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26.07.2005Tuesday 26 July – Course Enrolment

I am back at uni. Someone had mentioned yesterday that I might not be able to do more than two first year free electives in my degree, so I went and asked at the ITEE office. They told me that I could not do more than four units (two normal courses) of first year free electives. This was a major problem, as I had enrolled in three first year free electives this semester, and had also done one last semester. Fortunately, rather than just believing the girl from the office, I chose to look for loopholes. I went and saw Philip Machanick, who spent quite some time going through my current and past studies and mapping them over to the new degree plan. He concluded that I had done everything I needed to graduate, and could do whatever I wanted now – but he couldn’t guarantee it so I went and saw Peter Robinson. Peter ran quickly through my course list and agreed with what Philip had worked out, but also couldn’t guarantee it. I wasn’t willing to risk getting to the end of the year and finding that I couldn’t graduate, or had to pay full fees, so I went and got an official graduation check from the faculty. This normally takes an exorbitant length of time at this time of year, but I needed to know by tomorrow, so I could finalise my enrolment without missing everything. Fortunately I was able to find the lady who handles ITEE graduation checks, and she gave me one on the spot – if I pass all my courses, I will graduate under the current plan, and can select pretty much any major I want, not that there’s a very large selection.
I am enrolled in “PHIL1000 Introductory Philosophy”, “PHIL1020 Introduction to Logic”, “PSYC1020 Introduction to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psychology” and still “CSSE3004 Advanced Information Technology Project”. I am also tutoring “COMP1800 Information Technology Project” and working evenings. This should keep me reasonably busy. I am fairly happy with this selection of courses, although only time will tell if they’re any good. They should be a lot more fun than IT courses, and I think they’ll look as good as anything else on my record. The psychology course, in conjunction with the one I took last semester, will demonstrate my skill and understanding of the nature, functioning and development of the human mind, and prove my superior understanding of human emotions, perception, communication, and so on. The two philosophy courses, and in particular the one about logic, will show any potential employer that I’m a logical and discerning thinker, interested in more than just programming, and that I’m passionate about the pursuit of wisdom, truth and knowledge. Of course, I’ll probably not learn anything from any of them, but I’ll not phrase it quite like that on a job application.
I went to Clint’s, and we walked to Guyatt Park and caught the City Cat from there into the city. Cold Rock was closed, so today I didn’t have a milkshake. We then went to the Spiegeltent where we met the beautiful Bronwen and watched crazy people dancing crazy dances until Clint had to catch the last City Cat back to his place and Bronwen and I walked off into the night.
Comment by Maz – Saturday 30 July 2005, 2:07 PM
  Thats such a load of crap. But seeing I am doing the same courses it's handy to know the bullshit to spin.
Comment by Reubot – Saturday 30 July 2005, 5:36 PM
  The #4 level 1 free elective max is actually for the BE. Also, I assume you are going to get the Systems & Networks major?
Comment by Mum – Thursday 4 August 2005, 7:07 PM
  Good onyou Maz, whoever you are. "Superior understanding of human emotions, perception, and .. " whatever it was. Oh yes, perceptions, communication etc. Sigh. And you are doing the same courses? Poor fella you. Wonder what your Mum would say. Very much a whole load. Only life itself gives one any sort of "understanding".
Comment by Mum – Thursday 4 August 2005, 7:11 PM
  Understanding means "standing under" as in humble. As in "standing under" a learning experience or a life tutor and by life tutor I do not mean necessarily that which one meets in class at Uni. To "under stand" one has to "stand under" and be humble and to accept. Okay, that is enough to embarrass Himself and get me into trouble.

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