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17.05.2003Saturday 17 May

I slept in with great enjoyment. Lucky there’s weekends.
I caught a train in to Silas’s, waited around an hour or so, and then caught another two trains to the Eldorado cinemas at Indooroopilly to see the “Matrix Reloaded”. It has had such a large amount of hype; we were both interested to see what it would be like, and both expecting it to be a bit of a let down. I don’t think either of us was expecting it to be pathetic though, which it unfortunately is. The fight scenes, which make up the majority of the movie, were some of the worst I’ve seen in a long time – which was a surprise coming from this movie. Not only were they meaningless (and should have been left out), but no one appeared to get hurt. They reminded me of a scene at close of trading in a stock exchange – not really what you’re supposed to think when watching a fight scene from the Matrix. There were a few short moments where they used their fancy fast-frame multiple camera swinging shots to good effect, but these were out shadowed by the numerous times they paused ridiculous shots of people doing back flips in mid air. I think they should leave the martial arts to people who know how, and think up something a bit more futuristic. You have agents who are all but invincible and a guy who is bordering on superman and the best you can come up with is ineffective karate-style fighting where no one even gets hurt? Pathetic, really pathetic. The few parts of the movie that weren’t dismal and pointless fight scenes were mostly taken up with overly long dialog, which also seemed to be rather meaningless. This movie has totally lost any of the “cultiness” the original had, and is bound to be a great disappointment to nearly everyone. Even the soundtrack was awful, just lacking the punch when it was needed, and with some unusual selections in strange places. Definitely a big disappointment. As Silas said in the first ten minutes and halfway through one of the copious fight scenes with businessmen ineffectively flailing around, if it gets anymore boring, he’s going to sleep. Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough – there wasn’t any coherent plot and we’ve got to wait for the next movie to find out if it even makes any sense.
I arrived home well after midnight, and spent precisely four hours online (as that’s how long my ISP gives me before disconnecting me). This gave me a very late night, or perhaps early morning.

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