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15.05.2003Thursday 15 May

I guess university must have been the epitome of noncommittal today, as I can’t remember anything about any of my lectures. That just goes to show how good my memory is. What I can remember though, is that I asked someone on the BITS channel on the UQ IRC network if it was possible to access outside IRC networks from inside uni, and it turns out that it is possible – and easy. Ironically, I’d tried several possible ways to do this, using SSH and various things I thought might work – but I never tried the most obvious and simple. Telnet to the student server, and that’s it. The student server has outside access, and has the ircII IRC client installed. This is excellent news, now I can waste more time at uni easier and more efficiently than ever before – which I promptly proceeded to do. I spent a few hours chatting and enjoyably procrastinating, because today I have an excuse – I’m waiting to meet Silas and go see a movie.
After spending a while down in the computer labs, I left and walked up to Silas’s and spent an hour or a little less there, before we both headed back to uni again to watch “Talk to Her” at the Schonell Theatre. It’s a Spanish movie, subtitled; however, I tend not to notice subtitles, subconsciously converting them into speech. It was quite good, almost in the style of a Shakespearean tragedy. I was impressed by the theatre too. I’m not sure what expectations I had, but they weren’t right. The theatre we saw the movie in is brick, with spider-web like things stuck to the walls with lights behind them, creating the effect of being deep underground in some sort of cave, and it was quite large too – much larger than I had expected, easily full cinema size.
After the movie, I walked back to Silas’s and caught the next train home. I then stayed up until just after 3:30 AM finishing off my website for submission. In the end, I gave up and submitted it anyway, with a few blatant errors still there.

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