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18.08.2003Monday 18 August

I woke in time for uni, but I’m so sleepy. Today is a killer day. It starts with an hour of mind numbing “Intro to Information Systems” to ensure no one wakes, followed by two hours of “Information Technology Practical”, which translates to “zombie time” for me, as I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do and go on IRC instead. This is followed by two hours of “Computer Organisation”, which is actually interesting, although not quite to the level of watching grass grow or dead snail racing – and then the real killer, another two hours of coma-inducing “Intro to Information Systems”. I couldn’t handle the last hour today, partly because it looked like it was going to be revision and not introduce any new concepts, partly because the two guys I was with couldn’t handle it either, and mainly because I was going to fall asleep and my brain had already – an hour ago, so I left. This got me home a little earlier than expected, although by the time I’d dropped off my DVD’s and done some grocery shopping it was nice and late again.
I still have to draw out some schematics for my “Computer Organisation” practical tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able, but I’ll give it a go. I’m simply too tired, and after a big meal of curried sausages and baked beans, and a nice hot shower, I don’t really feel very motivated. My finger feels as though it has a bandaid on it, although it doesn’t. I think it’s getting better but I’m not sure – the abscess is much smaller, although it has moved, once again, further around the finger. The rest of the finger, where the abscess has already been, is red, sore and rapidly going hard. It is also itchy for the first time, which I think is a good sign. I’m relatively sure it is getting better, and I think I might even leave its bandaid off tomorrow so it can get some air, although I am a bit worried that it might fall off or something exciting like that. The nail doesn’t look too happy either; it wouldn’t surprise me if it decided to emigrate. Here I am rambling on instead of drawing schematics – I must go.
There we go, schematics finished. I wonder if they’ll mind my shorthand style, but I’m buggered if I’m going to draw sixteen switches that do identical things. I need to buy a graph paper book; it is ridiculous drawing schematics on lined A4 paper. I’ll buy one tomorrow if I can remember. I guess it’s time for bed, so I’m not so sleepy tomorrow.

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