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16.08.2003Saturday 16 August

I slept in until after midday and got up rather disgusted with myself for sleeping in so long. I watched “Pulp Fiction”, stopping in the middle to drive Joe down to his club. It’s a good movie – I think; sort of confusing and segmented but all tied together at the same time. I enjoyed watching it, which is really all that matters.
It has been wet and overcast, and has just begun to rain more seriously. It’s very cosy here inside, listening to the wind and rain howl outside while drinking a glass of Milo. I have squeezed the pus from around the front of my finger, under the nail, right around to the back of my finger above the nail, and out a little hole. It’s funny being able to squeeze something around under my skin, it reminds me of the scarab beetles in “The Mummy”. I wonder how far I could squeeze it. I have a feeling I could go as far as I wanted, but I’ve another feeling that I’d be risking opening paths of infection all around the place, so as fun as it may be, I think I’ll just squeeze it out its hole. I think my finger is slowly getting better, but it’s a bit hard to tell – I don’t really know how to tell, it could be worse for all I know. It hasn’t fallen off, so I guess that’s one good thing.
I must go to bed. I can’t understand what it is with geeks and wanting to own a Macintosh simply because they run MacOS X, which looks nice. They’ll argue that KDE is hugely configurable and can be made to look like practically anything – much better than anything Windows can do. They’ll argue that MacOS X is good because it runs most things that Linux runs, and then they’ll even argue that cheap Linux hardware is good and expensive and proprietary Macintosh hardware is bad, yet somehow they add that all up together and come out the end wanting to buy an iBook. It’s crazy. The Linux freak’s argument for buying a Macintosh: Open source is good! Windows is bad! MacOS X uses proprietary code and hardware but will run some of the things my open source (and free) Linux always could (for half the hardware cost), and it looks so nice! Bah. My finger hurts. I am sick of it hurting, and sick of DVD’s being scratched and ridiculous arguments about operating systems. Anything that uses a one-button mouse by default is stupid, anything that uses a perfectly round, symmetric, transparent one-button mouse is incredibly stupid, end of argument.
Comment by Redbeard – Sunday 17 August 2003, 8:36 PM
  Hi Ned, I'm reading this site on an iBook running Mac OS X. I am using a two button scroll wheel mouse that cost me about thirty bucks and works just like one in Windows. But the reason I use a Mac is that it's easy to use. Instead of mucking about recompiling your kernel (Linux) or fighting the millions of virii around (Windows) I can get down to what I want to do (programming, maths etc). So in the end Mac OS X gives you most of the power of Linux with none of the frustration
Comment by Ned – Monday 18 August 2003, 11:45 PM
  Argh! :-)

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