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Year View| Summary| Highlights| April 2005 (Month View)

01.04.2005Friday 1 April – Fool’s Day

I spent a disheartening day at uni realising I didn’t have a chance at finishing my CSSE3004 “deliverable” today, before shopping, heading home, and spending a heartening night – after recovering my girlfriend from a train that wouldn’t stop.
Comment by Mum – Monday 4 April 2005, 7:35 PM
  Do trains stop on April Fool's Day?
Comment by Ned – Monday 4 April 2005, 11:51 PM
  I didn’t come across any April Fool’s jokes, and forgot it was today until too late to do any of my own, unfortunately.

02.04.2005Saturday 2 April – Surfers Paradise

Relaxation and enjoyment was enjoyed, while relaxing.
I entrained for Surfers Paradise after a relaxing morning, going for a walk and chat along the beach, followed by a swim, and finally, as dusk chased the heat away, a kebab.
Bronwen went for a swim topless, impressing me no end.
I watched “Enter the Dragon”.

03.04.2005Sunday 3 April – Lazy & Freudian

Bronwen and I lazed around for most of the morning, eventually heading into the city in time for Bronwen to meet Alana, who she hadn’t seen in ages.
I had a relaxing morning, getting up some time later and heading into the Valley (having forgot to purchase a ticket, remembering only when the ticket collectors turned up), where I got a free Palace Centro Movie Club membership, veggie “Subway”, and a Cold Rock Super Shake. I then swapped twenty-five dollars in notes for twenty-two dollars in small change from some bloke with a fake gun and caught the train home – which seems to be a bad deal somehow.
I sat and read about Freud’s ridiculous theories on the development of children and their relationships with their parents, while a small boy on the train in the seat in front of me argued with his mother – he wanted to “get back inside” her, to be a baby again, and wouldn’t take no as an answer. The ironic homology between the two struck me, and then I was tired and slept, before arriving home and finishing off the Indian food we’d ordered last night.
Comment by Mum – Monday 4 April 2005, 7:38 PM
  Gah. Bah. Freud ought to have laid all the stuff he had envisaged for others, on himself, and then we would have seen how screwed up he became. Poor fellow.

04.04.2005Monday 4 April – Sick

I felt sick all day. Feeling sick all day is bad. Queuing theory is bad. The people in my COMS4200 tutorial, and the gormless questions they ask, are bad. “Gormless” is a good word. Cryptic hieroglyphic-like mathematics is bad. Vending machines without milk are bad. Having to work on CSSE3004 deliverables all day while feeling sick is also bad. Chez Tessa’s Mixed Veggie Satay is good. Not getting home until after eleven o’clock is bad. The three drunken girls on the train were probably bad, and the noisy lesbian on probation, avoiding her rehab, was almost certainly bad. But I’m a happy bloke and not judgemental.
Ice creams that melt and drip down the stick are bad, although good for sore throats. They are particularly bad on trains without tissues. Trains without tissues are bad, now I think of it. Pringles are good. Hot showers are good. Pringle powder in the eye is bad. Nearly anything other than eyeballs in the eye is bad, apart from sparkles. Having to get up in seven hours is bad.
Comment by Jojo – Tuesday 5 April 2005, 9:52 AM
  I concur, CSSE3004 is bad. simply bad. *shudder*

05.04.2005Tuesday 5 April – Schizophrenia, Persuasion & Project Deliverables

Being a Tuesday, which is neither a Monday or Wednesday, nor a Thursday or Friday, makes today somewhat special. It’s also the day before tomorrow and the day after yesterday – a unique position quite irrelevant to anything other than the present, which is always the past just as soon as you realise it. Nothing quite this profound was in my psychology lecture, instead learning the basics about schizophrenia and persuasion. Both lectures were interesting although the schizophrenia ones were sadly biased and narrow minded in the way typical of the medical profession. Maz and I, and two girls, did a practice exam in the tutorial. We came second, but the team who beat us cheated – looking up their answers in their notes, so I think getting seventeen out of twenty-three is a reasonable result for an unexpected practice exam when the only other team to do better still only got eighteen, even with checking their notes. This gives me a little confidence for the actual exam.
I spent the night at Kieran’s, after an unexciting night in the labs programming for CSSE3004.

