with Bronwen and half of Brisbane, went and watched the Lord Mayor’s Gala Concert “Brass, Percussion, Fireworks!” held at River Stage. It was a bit cold and the areas of me in direct contact with the ground weren’t as happy as the rest of me, but it made a nice change from a normal night.

24.07.2005Sunday 24 July – War of the Worlds

I went and saw “War of the Worlds” at Southbank with Bronwen. I quite enjoyed it, even if its title is something of a misnomer. I bestow upon it three and a half fantastic fours.
Comment by Aaron – Saturday 30 July 2005, 6:44 AM
  Have you ever read the book? If so, did you enjoy it? I have, and I did, and I'm sure there's a place in hell for Steven Spielberg -- as if 'A. I.' wasn't enough to ensure that.
Comment by Ned – Saturday 30 July 2005, 1:47 PM
  I think the movie was OK – it just wasn’t a remake of the original.

25.07.2005Monday 25 July – Uni, Spiegeltent & The Genes

I attended uni, where I finished building an Apache, PHP and MySQL installer for COMP1800. This theoretically simple task has been hindered by ridiculous installer problems and several university hardware failures – but I think it’s all finished now.
Bronwen and I went and saw two bands at the Spiegeltent. It is a strange thing – an ornate (apparently hand-sewn) wooden tent from Bavaria, full of a lot of mirrors and stained glass. I can’t remember what the first act was, but the second, “The Genes”, were quite energetic and enjoyable. A pleasant night was had.
Comment by DM – Saturday 30 July 2005, 11:54 AM
  What installer program did you end up using?
Comment by Ned – Saturday 30 July 2005, 1:46 PM
  The installer I was having problems with was the Microsoft one.

26.07.2005Tuesday 26 July – Course Enrolment

I am back at uni. Someone had mentioned yesterday that I might not be able to do more than two first year free electives in my degree, so I went and asked at the ITEE office. They told me that I could not do more than four units (two normal courses) of first year free electives. This was a major problem, as I had enrolled in three first year free electives this semester, and had also done one last semester. Fortunately, rather than just believing the girl from the office, I chose to look for loopholes. I went and saw Philip Machanick, who spent quite some time going through my current and past studies and mapping them over to the new degree plan. He concluded that I had done everything I needed to graduate, and could do whatever I wanted now – but he couldn’t guarantee it so I went and saw Peter Robinson. Peter ran quickly through my course list and agreed with what Philip had worked out, but also couldn’t guarantee it. I wasn’t willing to risk getting to the end of the year and finding that I couldn’t graduate, or had to pay full fees, so I went and got an official graduation check from the faculty. This normally takes an exorbitant length of time at this time of year, but I needed to know by tomorrow, so I could finalise my enrolment without missing everything. Fortunately I was able to find the lady who handles ITEE graduation checks, and she gave me one on the spot – if I pass all my courses, I will graduate under the current plan, and can select pretty much any major I want, not that there’s a very large selection.
I am enrolled in “PHIL1000 Introductory Philosophy”, “PHIL1020 Introduction to Logic”, “PSYC1020 Introduction to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psychology” and still “CSSE3004 Advanced Information Technology Project”. I am also tutoring “COMP1800 Information Technology Project” and working evenings. This should keep me reasonably busy. I am fairly happy with this selection of courses, although only time will tell if they’re any good. They should be a lot more fun than IT courses, and I think they’ll look as good as anything else on my record. The psychology course, in conjunction with the one I took last semester, will demonstrate my skill and understanding of the nature, functioning and development of the human mind, and prove my superior understanding of human emotions, perception, communication, and so on. The two philosophy courses, and in particular the one about logic, will show any potential employer that I’m a logical and discerning thinker, interested in more than just programming, and that I’m passionate about the pursuit of wisdom, truth and knowledge. Of course, I’ll probably not learn anything from any of them, but I’ll not phrase it quite like that on a job application.
I went to Clint’s, and we walked to Guyatt Park and caught the City Cat from there into the city. Cold Rock was closed, so today I didn’t have a milkshake. We then went to the Spiegeltent where we met the beautiful Bronwen and watched crazy people dancing crazy dances until Clint had to catch the last City Cat back to his place and Bronwen and I walked off into the night.
Comment by Maz – Saturday 30 July 2005, 2:07 PM
  Thats such a load of crap. But seeing I am doing the same courses it's handy to know the bullshit to spin.
Comment by Reubot – Saturday 30 July 2005, 5:36 PM
  The #4 level 1 free elective max is actually for the BE. Also, I assume you are going to get the Systems & Networks major?
Comment by Mum – Thursday 4 August 2005, 7:07 PM
  Good onyou Maz, whoever you are. "Superior understanding of human emotions, perception, and .. " whatever it was. Oh yes, perceptions, communication etc. Sigh. And you are doing the same courses? Poor fella you. Wonder what your Mum would say. Very much a whole load. Only life itself gives one any sort of "understanding".
Comment by Mum – Thursday 4 August 2005, 7:11 PM
  Understanding means "standing under" as in humble. As in "standing under" a learning experience or a life tutor and by life tutor I do not mean necessarily that which one meets in class at Uni. To "under stand" one has to "stand under" and be humble and to accept. Okay, that is enough to embarrass Himself and get me into trouble.