06.04.2005Wednesday 6 April – Project Deliverables, Deliriously

Today is the sort of day that shouldn’t be, but was – or as a certain White Rabbit might say, “Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting”. CSSE3004’s demonstration loomed large and fast, tomorrow midday, while the deliverable I would have to demonstrate didn’t. Because of this, Maz and I ended up in the labs until four AM, which is great fun after two litres of iced coffee, but remarkably less so in the morning. I went to bed at Maz’s at about the same time as Hollie’s alarm went off the first time. She then snoozed it several times, so I had to stay awake listening for it to go off again. This might be a fun game under some circumstances, but it is not a refreshing one.

07.04.2005Thursday 7 April – Project Deliverables Demonstrated

Maz and I made our way to uni, incoherently tired, and found ourselves unable to find any parking other than the guest parking at Women’s college. After this brilliant start to the day, we attended our CSSE3004 demonstration – which was depressingly trivial. After spending so much time implementing, anticipating and checking everything I could think of, I was tested on four trivial operations – one of which failed, as it simply hadn’t occurred to me. No credit was given for any functionality, only detracted if any of the four tested functions didn’t work correctly. This is a really crap and uninspiring way of testing, but perhaps the only feasible one – and we were aware in advance it would be something like this.
  After the presentation, Maz, Craig and I spent the afternoon working on our COMS4200 file transfer client and server applications.
Work was quiet, as was the train home, and I’ve run out of Pringles.

08.04.2005Friday 8 April – File Transfer Server-Clients & Excellent Tutoring

I attended a presentation for tutoring excellence, where I was awarded for being an excellent tutor, along with three others, and four others who were nearly excellent, and where I nearly choked to death. After chatting to Ken and Darren for half an hour at the presentation, I headed up to their office to complain about losing half of half a mark for allowing the thirty-first of April as a date, and ended up chatting for another half hour, and gaining some insight into what they’re trying to do with this course, but not my half of half a mark.
I had read the entire FTP RFC on the train into uni, to get into the mood. Once there, Maz and Craig worked on their coding for our COMS4200 assignment, while I wrote the documentation and anything else still needed. It was due at three, and we submitted it on the dot of three, having not had time to write a makefile, and accidentally submitting a non-working version. We then rushed up to see the lecturer, only to find that all groups of three had received an extension until midnight tomorrow. This met with a bemused, although appreciative, response after we’d just spent all day stressing to meet a three o’clock deadline and then effectively missed it.
I rushed around at work, getting quite hot, as I’d decided to test many things because it was raining and there was almost no one at uni.
Bronwen called and invited me home, and then came and picked me up.
Comment by krait – Thursday 14 April 2005, 12:59 PM
  Congratulations on not nearly choking.
Comment by Ned – Friday 15 April 2005, 10:05 AM
Comment by kathryn – Friday 15 April 2005, 9:56 PM
  today i turned 20
Comment by Ned – Tuesday 19 April 2005, 12:34 AM
  Happy Birthday! :-)

09.04.2005Saturday 9 April – More COMS woe

We were supposed to have finished our COMS4200 assignment yesterday – or if I’d had my way, over a week ago, but didn’t. This meant that Maz and I had to rush into uni early and fix all the crazy bugs – which took quite a while, and the day was well on its way to evening by the time I’d managed to leave uni and get back to Bronwen’s place. We encountered exciting problems such as impossibilities, which simply had to be deleted and rewritten twice, and then worked fine. I wasn’t that happy when my team members hadn’t managed to get their code working while I’d had mine mostly finished nearly two weeks ago – or when Maz sent me a message around midnight saying he was drinking Vodka and unlikely to get to uni this morning, but it all ended well. I think we even ended up each doing a similar amount of work.
I ate, watched “Dune”, and pretended my throat didn’t have a horrible tickle in it, which it has had ever since staying up until four o’clock and drinking two litres of iced coffee.

10.04.2005Sunday 10 April – Relaxation

After a very needed relaxing morning, I went for a walk around the city, buying a kebab from a shop in the West End, eating it (unsurprisingly), and pondering the meaning of the rainbow colouring of Stefan’s phallic symbol, as well as buying a Cold Rock Super Shake and a Slurpee – which is not a good combination, and probably doesn’t go with felafel that well either.
I bought a bottle of wine for Bronwen’s parents as a thank you for Stradbroke, and a nice dinner was had.

11.04.2005Monday 11 April – Queuing Theory & Sahara

For some reason I got to uni remarkably fast – even though I caught what should have been the slowest bus. This meant I had time to have both a milkshake and Thai Veggie pie before my COMS4200 lecture, where I learnt more queuing theory. It’s nice to have a reasonably paced course for a change – I guess this sounds egotistical, but I think I was too intelligent for most of the courses I’ve done so far, not finding them challenging or interesting. That said, queuing theory isn’t interesting, it’s a pile of math. I also realised that the PSYC1030 exam is on the Saturday of the ANZAC long weekend. Having an exam Saturday evening in a long weekend effectively destroys the long weekend for any student required to attend this exam, rather obviously. Saturday morning would have been far better, and a date during the week, or on a normal weekend, far better again. I’m curious to know the justification for choosing the single worst available time for this exam, and the criteria one must meet to gain an exemption from sitting it, as I do not plan to ruin an entire long weekend for a single forty-five minute multi-choice exam – nor do I plan to be penalised for this. I wasn’t aware that university could, or would, sit exams on the weekend outside exam period, and I’m curious if they’re allowed to require attendance on the weekend.
After my exciting attendance at uni, I caught a City Cat with Clint, Scruff and Clus, stopping at the Regatta where I was picked up by Kieran and Marcus, and went and saw “Sahara” at Indooroopilly. It is a particularly bad movie, but as my mental state wasn’t at its most discerning (being around the level of giggling at the famous pineapple joke – Why did the bus crash? Because the driver was a pineapple!) I enjoyed it. It also managed to produce a few interesting fractions when rated against the other movies I’ve seen recently; “Sahara” gets one sixth of an “Alexander”, five forty-seconds of an “Ong Bak”, or five forty-eighths of a “True Lie”, which reminds me – I need to take my calculator to uni tomorrow. This reminds me that I need to get to sleep so I can get to uni, so that I’m awake enough to use my calculator tomorrow practicing for my COMS4200 exam.
  Joe was home when I got home, so he’s presumably back from his holiday, although I haven’t been here in days, so I’m not sure when he got back.

12.04.2005Tuesday 12 April – Chinese Portuguese

A train journey into uni, through the rain, was quite pleasant. Psychology lectures filled the drizzling morning, where anything I may have learnt was drowned out by a cacophony of somniferous blatancy. A psychology tutorial followed, where first years were told how to write an essay – and even given catchy phrases to use.
I began to write my CSSE3004 reflective review – something that should not have taken more than an hour, but due to distractions, a lack of inspiration, and its conversion midway to third person, Maz and I had to head towards the city before I’d written more than a paragraph. It seems that most of the east coast had also decided to drive into Brisbane, and the few who hadn’t were happily driving out of Brisbane. One of the unfortunate properties of a car is that it’s very solid and quite unable to continue when behind another car, which itself is behind another car, which they were, ad infinitum – or at least until Brisbane. It took an hour to get into the city, even with driving through roundabout back streets.
I had Portuguese vegetables at a Chinese place in the Valley. They were quite yummy, and not as scary as the fungi elsewhere. I then had a pleasant walk and sat in a park for a while, but it got quite cold – winter approaches.

13.04.2005Wednesday 13 April – Tired & Reflecting

I finished off writing my CSSE3004 reflective review. It was starting to sound stupid in third person, so I converted it to a radio transcript of an interview between myself and I – hopefully whoever marks it has some sense of humour. After submitting that, I spent the evening writing an index of my COMS4200 lecture notes for the upcoming exam, not doing as much as I should have, and having to cut them short to go to work. Work ended up being an easy night, as I had to stick around to do tape changes, and watch “Centre Stage”. All up, a pretty slack day – which is probably fortunate, as I’m so tired.