27.07.2005Wednesday 27 July – Uni

Another day at uni, back into the grind – I’m checking tutorial things for Soon and making sure everything runs nicely.
Back at work again.

28.07.2005Thursday 28 July – Uni

I slept in until ten o’clock, which I needed. I then headed into uni where I met my CSSE3004 group and we finalised our reflective review and project report, which are both due tomorrow morning.
I worked.

29.07.2005Friday 29 July – Too Early & Too Projected

I had to be at uni by eight o’clock for a CSSE3004 lecture, which meant getting up at six o’clock. Unfortunately I didn’t go to bed until three hours before that. I had a sneaking suspicion I wouldn’t feel like getting up, so I set three staggered alarms, five minutes apart. This seemed to work, although I did have to run for the train. My CSSE3004 group wasn’t scheduled to sign-off on our optional functionality proposals and individual components until eleven o’clock, so there wasn’t really any great reason that I had to get to uni by eight o’clock. Darren agreed with our optional functionality proposals, but not our individual components. He wouldn’t let me do the “XHTML PDA Interface Only” option I had selected, claiming that this was not “proper” programming. While he does have a point, his alternative, which I chose against my will, was to develop the PDA Menu Viewing component, is actually considerably simpler in scope. I tried to argue that this was no longer an “individual” component, as my marks would now depend on the development of other components in the system, but was told that it was an individual component that had to be developed entirely individually except in a group, based on the work the rest of the group has done... I’m not very happy about this, as I did not want to develop this specific component in this way as it forces an inefficient task breakdown and will result in extra difficulties, a lack of cohesion and duplication of effort. We now have a situation where two people are responsible for almost identical components, which rely on various shared components. My group were starting to look a bit askance at my argument by this stage, so I thought I had better drop it and accept Darren’s alternative option. Stupid course.
Kieran, Maz and I drove to Kieran’s, where he and Maz went all geeky. I walked down to Indooroopilly, met Clint and bought lunch. After our lunch, we all drove to Umart where Clint bought a computer. Maz put it together back at Kieran’s, and Kieran dropped me at the Ville, where I bought dinner and headed into work, which was reasonably hectic – I ended up running all over campus and running out of time. Hans drove me to Roma Street, where I caught the train home. For some reason, the train was full of a ridiculous amount of young girls, all seemingly very stupid and obviously on their way somewhere.
Comment by io – Sunday 31 July 2005, 11:58 PM
  You seem to have a fair bit of luck running into young girls.
Comment by Ned – Saturday 6 August 2005, 1:18 PM
  Yet I never seem to have my pitchfork with me at the time...

30.07.2005Saturday 30 July – The Island

I come into city and meet Clint at Kipps’ room and Clint and I go to city and we see “The Island” at South Bank. It gets one and a half fantastic four’s. I then go to Bronwen’s, being unable to phone her due to obscure phone problems, which makes me angry.

31.07.2005Sunday 31 July – Relaxing

A quiet day, finished off with a lovely dinner at an Indian place in West End.

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