14.04.2005Thursday 14 April – Groups

Today’s CSSE3004 lecture began with a “feedback” session, which ended up being more of an opportunity for Ken to explain why he’s doing unpopular things, than anything else. Unfortunately I was busy designing a reliable protocol to run on top of UDP and entirely forgot to complain about the non-release of tutorial answers. On the bright side, I got back my half of a half mark that I’d lost for the demonstration, giving me full marks.
  We formed groups in the workshop after lectures. I’m in group Q, which is probably a far better group than I could have hoped for. There are seven members, all apparently intelligent high achievers aiming for high marks, and I already know four of them, at least vaguely. I’d been worried I’d end up with a group with some sort of major problem, but I think our biggest problem will be a power struggle, and associated problems getting any decisions passed – which isn’t half as bad as it could have been. I could have ended up with a group who barely understood English and couldn’t be understood themselves, or who just didn’t care.
After a rushed night’s work, I caught a City Cat into the city. It’s quite nice on the City Cat at night – the city lights on the river and the cool breeze flying past.
I met Bronwen and her parents at South Bank, and spent the night at her place.
Comment by Maz – Saturday 16 April 2005, 4:52 PM
  A crappy group would really suck for this project.
Comment by Jojo – Sunday 17 April 2005, 12:41 PM
  Your group is amazing. it has all of the smartest dudes in the class. and i think your analogy of potential problems is good.
  we'll all know at the end of the year, eh?

15.04.2005Friday 15 April – Not Studying Queuing Theory

Here I am sitting in the labs, the sun filtering through the closed blinds, tired and avoiding learning queuing theory. I feel mildly sick after eating a foot-long sub for breakfast, but am avoiding the cure of all ills – milkshakes.
I’m now hungry, and still haven’t started studying for COMS4200. I have, however, been discussing life, Excel, and CSSE3004. I think I’ll go for a wander outside and see if I can find something to eat, then I’ll come back and study hard.
Now that I’ve finished my strawberry thick shake, I think I’ll make a start on the queuing theory.
I’ve now finished my index of lecture notes and tutorial answers, and am facing the horrible prospect of having to actually summarise some formulae and learn things.
I’ve just got back from lodging a credit limit increase form and buying an apple turnover and chips, to find that I’ve been logged out, presumably by Scruff who was here with Corrosive before I left, being annoying.
I’m now entirely sick of queuing theory – but haven’t really studied that much. I’ve been showing Jervina my CSSE3004 demonstration, and she showing me hers, and generally procrastinating.
DM and I are off for a walk to the Ville, to obtain food before we begin work.
Work begins, and continues through to nine o’clock, at which point I wait for forty minutes until my bus leaves, whereupon I also leave, arriving twenty minutes later at the train station, upon which both I, and my Slurpy, entrain for home.
Comment by Mum – Sunday 17 April 2005, 11:02 AM
  Does Bronwen know about Slurpy and yourself?

16.04.2005Saturday 16 April – Barbecues & Phone Bills

I spent all morning putting together a gas barbecue with Joe, before discovering that the phone had been barred from making long distance calls, due to an unpaid bill. This did not make Joe remarkably happy.
I called the Cooktown Bike place about hiring bikes.
I caught the train into the city, reading some COMS4200 notes on the way.
I spent a nice night at Bronwen’s, marred only by myself getting into a mood as I’d thought we were going up Mt Cootha, but instead ended up having a quiet wine and dine.

17.04.2005Sunday 17 April – Connections & Insane Shop Attendants

After a relaxing and lovely morning in bed, I went and watched the culmination of “Connections”, apparently some type of music and arts festival orientating around the connections between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, at the Judith Wright Centre in the Valley. I also met the self-proclaimed “friendliest Night Owl operator” on earth – who sold me a flavoured milk and breakfast bar for one dollar, a saving of nearly five dollars, and Bronwen a large frozen Coke free – a one hundred percent saving. I couldn’t help wondering if the body of the real shop attendant was lying out the back somewhere – one never knows in the Valley.

18.04.2005Monday 18 April – Networks Two Exam

I had planned to get to uni early and study for my COMS4200 mid-semester exam. I even set my alarm for half past six – and even woke up then, but experienced some technical difficulties getting out of bed, not arriving at uni until after eight o’clock. I made up some study time by catching the City Cat in rather than the bus, and studying on it. For the actually exam, I used up all the time given, but managed to answer all the questions, so am hoping for a good mark but only time (or the lecturer) will tell.
Noon, used here in its traditional sense as the ninth hour from sunrise, occurred around about the time I finally actually began working on my COMS4200 assignment.
I had my first CSSE3004 group meeting. As it was the initial meeting, I’d not prepared anything (not knowing what others would prepare and being too lazy to risk duplication of effort). We all chatted for an hour, not coming up with anything life changing, but arranging what we need to do for the coming week and next meeting.

19.04.2005Tuesday 19 April – The Interpreter

Today began too early, exacerbated by yesterday ending too late. PSYC1030 was its usual blatantly obvious self. I think Maz sums it up best – “first a lecture on mood disorders that women are more than twice as likely to have... then a lecture on sexism that tells me I can’t point that out...” I was actually quite annoyed by the propagandist assumptions; racism or women in the workplace, for example, may or may not be bad, but it is not the place of a psychology lecturer to teach that it is unconditionally bad, without any discussion, evidence, or proof – yet expect everything else to have some type of proof. I don’t care how politically incorrect an issue may be – unscientific and baseless assumptions have no place in a scientific course, particularly not when they’re used as the basis for other assumptions. I also forgot to give Maz a lead I had for him.
Maz and I bought our usual lunch from Chez Tessa before heading to our PSYC1030 tute, where we continued to keep our somewhat nefarious reputations going by turning up late with steaming hot food, skittles, strawberry milk and yoghurt, and blaming the distance to Chez Tessa for our lateness. At least Maz walked into the room first this time – eliciting a comment from the tutor that he’s not the sidekick today. I again forgot to give Maz a lead I had for him.
After filling out my timesheet for CSSE3004, reviewing our group’s draft project charter, wrecking our repository, and doing a bit more on our COMS4200 assignment, I felt the urgent need for a mindless movie. This was satiated by “The Interpreter”, which I saw at Indooroopilly with Raymond. The journey there was a little different – I chatted to three “secretaries”, also on their way to the movies, dressed à la stereotypical “porno movie” secretaries, and acting the part, but claiming to work at UQ. After the movie, which earned itself six Sahara’s, Maz came to get the lead I kept forgetting I had for him, and drove Raymond back to college and myself into Roma St, where I promptly forgot to give him the lead and caught the train home.
Comment by Dog – Thursday 5 May 2005, 8:32 PM
  update, Ned. PLEASE. We're dying...
Comment by Ned – Friday 6 May 2005, 3:08 AM

20.04.2005Wednesday 20 April – Curry & Credit

Curry at South Bank. Quite nice. Nearly paid using someone else’s credit card. Store manager not happy.

21.04.2005Thursday 21 April – I

I did not have a good day. I had management lectures, workshops and tutorials at uni. I had work at night. I missed the train home. I discovered it is a seventy-five dollar fine for walking when the red man says to stop. I sat and tried not to listen to a loud, incessant and annoying alarm at Central Station. I walked through the rain.

22.04.2005Friday 22 April – SMS & IBM

Last Night
I tried sending an SMS to myself, and the phone beeped. I removed it from the charger, and it didn’t beep. I reinserted the charger, changed settings, removed it, and so on, and now it seems to beep.
I was very sleepy, due to not going to bed until late. This is a known side effect. I caught the train into the city, reading my psychology notes on the way. Once at uni, a little later than usual, I began to procrastinate, read the newsgroups, and consider beginning my INFS3202 practicals, due this evening. In retrospect, I should probably have begun them about an hour earlier than I did, as I had all sorts of problems caused by not reading the instructions, and missed BITS’s IBM talk.

23.04.2005Saturday 23 April – Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social, & Clinical Psychology Exam

I had planned to head into uni early to study, but the best laid plans of mice and men are easily thwarted by beautiful women. Maz and I did manage to read the first eighth of the first chapter, and the headings for each section of most of the second chapter. This is probably not comprehensive study, but I was finished by the end of perusal nonetheless, and I got nineteen out of twenty-four correct. That is why you should never go to a psychologist. Maz went to sleep in his exam.

24.04.2005Sunday 24 April – Mount Barney

Bronwen and I walked up Mount Barney until it got dark where we, very fortunately, found a tent-sized flat spot amongst the rocks and cliffs.

25.04.2005Monday 25 April – Mount Barney

Waking up on the top of a mountain is actually quite pleasant, although somewhat hard on the hips. A little soymilk and muesli later, and we were off to conquer the remaining peak. This seemed like a good idea, until the cliffs we were climbing became steeper and steeper, threatening to throw me to my death hundreds of centimetres below. We had just come to the conclusion that we should turn back, due to a combination of my extreme unwillingness to crawl up slippery rock faces a kilometre above the ground, our uncertainty about what lay ahead, and the thought that anything climbed up would have to be climbed down again, when another climbing party descended from above. They had climbed up the easier route we mistakenly thought we were on, and were now on their way down to reconnoitre a far more challenging climb for another day. One of them, not being too keen to reconnoitre rope-less, walked back down with us. He happened to be an IT professional, so we had rather out of place conversations about the IT industry, Microsoft versus Macintosh, and so on, interspersed with talk about climbing, bush walking, and psychology students, while heading down through steep and slippery loose rock.
The drive back to my place was uneventful, although we were met with a Joe dilemma – whether to order fish and chips, or Thai takeaway. Fish and chips were decided upon, whereupon I drove to get them, meeting every possible red light on the way. Feeling suitably bloated after gorging on various forms of potato and grease, a drive through the city and an early night were in order.

26.04.2005Tuesday 26 April – Trash Video’s Crazed Short Shorts

Today is a Monday, at The University of Queensland. Because of this, I had my COMS4200 lecture, where I would have learnt even more about peer to peer computing, had I concentrated more. I then spent the evening realising how poorly coordinated and planned my COMS4200 group assignment is, and how much work it needs – all of which has to be done tomorrow.
I attended my weekly CSSE3004 group meeting, which produced two pages of minutes in thirty minutes, and then headed off to the city.
I slowly wandered towards Fat Boy’s, where I ate many thousands of nachos and watched some very unusual films at Trash Video’s Film Club “Crazed Short Shorts” showing. I then wandered slowly and painfully through the valley, towards bed – discussing the merits, or otherwise, of aiming to be employable in a niche market.

27.04.2005Wednesday 27 April – Defying Death & Cheese Pizza

I saw a man assault another man, and several other men then assault that man, while the ubiquitous insane female provocateur screamed abuse, before hauling them all off to the police station.
I saw a man practicing his swing with his umbrella, echoing through the hallway when he hit the wall of the lift, going up.
I got my PSYC1030 marks – nineteen out of twenty four, where the average is, according to some student on the psychology forums, just over seventeen with a standard deviation of just under three. This means I’ve just missed out on my preferred one standard deviation above average mark. I also found an almost dead baby gecko on the lab floor, and took it outside to enjoy the rain.
I’ve just got back from Indooroopilly, where I went with Kieran, Maz and Clint, and ate some nice “green goo” while they ate fried chicken. We then headed to a Microsoft talk, all about their hiring processes – and how bad human resources are. I then headed back to the labs to work on our COMS4200 assignment.
Now not feeling so well, probably due to eating most of a cheese pizza at the Microsoft thing, I’ve decided to head out for a little walk in the light misty rain that’s drifting down outside, before going to work.
Really sick. Still at uni. Still working on COMS4200 Assignment of Death.
My head is pounding. Standing up seems dangerous. Pointers chirp and tweet like shiny bluebirds, referencing and dereferencing themselves with gay abandon.
Maz and I are now packing up in readiness for leaving these cursed and damned hellholes of abomination, with their smugly satisfied, quietly whirring machines of madness.

28.04.2005Thursday 28 April – Sick

I slept right through until Maz woke me up. I was tired enough that the layered waking habits of his flatmates didn’t even wake me – or perhaps they were quiet. Unfortunately though, I didn’t feel any better when I woke. I attended three hours of CSSE3004, learning what to do if I’m ever forced to crash land on the moon, two hundred miles from my mother ship and with only fifteen items. I then went hunting at Indooroopilly with Kieran and Maz, bagging myself a small dhal, spinach, potato and rice punnet, which I ate on the bus back to uni. The bus stop was swarming with yellow-shirted union supporters on their way into the city on free charter buses, presumably paid by our union fees.
I sat at the uni doctor’s for three quarters of an hour, before being seen and told that I definitely can’t work on my COMS4200 assignment until at least Sunday. I then emailed the lecturer requesting an extension, as none of my group can work over the long weekend, and now I sit here, feeling terrible, and wondering if yoghurt from the Ville would help.
I’m going to head down to the Ville and use scientific analysis to find out if yoghurt is what I need right now.
Work wasn’t particularly fun while sick.

29.04.2005Friday 29 April – Work & Sick

Bronwen picked me up from work, which is really the only good thing to happen today.

30.04.2005Saturday 30 April – Buddha’s Birthday & Jazz

I woke up late, walked through the Buddha’s Birthday Festival, had a look at the climbing things at Kangaroo Point, and went to a Jazz club, which was quite good. I’m still feeling sick but a paracetamol every four hours does wonders.

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